A-Z of Ayurvedic Skincare Herbs in Blue Nectar Products

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  • List of popular Blue Nectar ayurvedic skincare products for at-home skin treatment
  • Blue Nectar ayurvedic Shubhr Neem Face Wash & Cleanser
  • Blue Nectar ayurvedic Sandalwood Radiance and Skin Brightening Cream
  • Blue Nectar’s ayurvedic –Niraa Stretch Mark & Scar Body Lotion Cream with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Uplifting Rose
  • Blue Nectar’s ayurvedic Shubhr Kumkumadi Skin Glow & Body Polishing Oil
  • Blue Nectar’s ayurvedic Shubhr Vitamin C Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
  • Blue Nectar Briganantadi Bhringraj Hair Fall Control Oil
  • Blue Nectar Briganantadi - D Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Hair Oil
  • Blue Nectar Devtvakadi Cinnamon Pain Relief Oil
  • Blue Nectar Balalakashadi Jasmine Bath & Body Massage Oil
  • Blue Nectar Almond and Flax Seed Ubtan Face Mask and Pack for Skin Firming and anti-ageing

Indian traditional medicine serves as the basis for Ayurvedic skin care. These practices involve Ayurvedic facials, remedies for skin conditions, and ayurvedic skincare products.

There are various Ayurvedic skin care formulas available today, but for the greatest results, it is crucial to understand the quality and components of your products. In today’s post, you will learn about our range of Ayurvedic skincare products starting from the simplest body massage oils to our very own skin brightening oil. Moreover, we have also talked about their key ingredients so that it becomes easy to grab onto the list of goodness. 

Ayurvedic herbs are on table

List of popular Blue Nectar ayurvedic skincare products for at-home skin treatment

1. Blue Nectar ayurvedic Shubhr Neem Face Wash & Cleanser

Shubhr Neen Face Wash is an ayurvedic face wash. The magic of neem and organic vitamin C can be found in Blue Nectar’s Shubhr Acne Face Wash. This neem face wash cleanser has Vitamin C, extracted straight from nature, making it the ideal solution against acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. 

Key Ingredients Used in Neem Face Wash

  • Aloe vera: The presence of aloe vera ensures that your skin never gets dry. Moreover, its anti-ageing and antiseptic properties make it a desirable ingredient in quality face washes. 
  • Anantmool: Its extract is a natural cleanser to bring radiance to the skin and helps balance skin tone and texture.
  • Neem (Vitamin C): Besides preventing further black and white head problems, collagen production boosts skin health. Also, the goodness of neem helps to reduce scars from previous wounds. 
  • Raw honey: It acts as an emollient providing all the essential vitamin B5 to your skin. This vitamin B complex keeps your skin soft and smooth. Simultaneously provitamin B5 or d-panthenol packs the anti-inflammatory properties that initiate skin healing processes. It is a popular ingredient of ayurvedic skincare products which moisturize skin.

2. Blue Nectar ayurvedic Sandalwood Radiance and Skin Brightening Cream

This face moisturiser's lightweight composition swiftly gets absorbed in your skin, leaving it moisturised and velvety. If you are trying to restore a more radiant complexion, this  moisturizer for face can be one of the best options. It is suitable for dry, oily, and sensitive skin types. 

In addition, we assure you of using zero Parabens, Sulphates and mineral oil while preparing our ayurvedic skincare products. Most importantly, Blue Nectar has not resorted to animal testing to check its effectiveness.  

Key Ingredient Used in Sandalwood Skin Brightening Cream

  • Sandalwood oil: Popular ingredient in ayurvedic skincare products and amongst dermatologists, sandalwood is a natural exfoliant that eliminates greasiness, dust, and dead skin cells that otherwise clog pores and dull the appearance of your skin.
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is another popular ingredient used in ayurvedic skincare products. It is a powerful natural cleanser that helps minimise skin imperfections by giving the skin a healthy shine. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory qualities assist speedier healing by relaxing already inflamed regions.
  • Mulethi: Licorice, also known as mulethi, evens skin tone and reduces the visibility of scars, resulting in luminous, smooth skin.

