How Kumkumadi Tailam has Revolutionized Skincare?

What is Kumkumadi  Face Glowing Oil? 

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For the past few years, this face glowing oil, known as “Kumkumadi tailam” has taken the world of beauty by storm. It has effortlessly and some might even say single-handedly upheld the standards of natural beauty (for what it’s worth, they wouldn’t be wrong either). Kumkumadi Tailam is ancient Ayurveda’s gift to modern beauty standards and practices.

This kumkumadi tailam is a potent blend of 21 or more herbs that come together to make a natural product that very closely resembles a magic potion (and certainly does more than one). When used on the skin, its medicinal properties can clear rashes, infections, dryness, etc. while simultaneously giving one’s skin a healthy bounce and a glow from within.

While being super effective, this miraculous elixir also gives a luxurious flair to anyone’s self-care routine. And the fact that its versatility enables it to be used on not only the face but also the body and limbs, makes it a product truly worth investing in. Let’s analyze the ingredients and dive in a bit deeper, shall we?

The Key Ingredient: Saffron

Kumkumadi Tailam translated to English literally means saffron oil. Needless to say, saffron is the main ingredient in the concoction. It gives the skin luminosity and helps improve the complexion of the skin. While choosing a kumkumadi tailam, look for Kashmiri kesar, or in the list of ingredients. Also called red gold, it is the best available saffron in the world. It is proven to have 8.72% crocin, which gives it the deep hue it has, unmatched with any other variety of saffron in the world and medicinal benefits. 

Commonly-found Ingredients

The following ingredients are some of the “must-haves” when picking out which brand’s Kumkumadi Tailam to buy, so be sure that your final choice has all of these!

  • Kumkuma (Saffron) , the main ingredient, provides a mesmerizing and healthy glow to the face.
  • Til Taila (Sesame oil) i.e. the base oil contains vitamin E, which is known to be deeply moisturizing for skin.
  • Manjistha improves blood circulation, reduces pigmentation and inflammation
  • Yashtimadhu (Indian liquorice) helps in improving skin texture
  • Chandana (Sandalwood) calms and soothes the skin
  • Laksha is antibacterial and is known to treat skin infections
  • Other important ingredients to look out for are Daruharidra (Tree Turmeric), Padmaja (Indian Lotus), Nilotpala (Indian Water Lily), and Vata (Banyan).

How Is It Made?

The following is the process through which our miraculous oil is prepared:

  1. A careful blend of flowers, fruits, herbs, milk extracts, and plants is brought together to make a single decoction (also known as the Kashaya).
  2. The volume of this Kashaya is then greatly reduced by a slow cooking process.
  3. The prepared decoction is then boiled along with a carrier oil i.e. sesame oil, and a little bit of goat’s milk (Ajaksheera), though its addition is optional and not the norm in commercial products.
  4. A wet, fine paste consisting of 5-7 herbs is then added and the concoction is cooked further till it infuses each ingredient’s fragrance and qualities to it.
  5. Finally, the oil, once cooled, is then bottled and is finally ready to be used as is or in addition to other skincare products.



Versatile Benefits

Kumkumadi tailam, if used regularly, can do wonders to the skin. It reduces acne and acne scars, prevents wrinkles, whiteheads and blackheads, treats tan and moisturizes skin, giving it a wonderful glow.

The best quality of this miraculous blend is that it is suitable for all skin types when used in relevant controlled quantities. It is deeply moisturizing, so it is advised that people with oily and sensitive skin use it in tiny portions.

It is also said to soothe inflamed skin, and induce better sleep when added to hot water and taken steam from. It may also be used as a body oil, so it can be mixed with body lotions, or applied 15-20 minutes prior to the shower and washed off, for that effortless moisturized look.

Versatile Applications and Uses

Kumkumadi tailam may be used as a facial oil in its original form, or one may use products containing kumkumadi tailam. There are various brightening cleansers and toners formulated using it as an ingredient.

It is a fairly common ingredient in moisturizers that are ayurvedic/formulated using natural substances. Eye creams containing kumkumadi tailam are fantastic for reducing pigmentation under and around the eyes.

Facial scrubs that contain this magical elixir are non-drying, hence very kind to dry and sensitive skin. Similarly, serums containing this ingredient offer anti-ageing benefits, as it is known to prevent wrinkles and provide a youthful glow to the face


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Only apply at night, and wear sunscreen the next day. The traditional ingredients in Kumkumadi Tailam are rather potent. Moreover, the anti-aging properties of the oil make the user’s skin somewhat reactive to sunlight and exposure to UV rays. This can easily be prevented with the usage of sunscreen during the day and limiting the oil’s usage to only nighttime.
  • Start with 2-3 times a week and then when the skin is used to it, you may use it daily. With potent products like this, it’s all about building your capacity by slowly introducing your skin to it. This elixir is no different. Start with smaller quantities and build from there as necessary.
  • Wash it off after 15 minutes if you are a beginner. You may leave it overnight if the skin has been used to the oil for a long time.
  • It is advised that a patch test be done on the neck or arm, to detect if it is safe to be used on one’s skin or not.
  • Do not use it with actives, as it is an ayurvedic product/ingredient and might trigger a reaction on your skin, especially on the face. Sometimes natural ingredients and chemicals just don’t mix.
  • People with dry, combination or oily skin can use it normally but people with oily and sensitive skin should use it in a very small quantity, considering its consistency is quite thick and the product may absorb into the skin slower with a lot more difficulty.
  • When using the oil in its true form, you should end your skincare routine that night by applying the oil right after cleansing your face with a mild cleanser.

Final Takeaways

Given that you’ve read this far, you must now be aware of all the wonders of the mesmerizing concoction called Kumkumadi Tailam, so try it before you knock it down. All over the world, Ayurveda revering folks recognize this oil as the elixir of life because it quite literally is no less than magic itself. With the beneficial properties of so many herbs, this natural herb oil is perfect for anyone who wishes to change their skin for the better (though, if you have sensitive skin, checking in with your dermatologist would be ideal). While we don’t condone changing yourself to fit some meaningless beauty standards, using products with kumkumadi tailam can help you emphasize your beauty effectively in the natural, Ayurvedic way without changing who you are!

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