Guide to Importance of Kumkumadi Night Cream

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  • What are the ingredients found in Kumkumadi Cream?
  • Why is kumkumadi oil added to night creams?
  • Who can apply kumkumadi cream?
  • How to use kumkumadi cream?
  • Which is the best kumkumadi cream to choose?
  • Parting note
  • Recommended Products  by Blue Nectar

Kumkumadi Cream to Rejuvenate the Skin Overnight

The fast-paced corporate hustle culture may be good for your bank account but it may be terrible for your skin. We get so consumed with work and running around amidst pollution, that we rarely get time to look after ourselves. You may be able to prioritize physical health by eating right and working out but what about the health of your skin? Some misleading elements of the beauty industry may tell you that you need expensive chemical-based skin care products and a lengthy, complex skin routine to look radiant and have healthy, plump skin.

But is that the only way to look after your skin health? No! In fact, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Treating your skin right can be inexpensive, gentle and natural. You don’t need face serums loaded with chemicals and face toners that are basically just alcohol. A simple night cream can do the trick. In today’s blog, we will explore how one can get rid of dullness and rejuvenate their skin overnight with Kumkumadi cream.

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What Are the Ingredients Found in Kumkumadi Cream?

Before we go on to tell you just how amazing kumkumadi cream can be to rejuvenate your skin, it may be good to know what all goes into making of kumkumadi cream. The ingredients, a skincare product is prepared with, speak volumes about its effectiveness. So here are some usual fixings one can expect to find in Kumkumadi creams:

  • Kumkumadi Oil - As the name of the precious cream suggests, the primary ingredient in Kumkumadi cream is Kumkumadi Tailam (Sanskrit term for saffron oil). Translated into Hindi, it becomes Kesar ka Tel. Saffron has immense brightening powers. It can give one’s skin a healthy, lively bounce while also improving their overall complexion. All in all, kumkumadi tailam is a powerhouse blend of fruit and herbal extracts with the goodness of some flowers and seeds. It truly makes any face cream for women and men special when added to the blend!
  • Ghee - Pure desi ghee harvested from cow’s milk is one of the most amazing things one can put on their skin. Ghee is celebrated in Ayurveda & has been gaining steady popularity in contemporary beauty products too, and rightfully so! It is deeply moisturizing for the skin, adds a glow like no other, improves barrier function, makes one’s epidermis healthier and so much more!
  • Haldi - Also known as turmeric, Haldi is a powerhouse of a spice. We don’t think there’s anything some good Haldi can’t do. It commemorates its special place in nanikenuskhe when added to milk before drinking to boost one’s immunity. Haldi helps in healing wounds a lot faster because of its antiseptic properties, and when found in beauty productsit brightens up one’s skin to new heights, without any side effects!
  • Almond Oil - Packed with nutrients and a rich source of vitamin e, almond oil is perhaps the best ingredient to work with when you desire radiant, blemish-free skin that looks and feels younger than ever!
  • Herb Blends - One may find a unique blend of herbs, fruits flowers and other spices too in a typical Kumkumadi cream. The exact quantities and ingredients in herbaceous blends differ from brand to brand but you can definitely expect to see similar results access all of them.

    Why is Kumkumadi Oil Added to Night Creams?

    Sure, natural night creams without the addition of kumkumadi oil exist and they do work. They can rejuvenate the skin. So why then is Kumkumadi oil added to a night cream?

    The answer is fairly simple. Kumkumadi Oil is added to enhance a cream’s rejuvenating powers. We agree that Kumkumadi oil isn’t the only way to rejuvenate your skin but it certainly is the best and the quickest way to do so! A regular night cream, without the power of Kumkumadi Oil, may work but the likelihood of you observing overnight results is rather low.

    Who can apply kumkumadi Cream?