3. Blue Nectar’s ayurvedic –Niraa Stretch Mark & Scar Body Lotion Cream with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Uplifting Rose

Stretch marks and scars from pregnancy, and in general, may fade away faster when you apply this stretch mark lotion. Additionally, it  this ayurvedic skincare product aids in reducing the look of cracked heels and wrinkled skin brought on by pregnancy or ageing. 

body cream, lotion and moisturizers are on table

A unique blend of saffron, cocoa butter, shea butter, and 12 vital herbs, Niraa Stretch Mark Lotion is a specialized skin care solution for all skin types. It is a light, non-greasy, and non-chalky body lotion that is very effective for feeding your skin by replenishing lost moisture.

Key Ingredient Used Blue Nectar’s Stretch Mark Lotion

  • Cocoa Butter: The moisturising qualities of cocoa butter have been well-recognised for treating dry and irritated skin. Your skin may retain even more moisture as the butter is absorbed into it.
    • Shea Butter enhances skin plushness and lessens the visibility of scars and stretch marks. Moreover, shea butter is also a well-liked natural option for stretch marks.
    • Rose Essential Oil: Steam distillation, a method, is used to extract rose essential oil from Damascus roses. It is a proven ingredient for removing body scars.

    4. Blue Nectar’s ayurvedic Shubhr Kumkumadi Skin Glow & Body Polishing Oil

    A skin-soothing and healing oil mixture, the Kumkumadi Skin Glow oil is made with beneficial olive and almond oils. Its vital nutrients aid in repairing stretched, injured skin and provide a barrier on the skin to stop moisture loss. Most importantly, the body polishing oil's non-greasy texture promotes your skin's firmness without drying it out and replenishes moisture.

    Key Ingredients Used Shubhr Body Polishing Oil

    • Almond Oil: It is fortified with vitamins A, C, and E, which lighten scars and stretch marks, moisturise the skin and enhance the complexion. It also helps with ageing symptoms.
    • Manjistha Oil: A revitalising plant is manjistha, often known as Indian madder. It contributes further to your skin's radiance and lightens scars and dark areas. One of the most adaptable herbs, it is beneficial in various ways.
    • Lavender Oil: Lavender oil aids in skin rejuvenation and toning when appropriately used. It is one of the chemicals most frequently used to lessen stretch marks and scars.

    5. Blue Nectar’s ayurvedic Shubhr Vitamin C Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

    The 9 Ayurvedic herbs in Shubhr Vitamin C face serum, including amla oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil, and others, aid in skin brightening and removing pigmentation lesions. Vitamin C face serum is a skin brightening oil, which can balance out skin tone and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. The benefits of Vitamin C are increased when paired with Vitamin E and other antioxidants like hyaluronic acid. 

    Few people know that hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance generated from plants and found in our skin. Ayurvedic skincare products mostly use plant based vitamins including hyaluronic acid. Its major job is to retain water to maintain healthy, lubricated, and moist skin tissues.

    Key Ingredients Used Vitamin C Face Serum

    Amla: Vitamin C, which is abundant in amla, helps to lighten and brighten your skin. Also, amla can be your true solution if you are having trouble getting rid of hyperpigmentation. Ayurvedic skincare products have amla as a source of natural vitamin C.

    Hyaluronic acid: Increased skin hydration and decreased visibility of fine lines and wrinkles are two benefits of hyaluronic acid. Because of its wonderful benefits, you can see its usage in body lotions, ointments, face serums and daily moisturising creams.

    6. Blue Nectar Briganantadi Bhringraj Hair Fall Control Oil

    With Blue Nectar Hair Fall Control Oil, weak and damaged hair becomes stronger over time. With this special ayurvedic hair oil preparation, you may remain assured of healthier, smoother-looking hair. It is made of a fine combination of ancient herbs that gives your hair a silky, conditioned sensation after a wash. 

