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Ayurvedic Massage Treatment

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If you’re familiar with Ayurvedic philosophy, you’re probably no stranger to the fact that this ancient healthcare system adores massages. In fact, any sort of touch therapy is appreciated in Ayurveda. So, why would things be any different for your face? Just like it is the case for bodies, it is oils that enable the best kind of massage for your face. Both Kumkumadi scrub and Kumkumadi Tailam can be used for Ayurvedic face massage. 


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! To understand how Ayurvedic face massage works, let us understand its meaning & purpose and more about kumkumadi tailam. 

Face Massages in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a science that focuses on holistic wellbeing. It does not just focus on your physical well-being - but also on your mental and spiritual well-being. It is because of this holistic thinking in Ayurveda that we have the concept of “marmas”. According to Vedic science, marmas are energy points that exist all over your body. When you appropriately massage or stimulate a marma point, you enable a balance of energies in your body creating an equilibrium of your lymphatic, nervous, and circulatory systems. 


Massages are also known to be self-love practices. They are called “Abhyanga”, and to put oil on one’s body is termed “Sneha”, which means “to love”. Thus, performing facial massages with kumkumadi tailam, in the Ayurvedic sense, are good for balancing the energy in your body and getting rid of toxins, while also being something that helps you truly spend quality time with yourself. 

Ayurvedic Face Massage: Benefits & Uses 

An introduction to Ayurvedic face massage helps you understand the spiritual heart of the practice. However, you will be even more pleased to know that face massages in fact have direct benefits for your facial muscles and skin. We could go as far as to say that a regular face massage with Kumkumadi Tailam could help you get a natural facelift! 


Let us explain. Our face has about 42 facial muscles. Just like exercise is helpful to build muscles in our limbs, the muscles on our face also need their own strength-building exercise to stay intact. Loosening of muscles on your face can easily give your face a droopy look. Massaging your facial muscles, therefore, serves the purpose of exercising them and keeping them resilient. 


That’s the broad idea of how kumkumadi tailam and facial massages can be useful. Here are numerous more benefits you should know about: 


Exfoliates And Smoothens

Exfoliation is an essential part of skincare. With an effective face massage using a scrub such as the Kumkumadi scrub, or just performing the act of massage helps you get rid of the accumulated dead skin cells on your face. This makes way for beautiful and smooth skin underneath. 


A good face massage using serums or Ayurvedic oils like the Kumkumadi Tailam can be used by all skin types. Thorough and regular face massages help you prevent acne as they keep your pores clean and devoid of acne-forming bacteria. When your dermis (upper skin layer) is cleaned, smoothened, and nourished with a face massage regularly with kumkumadi tailam, it stays smooth and does not break out. 



Increases Blood Circulation To The Face 

Are you worried about dark spots and hyperpigmentation? Face massages can help! Applying pressure to the marma points around your face leads to an increased blood supply to your facial tissues.


Increased blood circulation to the face tremendously helps your facial skin. Blood is responsible for supplying your facial tissues with appropriate nutrients and detoxifying impurities. Thus, with an increased blood supply, any marks or blemishes on your skin are effectively healed. It also prevents the formation of further dark spots or breakouts as new skin appears to your rescue faster. 


Tightens Your Facial Muscles 

Facial muscles lose firmness when they are not energized. When you properly massage all the 46 facial muscles you have, you effectively strengthen and nourish them by activating them. Because of the better blood circulation and appropriate pressure, your muscles can properly absorb nutrients from your blood. In the long run, this reduces your chance of having loose or droopy skin when you age. Face massage strengthens your facial muscles, firms your jaw muscles, and improves the tone and shape of your face.


Face massages also drain toxins and relieve the stress points on your face that may be causing discomfort or hindering the health of your muscles. This draining of liquids also reduces any puffiness. 

Gives You A Bright Glow 

Face massages are a skincare wonder, especially if you do them using the miraculous Kumkumadi Tailam. When you massage your face, you effectively detoxify and remove all the debris in your upper skin layer. Underneath it, you find beautiful glowing skin with an even complexion. A good massage with kumkumadi tailam leaves you with a natural blush too! 