    We love it when people ask this question because the answer is so so simple and oh-so-satisfying. Who can apply Kumkumadi cream? Anyone and everyone! People of all ages, and all skin types! Whether they have dry, flaky patches, or sensitive skin that tends to break out, the wonders of Kumkumadi cream aren’t limited, they’re for all to enjoy. The only thing to be mindful of when using the night cream is to use only the amount your skin needs and only as often as you feel the need. For example, people with extremely dry skin may use a generous amount of Kumkumadi night cream, every night, but those with oily skin types would be better off using a small, pea-size amount every alternate night.

    How to Use Kumkumadi Cream?

    The best thing about Kumkumadi cream is that it is super easy to use! It can be used the same way you’d use another night cream.Here’s a simple skincare routine at night to follow if you’re new to the skincare game:

    1. Wash your face with a gentle neem face wash or ayurvedic cleanser of your choice. Make sure it is suitable for your skin’s pH. Wash the suds away with lukewarm water and either let your skin air-dry or pat it dry with a soft, cotton towel.

    2. Spritz some natural face toner - rose face tonic on your face for some extra hydration and added radiance. Steam-distilled rose face water is a good option. Additionally, vetiver face tonic is also good for face.

    3. Take the appropriate amount of your Kumkumadi cream, and apply it to your face in a circular motion with light pressure using your fingertips.

    4. Follow up/precede with a body lotion or serum, if your skin is extra dry or go to bed as is. Wake up the next morning to find your skin effectively rejuvenated in just one night!

      Lady is holding face cream in which she is trying to pick some out from the box

      Benefits of adding kumkumadi cream to your skincare routine at night

      So, we know it’s no longer a secret that your nightly skincare regime could use a ramp-up with the addition of kumkumadi cream and you’re probably thinking about making a purchase. To help with your decision, we’ve compiled a list of benefits that come with using Kumkumadi night cream.

      • Kumkumadi night cream revitalizes the skin - Using this night cream regularly makes your skin healthier and clearer over time by supporting your skin’s barrier function.
      • Kumkumadi night cream boosts cell growth - Using the night cream allows your skin to heal and grow faster and boosts the production of skin cells meaning you look younger with plumper skin.
      • Kumkumadi night cream helps with collagen production - Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. As we age, the levels of collagen drop. Using kumkumadi night cream helps keep collagen production in check which ultimately delays signs of ageing and helps the skin maintain a youthful appearance.
      • Kumkumadi night cream reduces blemishes - Over time with continued usage, the Kumkumadi cream removes almost all signs of stubborn blemishes from the face and makes your skin look flawless.
      • Kumkumadi night cream hydrates, nourishes and moisturises the skin - Owing to its ingredients, the kumkumadi cream is a great way to nourish your skin. Using it at night locks in all the moisture from your face toner and water after you cleanse and prevents transdermal water loss.
      • Kumkumadi night cream is gentle on the skin - Because Kumkumadi cream is made of all-natural ingredients, it is perfectly gentle on the skin, unlike those other creams that are laden with harsh chemicals that attack your barrier function relentlessly.

        Which is the best Kumkumadi Cream to choose?

        When it comes to ayurvedic night creams, these days, the options are practically endless. The market is saturated with Kumkumadi creams and the presence of this extensive selection is obviously something that can very well confuse even the most experienced beauty connoisseurs. So how does one choose? Simple, by following these steps:

        • Go for a trusted ayurvedic beauty/skincare brand
        • Read the ingredients
        • Read reviews
        • Judge if you trust the brand and its ambassadors or not
        • Select the smallest size at first to see if it suits you or not
        • Don’t commit to a product without using it for 2-4 weeks

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          Parting Note

          Kumkumadi cream is a great peak in the advancement of ayurvedic beauty. This night cream delivers what it promises and it does so rather well. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. Don’t believe us still? Try it out and see the results for yourself. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed. If you’re on the hunt for a night cream that rejuvenates your skin quickly and gives you long-lasting results, do check out Blue Nectar’s Shubr Kumkumadi Night Cream. And, don’t forget to share this blog with someone who might find it useful. Until next time!

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