    To prevent hair loss and regulate hair fall, Blue Nectar Briganantadi Hair Fall Control Oil was particularly created using ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. It gets its power from ten herbs, including Malkangani, Bhringraj, Amla, Black Seed Oil, and Kalonji Oil, all strong herbs used in Ayurveda to stop hair fall.

    Key Ingredients Used Hairfall Control Oil

    • Bhringraj: It is a powerful ayurvedic herb, which is a fantastic treatment for hair loss brought on by stress. Bhringraj oil helps to calm your mind and lessen tension and anxiety. This plant also contains various vitamins and minerals that help lessen hair breakage and stop hair loss.
    • Amla: Studies have shown that black seed or kalonji oil can help prevent hair loss and promote hair development when applied topically. The vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in amla enhance blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth.
      • Malkangani: Makangani works as a hair tonic. The oil derived from it is commonly massaged to the scalp to stop hair loss. Due to its long-lasting oily quality, it aids in reducing excessive scalp dryness and also encourages hair development.
      • Kalonji Oil: The hair-loving ingredients in kalonji oil will do wonders for your hair, strengthening and nourishing it.

      body polishing oil, nalpamaradi thailam and other herbs are on table

      7. Blue Nectar Briganantadi - D Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

      This ayurvedic oil for hair hydrates the scalp inside out, courtesy of the Ayurvedic herbs it contains. It increases blood flow, which lessens dandruff and keeps your scalp moist.

      Furthermore, the biotin in this anti dandruff hair oil activates dormant follicles by stimulating the growth of enough keratin to stiffen and regenerate thinning hair.

      Key Ingredients Used anti dandruff hair oil

      • Bhringraj: As discussed earlier, hair loss can be reduced and completely stopped with the ayurvedic oils for hair. Extracts from this herb can also be used to treat scalp infections for those who have itchy scalps.
      • Hibiscus: Mucilage, a substance found in abundance in hibiscus flowers and leaves, serves as a natural conditioner. The reason that crushed hibiscus flowers and leaves feel sticky is due to this naturally occurring conditioner.
      • On top of that, hibiscus is just as successful as treating baldness with alopecia medications (Minoxidil and Finasteride). 
      • Coconut oil: Your hair will benefit greatly from coconut oil's hydrating properties. To help prevent damage and keep your hair looking bright and healthy, apply coconut oil before and after washing your hair.
      • Tea Tree oil: Tea tree oil prevents the development of chemicals and dead skin cells by applying tiny quantities of the diluted mixture down the hair shaft. This maintains your hair healthy and hydrated, which helps encourage regular hair growth and reduce hair loss.
      • Almond oil: Applying almond oil to the scalp and hair promotes blood flow to the roots, encouraging hair growth and strengthening it. Additionally, the biotin in the oil stimulates the growth of sufficient amounts of keratin to thicken and regrow, thinning hair and reactivating dormant follicles.

      8. Blue Nectar Devtvakadi Cinnamon Pain Relief Oil

      With 17 Ayurvedic herbs, Blue Nectar’s Devtvakadi ayurvedic pain relief oil with cinnamon and clove helps naturally relieve back pain, joint pain, leg pain and knee. It This ayurvedic skincare product may can be used by all women, men and even pregnant women as it is free of preservatives and mineral oil. 

      Devtvakadi massage oil is known for excellent results since it contains potent natural herbs like cinnamon and clove. These plants are well-known in Ayurveda for their ability to assist the body in naturally combating pain.

      Key Ingredients Used pain relief oil

      • Cinnamon oil: In Ayurvedic medicine, cinnamon oil has been used for thousands of years to relieve pain and relax sore joints.
      • Clove oil: To treat uncomfortable swelling, clove oil is a powerful pain reliever for muscles and joints.
      • Tej Patta: Rheumatoid arthritis may be managed and relieved by massaging joints using Tejpatta oil. Thus, doctors often recommend applying bay leaf-infused oil to the joints when they have swelling. Ayurveda highly speaks about tejpatta too, while discussing solutions against discomfort and pain.