Face massages also help your skin better absorb all the goodness of your beloved skincare products. They thereby optimize all the other skincare routines you engage in too. 

Relieves Sinus 

As mentioned in the introduction, there are health benefits to massaging your face. When you apply pressure at the right points of your nose, face massage aids you in relieving sinus problems. It drains the built-up mucus in your nostrils and sinuses, giving you a light, clean feeling. Engaging in regular face massage may therefore be good for you if you often get sinus headaches


Pressing specific pressure points on your face, such as the center of your brow, ends near the bridge of your nose, and the inner side of your upper eyelids can help relieve sinuses.



All in all, apart from the health and skincare benefits, face massages are inherently stress-relieving and relaxing! Not only does the magic of touch relieve headaches and take away your tension, but it also relaxes you with the magic of aromatherapy. 


If you use a fragrant herbal oil for your facial massage, you may reap this special benefit of aromatherapy. Many people also prefer to use their fragrant essential oils for the same purpose. Our recommendation for a good herbal oil would be the Kumkumadi Tailam, which smells amazing and brightens your skin beautifully. 

How To Do An Ayurvedic Face Massage At Home Using Kumkumadi Tailam 


Face massages are not very time-consuming. They can also be incorporated into your regimen in different ways. Once you get the hang of it, it will hardly take you 5-10 minutes to perform them quickly amidst your busy schedule. 


The best way to do an Ayurvedic face massage however is to use a good Ayurvedic face oil such as kumkumadi tailam. These oils are concocted with the best of herbs and have age-old formulations to back them up. One of such legendary face oils is the Kumkumadi Tailam. Though we talk of this kumkumadi tailam, you are free to use any other good Ayurvedic face oils or the Kumkumadi scrub to massage your face too. 


There exist spas and beauty parlors that can perform a face massage for you professionally. However, it is okay to try your own hand at it first. Below are _ simple steps to do a face massage by yourself: 


  1. The first step is to clean your face with a mild cleanser or herbal soap. Also, make sure that your hands are clean. 
  2. Do a patch test on whatever oil you’re using for a face massage. Though Ayurvedic oils such as the Kumkumadi tailam don’t usually have side effects, it is better to be safe than sorry. 
  3. Once the patch test is done, apply the Kumkumadi Tailam gently all over your face. Do this by tapping the oil all over your face. This tapping activates your facial muscles for the massage. 
  4. Start the massage from your forehead. Use your index and middle finger to make circular motions. This starts at the center of your forehead and then moves to the sides. 
  5. Bring your fingers down to your cheekbones from the sides of your face in the same circular motion. 
  6. Gently apply pressure under your eyes, starting from the ends of your nose and moving outward according to your eye shape. Be careful not to press too hard as the skin under your eye is delicate. Next, press gently on your eyebrow bone. 
  7. Massage your chin and jaw using a rolling motion. This motion should start at the chin and then gradually move upwards to your cheekbones. 
  8. Finally, massage your cheeks and bones by using your index and middle finger and applying pressure across your face starting from your nose and ending at your cheekbones. 
  9. Be thorough in this whole process. Taking 5-10 minutes according to your preference is ideal. 
  10. Whether you want to leave the oil on your face or not is up to you and your skin type. If you have oily skin it could be better to wash your face and apply your regular moisturizer. If you have dry skin, you can leave the oil on. 
  11. The ideal time to perform such face massages is before going to bed. This helps your muscles relax and absorb the goodness of the face massage with kumkumadi tailam. It also prevents you from getting dirt stuck on your face, which can happen if you apply thick oils to your face during the daytime. 



Much like body massages, face massages have existed in the rich history of Ayurveda for a while now. An Ayurvedic face massage has spiritual roots and holistic benefits. It helps your facial muscles stay young and strong, detoxifies any puffiness in your face, and helps your skin better absorb nutrients that keep it glowing. Incorporating a face massage into your skin-care and self-care routine can prove to be a relaxing, refreshing, and glowing experience. 

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