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The juggling day begins with making myself and making Dad ready for work. You heard it right: I dress up my dad to mark that graceful first impression. You can relate to it, be it your husband, your son, your boyfriend, or if you are a man yourself. Well, Dads are great for all of us. Also, my father is picky and choosy about what to use and apply on the skin. My father is a mathematics professor, and he even integrates mathematical principles and calculations into the development of face cream for men

Father and daughter are watching something on laptop

I am a grown up adult but always a little girl for my dad. Like you see in the Instagram reels, how little girls groom their daddy's and do makeup on them , well I do the same.

Table of Content:

  • Opening lines of the story
  • Father and daughter duo
  • Tailoring Dad's Skincare: Identifying his Unique Skin Type
  • A Everyday Routine Suitable for All Skin Types
  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Exfoliator
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Dad's Nighttime Skincare Routine: Keeping It Simple and Sweet
  • My Lifestyle Tips for Dad's Well-being at 65
  • Promoting Health
  • Sleep Consistency 
  • Evening Serenity Ritual
  • Stress Management Together
  • Hydration Partner
  • Nourishing Diet
  • Skin and Hair Care 
  • Joint Exercise Routine 
  • Regular Health Check-ups 
  • Embracing a Positive Mindset
  • BTS SCENE not to be missed
  • Ending lines
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

My father is the best person to explain how men's skincare works. Whether you are 16 or even 60, it does not matter as this guide will apply to all the gentlemens. 

The alarm clock gently stirs at 6 in the morning, and I affectionately greet my dad, calling him "Nessy Pie," softly urging him to rise and shine.

Dad and I sit by the balcony, and as part of our ritual, I make warm water with honey and lemon. It's a must before his tea, as lime and honey can help balance the oil in the skin, giving it a clean and supple appearance.

After freshening up and a moment to relax with the newspaper, I guide my dad to sit comfortably, initiating the skincare routine.

daughter and father taking selfie after doing the skincare routine

Tailoring Dad's Skincare: Identifying his Unique Skin Type

To begin with, I determine my dad's skin type, as this lays the foundation for selecting the right skincare products. I carefully observe how his skin reacts to different products and adjust accordingly. Here's a breakdown of how I identify his skin type:

  • If his skin is shiny, it may be oily, often due to excess sebum production from beneath the surface.
  • If it looks flaky, scaly, or patchy, it could indicate dryness, suggesting inadequate water retention.
  • For a combination of normal, dry, and oily areas, especially an oily T-zone on the forehead, nose, and chin with larger pores, his skin may fall into the combination category.
  • His skin may be considered sensitive if he experiences heightened sensitivity to lotions, creams, cleansers, and cosmetics.
  • In the case of reduced elasticity, a rougher or thinner texture, and visible wrinkles or uneven color, his skin might be aging.

Once I've determined his skin type, I tailor a skincare routine that addresses his needs and concerns.

A Everyday Routine Suitable for All Skin Types

Below, I've crafted a sample skincare routine that I implement for my dad. The aim is to establish a consistent routine tailored to personal needs and skincare objectives. This routine is recommended for morning and night application, ensuring optimal results. 

Step 1: Gentle Cleanser

Purpose: Maintain clean and clear skin

Usage: Twice daily, both morning and night

My Choice: Opting for the ayurvedic face wash or face-cleanser, I use soft hands for a gentle massage during application.

Step 2: Exfoliator

Purpose: Eliminate dead skin cells and promote skin cell turnover

Usage: Once or twice a week

My Choice: Incorporating Blue Nectar exfoliator with a delicate touch to ensure a soothing experience for my dad.

Blue nectar face scrub

Step 3: Toner

Purpose: Balance skin pH levels and enhance hydration

Usage: Twice daily, post-cleansing in the morning and night

My Choice: I generally use rose water as a toner. 

Step 4: Serum

Purpose: Deliver active ingredients addressing specific skin concerns

Usage: Twice daily, morning and night (alternating serums for AM and PM)

My Choice: Opting for The Kumkumadi face serum, I apply it with gentle massaging motions to enhance absorption.

Step 5: Moisturizer

Purpose: Hydrate the skin and seal in moisture

Usage: Twice daily, morning and night (choosing a lighter moisturizer for the day and a richer one for the night)

My Choice: Applying Shubhr Men's Vitamin C Cream for Daily Radiance with soft hands, I incorporate a soothing massage my dad particularly enjoys.