      9. Blue Nectar Balalakashadi Jasmine Bath & Body Massage Oil

      It is a skin-brightening oil that helps you relax during a massage. This ayurvedic skincare product - body oil - is perfect for usage in at-home and commercial spas. 

      You feel this sensuous body massage oil swiftly penetrating your skin and filling the room with a peaceful and enticing perfume. It contains skin-nourishing natural ingredients, like organic almond oil, sesame, and herbs like Bala and ashwagandha, and is scented with seductive jasmine. This elegant skin brightening oil is perfect for both everyday hydration and pleasurable occasions.

      Key Ingredients Used Balalakshadi Massage Oil

      • Ashwagandha: We may utilise ashwagandha-infused oil for any therapeutic massage treating muscle or fascia that is harmed or weak.
      • Jasmine: The aroma of jasmine is comforting to the mind, body, and soul. It creates positive and uplifting emotions that aid in lowering stress and rage.
      • Sesame: Sesame oil has been used as therapeutic oil for centuries. You can use sesame oil daily to promote energy flow and get rid of pollutants.
        • Bala: Ayurvedic oil referred to as Bala thailam has been used to treat vata disorders since decades. This natural ingredient balances your body's vata doshas. Both orally and externally, the oil has beneficial uses.
        • Sunflower Oil: Linoleic Acid, found in sunflowers, provides skin-lightening qualities and lowers melanin synthesis, which lessens hyperpigmentation.

        10. Blue Nectar Almond and Flax Seed Ubtan Face Mask and Pack for Skin Firming and anti-ageing

          Now you may travel without compromising your skin care regimen. With this convenient pack, you can have radiant skin anytime, wherever you want. No need to carry bottles or plastic wraps because these hydrating sheets are super-easy and come with eco-friendly packaging.

          You must prepare an Ubtan paste by combining it with rose water for oily skin or milk/sesame oil for dry skin. This Ubtan can be an exfoliating face mask, face pack for glowing skin , or even face scrub.

          Key Ingredients Used Ubtan Face Mask for Skin Firming

          • Flax Seeds: Flax seeds include lignans and antioxidants that help to lessen facial wrinkles and fine lines. The fatty acids in flax seeds also support the maintenance of the skin's hydration and overall attractiveness.
          • Almond: Many of Blue Nectar’s top-selling contemporary ayurvedic skincare products include almond milk, as it has a lot of natural cleansing qualities helping your skin look brighter. It has vitamins B6, C, and E, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that can help improve your appearance.
          • Multani Mitti: Multani mitti's cooling action on the skin aids in the battle against sun damage and dark under-eye circles.
          • Aloe Vera: When applied to the face, aloe vera can aid in hydrating the skin. Applying aloe vera on the face regularly can assist with several skin issues, including acne, eczema, and sunburn.
          face cream and face serum are on leaves

            Our Final Word on Ayurvedic Skincare Products

            Men and women of all skin types can use Blue Nectar ayurvedic skincare products, which are clinically confirmed to work.

            The facial creams, body massage oils and body lotions help hydrate your skin without making it greasy or heavy. These ayurvedic skincare products have gained popularity because of being non-greasy and lightweight. Make these ayurvedic skincare products a part of you skincare regime and see the change yourself. 

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            Shubhr Neem Face Cleanser | Acne Control & Oil Balancing

            Briganantadi Bhringraj Hair Fall Control Oil | Hair Nourishment & Healthy Scalp

            Balalakshadi Jasmine Bath & Body Massage Oil | Skin Hydration & Relaxation

            Niraa Stretch Mark & Scar Body Lotion Cream with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter & Uplifting Rose

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