Body oil or body lotion: what is better for your skin?

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  • How does Body oil and Body lotion work?
  • Benefits of applying body lotion
  • Body oil massage benefits
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Moisturizing your skin is undoubtedly an important part of your skin care ritual. Market nowadays is flooded with loads of body oils and body lotions. There are body oils like skin brightening oil, oil for pain relief, nalpamaradi oil, fat burning oil. And there are body lotions like the dry skin body lotion. We all have secretly googled this question that whether we should use a body oil or a body lotion or both for moisturizing skin. We understand that you are very worried about your skin and this is why in this blog, we will give you all the information about body oil and body lotion, so that you can find out which works best for fixing your skin's dilemmas.

Both body massage oil and body moisturizers are designed to give your skin the moisture it needs. The difference lies in their make plus how they are absorbed in your skin

lady is applying body lotion on her legs

How  does Body oil and Body lotion work?

A body oil will nourish one's skin's outer protective barrier. It helps in preventing moisture from leaving one's skin. On the other hand, a body lotion is designed to penetrate deep into one’s skin. Once it is absorbed, whether it is a dry skin body lotion or a normal skin body lotion, its active ingredients like creatine, vitamin E work for soothing, hydrating plus rejuvenating the upper layers of one’s skin.

How are Body oil and Body lotion made?

A body oil is made with primarily oils, where there is a base oil and there are other essential oils which are mixed in to the base oil. While a body lotion is generally a blend of water, oil plus a waxy substance known as emulsifier.

How does Body oil and Body lotion feel on skin

A body oil does not make your skin greasy, instead, it is designed to absorb quickly into your skin. A body lotion is generally thicker as compared to body oil and you can apply it directly on your skin.


Ayurvedic body oils bottles with white flower are on tray

Who can use Body oil and Body lotion ? 

The secret of body oil is its potency. This concentration makes it particularly suitable for people who have extremely dry skin. On the other hand, each body lotion has different formulation and this makes them suitable for different skin types. For instance, a dry skin body lotion will work towards intense moisturization.

Benefits of applying body lotion

1. Body lotion soothes skin inflammations: Do you have acne, pimples, or hyperpigmentation? Your rough skin's dry spots can be softened and soothed with the use of a moisturising dry skin body lotion. Additionally, it can be used to treat rashes, wounds, burns, and redness of the skin .As an alternative, you can mix Blue Nectar Kumkumadi Tailam  with your body lotion, which will not only reduce skin inflammation but also leave your skin looking healthy and radiant.

2. Body lotion minimizes stretch marks: Regularly applying the body lotion such as Blue Nectar Niraa stretch marks lotion  on the skin reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. This will help in skin restoration, leaving behind healthy and beautiful skin.

3. Body lotion cleans the skin: In order to achieve clean skin, use a chemical free body lotion like natural dry skin body lotion. Using body lotion increases faster skin cell turnover, which helps in the removal of dead skin cells. This process helps in the replacement of old skin cells with new ones.

4. Body lotion keep the skin hydrated: Applying a dry skin body lotion helps the epidermal skin's outer layer remain hydrated for longer. It is best to check for hydrating ingredients like olive oil, vitamin C, shea butter, and cocoa before buying a dry skin body lotion. They help to maintain the skin's barrier and keep moisture from evaporating.

body oil, towels, white flower and creams are on wooden table

Body oil massage benefits

1. Body oil massage improves blood circulation: When having a body massage, the muscles are stretched and patted as the massage therapist uses a variety of hand movements to stimulate the skin's surface. This heat-producing stimulation of the skin's surface activates the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin and enhances blood circulation. As a result, receiving a body oil massage benefits you by increasing blood flow, which has multiple health benefits such as improving skin texture, toxin clearance, and organ performance.

2. Body oil massage improve joint mobility: Oils such as pain relief oil can assist in improving joint mobility by reducing inflammation in the joints, resulting in an improved range of motion. The best remedy for body aches is an oil massage and that too with a pain relief oil. Getting a massage that uses exact pressure on your body's muscles will help you tone them by stretching them and improving their functionality. In addition, a thorough body massage can help your muscles become more toned and reduce fat. For better effects, use ayurvedic slimming oil

3. Body oil massage helps to burn fat: Have you ever considered how using fat-burning oils for a relaxing body massage could help in weight loss?  Your body's natural ability to burn fat can be sped up with the correct body oil and herbal mix. You can tone your body and lose weight using Blue Nectar slimming oil or fat burning oil. In addition to Blue Nectar slimming oil, you can try their green tea for weight loss, which is made with green tea leaves and cardamon and aids to burn fat while also reducing stress.

Before you make your choice, we suggest you answer the below noted questions.

1. How dry is your skin?
2. Do you have any kind of skin allergy/disease?
3. Are you looking for any type of specific benefits from the skin care product you plan to buy? 

You skin is definitely the most important factor which should influence your final decision. Spend some time to find out what level of hydration plus nourishment your skin needs.

If you are still confused about whether you should go for body oil or a dry skin body lotion, you can give both a try. All you need to do is add some drops of your body oil to your favorite body moisturizer or body lotion before applying and this will give your skin the much-needed hydration boost.

 girl is applying body lotion on her hand

If you don't want to mix both then you can use them separately too, see it all depends on the season and of course your skin's tendencies. You can use body oil once or twice a week like a deep nourishing treatment for replenishing and soothing your skin and you can use a body lotion, which could be a dry skin body lotion, on a daily basis for enhancing your skin's softness and vibrancy. If you stay in a dry climate, then you might have to use body oil daily as a body lotion alone might not suffice, even when it is a dry skin body lotion with intense moisturization. Trust us, you won't go wrong with your skin care ritual and your skin will thank you for all your effort.

We are sure after reading this blog, you will be able to figure out whether a body oil, a body lotion or a combination of both works for your skin. So, go ahead give your skin the nourishment it needs and say hello to glowing and radiant skin.

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