This routine caters to his skincare needs and adds a touch of relaxation through the gentle massage during each step.

Dad's Nighttime Skincare Routine: Keeping It Simple and Sweet

As my dad winds down for bedtime, I keep things easy with a mix of creams to pamper his skin. We start with the Kumkumadi Cream, packed with Ayurvedic goodness to lift his complexion and deal with those tricky dark spots.

Men anti aging face cream

Following suit, the Anti-Aging Men's Cream steps in for the night. It seamlessly partners with the Kumkumadi Cream to keep Dad's skin young and lively. Their combined magic tackles signs of aging, ensuring a revitalized and refreshed look by morning.

Our Skin Glow Cream takes the stage as the night progresses, adding an extra radiance. It's like a special touch to make his skin naturally glow from the inside out. And to wrap it all up, the Best Moisturizer Cream for Face comes in, ensuring his skin stays hydrated and happy all night.

daughter and father are looking in the mirror

Imagine it as a simple tune with different instruments; each cream plays its role, creating a lovely melody for Dad's skin.
The result?
Waking up to a happy, refreshed, and radiant face every single morning.

My Lifestyle Tips for Dad's Well-being at 65:

  • Promoting Health:

I encourage my dad to maintain a lifestyle free from drinking and smoking to support his overall well-being.

  • Sleep Consistency:

We prioritize a consistent bedtime at 10 pm to ensure he gets quality and restorative sleep.

  • Evening Serenity Ritual:

I prepare a calming cup of chamomile tea with almond oil to help him unwind and relax in the evenings.

  • Stress Management Together:

We engage in meditation sessions and take regular walks to manage stress and foster mental well-being collectively.

  • Hydration Partner:

I pack warm water for him to stay hydrated throughout the day, supporting his overall health.

  • Nourishing Diet:

I focus on incorporating nutrient-rich foods into his meals, including fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins for optimal health.

  • Skin and Hair Care:

Our approach includes a balanced diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids for skin elasticity.

I encourage the use of moisturizers and sunscreen for skin protection. Also, I recommend using a sharp razor and a soothing Beard and Moustache oil to prevent irritation for shaving.

Blue nectar beard oil

  • Joint Exercise Routine:

We engage in regular physical activities suitable for his fitness level to promote joint health.

  • Regular Health Check-ups:

We ensure he attends regular health check-ups and screenings to address any potential health concerns promptly.

  • Embracing a Positive Mindset:

We collectively foster a positive outlook, engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment into his daily life.

These personalized lifestyle tips contribute to a holistic approach, promoting his overall health, happiness, and longevity.

BTS SCENE not to be missed ! 

As my dad settles in for his daily face cream application, he surprises me by turning it into a quirky math session. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he declares, "Today's skincare comes with a dose of mathematical elegance!"

He explains, "For that right-angled glow, we're implementing the Pythagorean theorem – it's all about the square root of the sum of squares!" As he skillfully works the cream into his skin, I can't help but raise an eyebrow at the unexpected math lesson.

Daughter is giving massage to her father's skin by applying jade roller

Undeterred by my bemusement, he continues, "Now, let's derive the smoothness equation to optimize wrinkle disappearance!" His fingers move with a certain mathematical precision that I didn't think was possible during a skincare routine.

In a grand finale, he announces, "And behold, the golden ratio for facial radiance – where Fibonacci meets flawless skin!" We both burst into laughter, realizing that, in my dad's world, skincare is not just about creams and lotions but also a canvas for mathematical play.

Who knew equations and algorithms could be part of a morning routine?

Taking care of your skin is often seen as something people do just to look good. But think about it – your skin is your body's biggest organ. It's not just about looking nice; it's a big part of staying healthy overall, and for men, it's crucial to maintain skin health to protect against environmental stressors and promote overall well-being.

My dad and I found a unique blend of joy in the math of life, where skincare meets equations. From Pythagorean glow to the golden ratio laughter, our routine isn't just about skincare; it's a dance of shared moments. Here's to more equations, more laughter, and the everlasting pursuit of joy in every routine. Cheers to radiant skin, playful math, and the timeless bond with my dad!

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