Get Stronger Hair with 6 DIY Ayurvedic Oils for Hair

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We have all grown up watching hair commercials featuring women with long, luscious hair and we have all tried to get hair like that. Every time you talk to your mother and grandmother about any hair problem you have, they tell you to oil your hair with nautral Ayurvedic oils for hair. Suffering from hair fall? Apply some hairfall control oil. Dry and damaged hair? Apply some ayurvedic hair oil. Bad headache? Do a head massage with hair oil. Hair not growing? Apply some hair grow oil. Problems or no problems, hair oils have been a staple in every Indian household.

Used by men, women, and children alike, hair oils help maintain a healthy scalp, keep the hair nourished and help in maintaining the overall health of the hair. While there are a lot of products like hair scrubs and hair masks coming up, nothing beats a good old scalp and hair massage with ayurvedic hair oils. Fast lifestyle, stress, unhealthy eating habits, etc. take a toll on the hair and causes hair fall. A quick look at the ingredients used for preparing hair oils turns you to the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic oils for hair are free of harmful toxins and preservatives. The number of products available as hair oils for hair treatment is overwhelming and often makes one wonder which oil would work best to strengthen hair and to prevent it from hair loss. Blue Nectar Briganantadi Hair Oil has Bhringraj oil as a key ingredient and can therefore be used as a hairfall control oil and oil for hair growth. It has ayurvedic potent herbs and it reduces hair loss, and prevent from damaged hair.  

Hair can suffer a lot if one picks up a wrong hair oil for hair treatment. To avoid making this mistake, it is advised to make DIY ayurvedic hair oil for hair treatment. This gives you full control over the ingredients and that helps you in customizing the oil in a way that would suit your hair the best. Read on and pick the best DIY Ayurvedic oils for hair.

Girl is applying ayurvedic hair oil at the end of her hair roots

Benefits of Hair Oiling as Hair Treatment

  1. Ayurvedic Hair Oils are known to hydrate the scalp and the hair. It is a boon for people with dry hair. It acts as a conditioner by providing shine to the hair.      
  2. Oil massages help the scalp and improve blood circulation. This promotes overall hair health and helps with hair growth, like Blue Nectar’s Briganantadi Hairfall control oil for Healthy Scalp, that is light and non greasy and it is formuated with ayurvedic herbs to control hair fall and make the hair stronger and shinier.
  3. Oiling with Ayurvedic Oils for hair helps the hair with dandruff caused by dry scalp. It provides nourishment to the scalp and prevents dandruff. One such Ayurvedic hair oil is Tea Tree Healthy Scalp and Anti Dandruff Hair Oil by Blue Nectar, that gently works on the itchy scalps, flakiness and dandruff.
  4. Applying a good ayurvedic hair oil just to the ends of the hair may act as a hair mask or a pre-conditioning hair mask.    
  5. A scalp massage with an ayurvedic oil for hair is a great way to relax. It calms your nerves and is known to provide relief to headaches.

Hair Oil Massage - Points to Remember while oiling the hair

  1. First things first – Always pick up a natural ayurvedic hair oil and not a hair oil which may contain mineral oil.
  2. Always remember to apply warm hair oil to the scalp. The heat breaks down the huge oil molecules into smaller or micro molecules, making it easier for them to penetrate the scalp.             
  3. Always apply natural ayurvedic hair oil on a clean scalp. If applied on a dirty scalp, oil can clog the pores. It makes it worse if you leave it on for a long time. The oil hydrates the hair when applied to a clean scalp.  
  4. Massaging the ayurvedic hair oil into your scalp relaxes the mind. It enhances blood circulation and helps in hair growth. 
  5. After the oil massage, do not comb your hair to tie them up tightly in a bun. Tie them in a loose braid or put them in a cap/towel. 
  6. If your scalp is oily, avoid oiling it. Only apply ayurvedic oils for hair as it is free of silicones. Silicones provide momentary shine to the hair but make it dull over time. A natural ayurvedic hair oil will give the hair shine, without making the oily scalp greasier.
  7. Hair oil massage benefits include hair growth, healthy hair, shiny hair, dandruff free hair and many more. 

Picking the right ayurvedic oils for hair is the most important step in your hair care routine once you decide to take the ayurvedic route for your hair treatment, you will see the benefits of ayurveda for your hairs. The article will guide you to assess and pick which ayurvedic oils for hair would work the best for you.  Hair health is affected by the scalp. Understand the type of your scalp and pick the best ayurvedic hair oils option suitable for it. Scalps may be oily or dry or normal.

