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  • Reasons we need a moisturizing face cream for women
  • What to look for in a good face cream for women
  • What should be avoided?
  • What should be chosen in a face cream for women?
  • Is there a need for a separate day cream and night cream?
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Hundreds of brands launch a variety of face creams for women every year. Yet, finding a face cream that matches an individual’s Skincare requirement is almost impossible. Depending on the skin type, one needs to carefully choose  a face cream. 
Choosing the right face cream for women is more of a task now. 

A long-lasting glow and fewer skin problems are only possible if the right face cream for women are used. The skincare products including face cream should be chosen based on the time of the day it is intended to be used. Night cream repairs and hydrates the skin after a long day. 

Day creams protect and nourish the skin with added Vitamin C in it. Skin brightening creams as the name suggests work on brightening the skin. It also heals acne scars, and age spots and lightens the pigments on the face. Cream for pigmentation will work on the pigmented skin and give skin an even tone.

girl has applied kumkumadi cream on her face

Reasons we need a moisturizing face cream for women

In ancient times, before the invention of these extravagant face creams, women would use all ayurvedic ingredients for their faces. 

Going back to the roots, women today are trying to use ayurvedic creams for skin whitening, saffron cream, kumkumadi cream, and night creams with natural ingredients.

Along with the primitive reason of moisturizing and hydrating the face, there are other valid reasons for the need for a face cream for women. Let it be face cream for brightening or skin whitening cream for women or cream for pigmentation or anti-aging cream, we shall understand why we need these creams in the first place.

  • Face cream for women helps to prevent skin issues and damage. Women start using face cream (like anti ageing cream) by their early twenties, thus giving sufficient time for the face creams to work and repair the skin and avoid skin issues. 
  • Face cream for women makes skin look younger. Skin brightening cream can reduce the pigmentation on the face making the skin look brighter. Along with that, skin softeners in it will maintain the moisture and softness of the face.
  • Skin whitening cream for women takes care of dullness and the dark spot on face. The discoloration related to hormones can also be taken care of as well.

People with Pitta dosha should use Ayurvedic cream for skin whitening as they are very vulnerable to skin irritation and redness.

  • A vital need for a moisturizing face cream is that it fights aging skin. The skin feels fresh and smooth. Using the right face cream provides the required minerals and vitamins to the skin making it look younger for a longer time.

A good and moisturizing face cream for women maintains skin balance. Acting as a protective layer between the sensitive skin and the pollutants, it also provides essential hydration.

saffron cream with leaves and girl hand on table

What to look for in a good face cream for women

In today’s day and age, with pollution rising beyond control, it is very crucial to decide on a good face cream for women and stick to that. Dermatologists suggest using one cream for the day (a day cream) and one cream for the night ( a night cream) respectively.

External factors including sun exposure, pollution, dust, and dirt are causing more damage to our skin than expected. In such a situation, we need to look for a good face cream for women that will act as a protective layer.

What should be avoided?

To choose a good face cream, cream for skin brightening, and skin whitening face cream for women, some ingredients should be avoided.

  • Avoid perfumes and alcohol in a face cream for women. They can cause irritation in the skin causing red patches and even lead to allergies. 
  • No mineral oils should be included in face cream for women as they clog pores and stick to the surface and don’t penetrate the skin.
  • Also, no salicylic acid should be used in face cream for women. It is primarily used as an exfoliant but causes irritation to sensitive skin types.

What should be chosen in a face cream for women?

According to Skin specialists around the globe, we don’t need the best face cream out there but the best one that suits our skin type would be your best face cream for women. 

For dry skin, choose face creams containing glycerin and lactic acids. For oily or acne-prone skin types, water-based or hydra-based products should be chosen.

  • Skin defenders like SPF. We need to start using sunscreens throughout the year. We are unaware of sun exposure even when we are inside. Any sunscreen with an SPF greater than 15 is a good one like Blue Nectar Sunscreen body lotion with SPF 30 that is made with natural ingredients and protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Face cream for women should have only active natural herbs for their anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
  • As far as possible, switch to ayurvedic skincare products. They heal the skin naturally and with no side effects. Include kumkumadi cream, saffron cream and kumkumadi tailam in your skincare routine for a flawless-looking screen.

Girl is happy while massaging face cream on her face

Choosing products and face cream for women that have skin softeners/ humectants helps in moisturizing, smoothing, and hydration from within. Try having a skincare routine at night to clean all the dirt and dead skin so that the skin softeners will work their magic. 

There are skin replenishers available in the market majorly used in skin brightening creams, for a brighter and smooth surface. It also reduces dryness subsequently.

Is there a need for a separate day cream and night cream?

We understood the need for a good face cream for women. But, it is equally important to understand that we should have a separate day cream and a night cream.

Face creams work differently depending on the time of their application. We would want our day creams to provide moisture and yet protect us from sun and pollution. Vitamin C is also provided using the skin brightening cream. Blue Nectar Eladi day cream, has SPF 30 and works to restore the skin's natural radiance and sheen after pollution damages it by exposing it to harmful UV rays. It is the best skin brightening face cream for women 

On the other hand, having a skincare routine at night , and including night creams, more specifically, kumkumadi cream helps in regaining the lost moisture. It repairs skin having dryness, and acne and heals it by providing adequate vitamins and minerals. Minimizes dark spot on face and fine lines with regular use.


To identify a good face cream for women, skin type and skin requirements should be carefully noticed. One might have oily skin but still using products containing glycerin will not give anticipated results. We should be well aware of what products suit our skin and what do not. Using Ayurvedic cream for skin whitening, saffron cream, and kumkumadi cream can do wonders if used correctly and effectively. Along with tons of water intake, we need to incorporate a good face cream to improve skin health and brighten it, at the same time.

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