Ayurvedic Oils for hair - Oily Scalp

You have to be careful about choosing a hair oil if you have an oily scalp. Oily scalps secrete more oils than other scalps. Heavy oils tend to make the scalp greasy, which is far from ideal for an oily scalp. It is best if you use natural oils/essential oils.

Girl is holding her hair and making weird face as she is fed up with her oily scalp

Instead of buying anything from the store. You’ll want to use pure essential oils or natural oils instead of store-bought options. Lighter oils like coconut oil and olive oil provide hydration and nourishment to the hair without clogging the pores. Also, opting for an essential oil that has antibacterial properties may help in creating a balance on the scalp. These are the two DIY ayurvedic hair oils that would work well for people with an oily scalp.

  • Aloe Ayurvedic Oils for Hair

Ingredients Required:

  • Aloe Vera- 2 Leaves
  • Curry Leaves- 20
  • Coconut oil- 500 ml.

Method of Preparation:

Take two whole aloe vera leaves, then peel and cut them into medium-sized pieces. Scoop out the gel using a butter knife or fork and add it to a bowl. Mix coconut oil to the gel, and heat the mixture on a low flame for about 10 minutes. Once cooled, strain it using a clean muslin cloth and transfer the prepared oil to a glass bottle. The simplicity of formulation makes it the best ayurvedic oils for hair. Store in a clean, dry place and apply twice a week.

Benefits Derived with this DIY Ayurvedic hair oils:

Aloe vera provides hydration to the scalp without over-moisturising the hair and is great for hair treatment like hair fall and dandruff. It makes the best homemade natural hairfall control oil. Curry leaves strengthen hair by providing vitamin B and protein to the hair. The antibacterial properties and the antioxidants present in it keep the scalp clean and nourished. When added to any natural oil, it makes a good hair grow oil. Coconut oil is the most widely used hair oil for hair growth. It is light and provides moisture and strength to the hair.

  • Rosemary Henna Ayurvedic Oils for Hair

Ingredients Required to make ayurvedic oils for hair:

  • Henna powder- 1 tsp.
  • Rosemary oil- 4 tbsp.
  • Olive oil- 500 ml.

Method of Preparation:

This is one of the easiest recipes for ayurvedic oils for hair. Add Rosemary oil to the Olive oil and mix well. Before application, shake the bottle well and pour the oil into a bowl and add henna powder. Mix well and apply to the scalp and hair for about an hour before you wash it off with an ayurvedic shampoo. You may vary the amount of henna if your hair is longer.

Benefits Derived with this DIY Ayurvedic hair oils:

Henna conditions the hair and soaks in the excess oils produced by the scalp without stripping it off its natural oils. Rosemary oil promotes nerve growth and improves blood circulation. It is a popular hair treatment for boosting hair growth (and that is why it is also sometimes called hair grow oil as it is an oil for hair growth) and reducing the thinning of hair. Olive oil is a light oil that provides the required moisture without making the hair greasy.


Ayurvedic Oils for hair - Dry Scalp

Girl is looking infront of mirror and closely looking at her dry scalp

Ayurvedic Oils for hair - Dry Scalp

If you suffer from a dry scalp, hair oils are your best friend. Dry hair looks dull and damaged. Ayurvedic hair oils provide the hair with much-needed moisture and make the hair look healthy. Just like the body, the hair needs its food. Weather, stress, pollution and quality of water are a few factors that affect the hair and may dry them out. Pick either of the DIY hair oils to treat your dry scalp

  • Jasmine Hibiscus Ayurvedic Oils for Hair

Ingredients Required to make ayurvedic oils for hair:

  • Coconut Oil- 500 ml
  • Castor oil- 100 ml
  • Aloe Vera- 1 Leaf
  • Curry Leaves- 20
  • Fenugreek Seeds- 1 tbsp
  • Hibiscus Flowers- 10
  • Jasmine Flowers- 20
  • Neem Leaves- 20
  • Onions- 2-3

Method of Preparation:

Grind Aloe Vera (peeled and chopped), Curry leaves, Fenugreek seeds (soaked for about 30 minutes), Hibiscus flowers, Jasmine flowers, Neem leaves and Onions and combine the mixture with coconut oil. Add this to a pan, and heat it for about 30 minutes. Strain and store the Ayurvedic hair oil in a glass bottle. Apply 2-3 times a week, keep it for about an hour and wash your hairs with gentle shampoo like Briganantadi Hair fall control Shampoo that will strengthen hair follicles and improves hair growth. .

Benefits Derived with these DIY Ayurvedic hair oils:

This is hands down the best ayurvedic hairfall control oil. Aloe vera is a multi-purpose ingredient that helps with hair moisturization and other scalp issues like dandruff, split ends etc. Curry leaves are antibacterial and provide protein and Vitamin B to the scalp. Fenugreek seeds are a great option for hair as they provide iron and protein to the hair, which boosts hair growth. They also have antifungal properties that help with the overall health of the scalp. Hibiscus flowers stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness and Jasmine flowers moisturize the hair and keep the frizz away. Neem leaves strengthen hair follicles and prevent the breakage of hair, and onions are a great source of sulphur to the hair, which promotes its growth. Coconut oil adds moisture to the hair and castor oil, with its fatty acids, treats the otherwise dry hair and makes them smooth and moisturized. All in All this is the best oil for hair growth aka hair grow oil.

  • Bhringraj Oil- Ayurvedic Oils for Hair

Ingredients Required to make ayurvedic oils for hair:

  • Bhringraj Powder/Leaves- 100 g/20
  • Mustard Oil- 500 ml
  • Fenugreek Seeds- 2 tbsp.

Method of Preparation:

Add mustard oil and Bhringraj powder to a pan and mix well. If you're using the leaves, grind them to make a powder. Boil the mixture and add fenugreek seeds. Cook for about ten minutes. Strain it and store it in a glass bottle using a muslin cloth after it cools down.

Bhringraj oil is placed in a vessel and its leaves is in the ceramic bowl with other elements

Benefits Derived from making Ayurvedic hair oils DIY:

This is the best ayurvedic oil for hair growth or the best hair grow oil. Bhringraj oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that keep the scalp healthy. It is also known for promoting hair growth and strengthening the hair. Mustard oil has a high-fat content and it helps deeply moisturize the scalp and the hair. It treats dry and frizzy hair and makes them smooth and shiny. It works best on hair that is seriously damaged. Fenugreek seeds boost hair growth by providing iron and protein to the hair.

However, if you don’t have time for this then you can go for Blue Nectar Briganantadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil that has Bhringraj oil. It is an ayurvedic hair oil that has goodness of potent herbs that makes your scalp and hair moisturize and treat dry and damaged hair, as well. After massaging your scalp with ayurvedic oil for hair , leave it for 2-3 hours and wash your hair with Briganantadi Anti Dandruff Hair Cleanser Shampoo that has goodness of Bhringraj and Shikakai and also works magic for dry and frizzy hairs.

Ayurvedic Oils for hair - Normal Scalp

If your scalp is neither oily nor dry, you are pretty blessed as it is. Hair that grows on a normal scalp looks healthier than the ones that grow on an oily or dry scalp. However, this does not mean that the hair does not need oil. The normal scalp also needs to be hydrated and moisturized. These DIY hair oils are great for a normal scalp.

  • Argan Ayurvedic Oil for Hair

Ingredients Required to make ayurvedic oils for hair:

  • Camphor tablets- 5
  • Olive oil- 500 ml
  • Argan oil- 100 ml

Method of Preparation:

Crush or Grind the camphor tablets and mix them with olive oil and argan oil. Store in a glass bottle. Heat it and use it twice a week.

Benefits Derived from making Ayurvedic hair oils DIY:

Camphor is known as Karpura or Kapur and is known to treat Kapha and Pitta dosha. It is antifungal and antibacterial. It keeps the scalp clean and promotes hair growth. Olive oil and argan oil are both light in their consistencies. They provide moisture to the scalp without making it greasy. 

Ayurvedic hair oil with comb and white flowers has been placed on a Big Green leave

  • Neem Cumin Ayurvedic Oils for Hair

Ingredients Required to make ayurvedic oils for hair:

  • Neem leaves- 50 g.
  • Black cumin- 5 tbsp.
  • Coconut oil- 500 ml.

Method of Preparation:

Add coconut oil to a pan and bring it to a boil. Add black cumin seeds and neem leaves (ground) to the oil. Heat it for about 10 minutes. Strain using a muslin cloth and store in a glass bottle. Apply this ayurvedic hair oil twice a week on hairs, keep for an hour and wash it off using a shampoo.

Benefits Derived from making Ayurvedic hair oils DIY:

Neem leaves are antifungal and antibacterial. They promote the overall health of the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles. Black cumin seeds remove dandruff and condition the hair. They're also believed to reverse the greying of hair. However, there is no evidence to support the same. Coconut oil provides much-needed moisture to the scalp and hair.

To sum things up, we know that dust, pollution, stress, etc. makes hair suffer. Using Ayurvedic oils for hair problems helps you maintain a clean and healthy scalp. It keeps the hair moisturized and healthy without introducing it to any toxins, ensuring proper hair growth and granting you the much desired, long and luscious locks.


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