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  • High time we bursted the myths around man’s skincare! Without much ado, let's get right on.

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Hearing of skincare, we often believe we're talking about women's skin, but all skin, even men's skin, requires some nurturing and pampering and of course a well-made man’s skincare regime! Having the cosmetics industry focused on women's beauty products for the longest time, the need to address man's skincare had been left ignorant. As a result, there are many myths circulating regarding man’s skincare. 

kumkumadi serum, cream and face wash are on off white table with leaves

High time we bursted the myths around man’s skincare! Without much ado, let's get right on.

1. Myth no. 1 on Man’s skincare: men age better than women

The idea that men age better than women has no scientific validity. A multitude of variables, particularly genetics, culture and lifestyle, and environmental influences, can impact the rate at which an individual age and the look of aging. Some people's skin appears to age rather slowly than others, however, this could be due to a range of reasons that aren't always tied to gender.

It is crucial to remember that men and women, alike need to take necessary measures to maintain their skin health and slow the aging process. This includes using sunscreen to guard against the harmful effects of UV radiation, eating balanced food and living a healthy lifestyle, and utilizing skin care products like ayurvedic skincare products that are suited for one's skin type. After a certain age, despite a healthy lifestyle, it is advised to use ayurvedic and natural anti-aging creams that can keep the skin nourished, hydrated, and supple. 

2. Myth no. 2 on man’s skincare: washing the face frequently will improve the quality of the skin

There is no concrete prescribed frequency or interval of washing your face whether you are using natural and ayurvedic skincare products or chemical products. It is highly subjective depending on a person’s skin type, geography and climate, quality of water, and the products used.

Though it is extremely important to wash off the excess oil, dirt, pollution, and makeup, overdoing it can deprive your skin of its natural oils and render it dry, irritable, and other such issues. 

It is important that you understand the correct product for your skin type and that it isn’t hard on your skin. Mild cleansers and men facial wash, like (ayurvedic face wash are always great for the skin). But there can be no one solution to fit everyone. Having said that, it is also important that you wash your face before putting on any other man’s skincare routine products, therefore, once in the morning when you’re ready to hit the day, and once before going to bed is what you should follow.

The best way to do it would be with lukewarm water and gentle massage on the entire face. Using hot water can be damaging to the skin on prolonged use. To wipe, try dabbing a soft towel instead of rubbing it. Also, do not forget to moisturize your skin with men face cream after washing to keep it supple. 

Even if you have to use a face wash, use men facial wash which is either an ayurvedic skincare product or a facial wash especially formulated for man’s skincare.

men is taking out the anti aging cream from the box

3. Myth no. 3: man's skincare products are just a marketing gimmick

It is commonly believed that man's skincare products are nothing more than a commercial ploy, but this isn't accurate. Although some businesses may try to take advantage of the idea that men need separate skincare products, there are a variety of legitimate reasons why a man's skincare and a woman's skincare product may differ.

There are several ways in which men's and women's skin can differ, such as pH levels, sebum production, and thickness. These variations may impact the efficacy and composition of certain skincare products. For example, man's skincare products may be more hydrating or formulated to address specific skin concerns like acne because men's skin is usually thicker and oilier than women's skin.

Moreover, a man’s skincare needs and preferences of men may greatly differ from that of women. For instance, men are better probable to continue a daily man’s skincare routine if it is simple, quick, and easy to apply. Masculine scents of the products are another important reason to consider. Therefore, man’s skincare products are designed to cater to these needs and preferences. Although it is wise to be aware of the marketing claims, certain products can be genuine and effective. Man’s skincare products expecially ayurvedic skincare products for men can be the safest bet.

4. Myth no. 4 on man’s skincare: men do not need a skincare routine 

This is an unquestionable myth. Pollution, UV radiation, dirt, and aging affect men and women alike. Therefore, a  man’s skincare routine and a woman’s skincare routine should be alike. Only thing to note is that the skincare regimen for both may differ from each other given the difference in their skins. The market has an ample number of products that are formulated particularly for men considering all their needs and preferences. The products range from ayurvedic face wash, face cleansers, moisturizers, face tonic toners, and face serums to sunscreens. Everything. Three poignant reasons men must take care of their skin are:

1. Skin health: Men too are prone to the effects of time, environment, and lifestyle. They face issues such as dryness, acne and sun damage. Following a healthy man’s skincare routine using ayurvedic skincare products can heal and prevent these issues and keep the skin nourished and healthy. 

2. Appearance: Healthy and glowing skin can make you feel good about yourself and make you feel more confident. So, just go for natural and ayurvedic skincare products for men. 

3. Aging: A good skincare regimen using ayurvedic skincare products can delay the signs of aging and keep your skin supple and youthful for a longer time. There are special anti aging creams for men in the market. 

men is applying men face glow cream on his face

5. Myth no. 5 on Man’s skincare: men do not have acne issues

Hah! Though we already burst that myth in the previous point, let's discuss it further. Men do have acne issues. Period. Though this may happen at any age, at puberty, most men are prone to face these issues, attributed to the change in hormones, and it is necessary to address the issue. Acne can develop when the skin's hair follicles become blocked with oil, dirt, and dead skin cells, causing blemishes, blackheads, or whiteheads to appear.

Certain people may be more susceptible to developing acne than others. Moreover, genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle are major contributors to skin health. Therefore, a man’s skincare should address the problem of acne.

To avoid acne and other concerning issues, make it a point to cleanse your skin regularly(we recommend only natural and ayurvedic face wash to avoid further breakouts), keep it hydrated and well-moisturized (with all natural and ayurvedic Kumkumadi Tailam), try using ayurvedic skincare products, and avoid squeezing out the pimples which might end up in a scar. Men facing this issue more often should consider consulting skincare professionals as well.Ayurvedic face wash such as pimple face wash and neem face wash could form an important part of a man’s skincare.

6. Myth no 6: oiling hair can prevent baldness

It is not surprising if you’ve been living with the myth that oiling can prevent baldness. Baldness is a common condition caused by several factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, and certain medical conditions. Again, this may affect men and women alike. 

Considering the Indian culture, all of us have grown up listening to our mothers and grandmothers warning us of going bald for not oiling our hair regularly especially with ayurvedicoils for hair. Yes, when oil massage with an ayurvedic hair oil is done correctly, it can provide hair with the necessary nutrition, enhancing its health, appearance, and condition. But there is no scientific evidence to back the saying “oiling can prevent baldness”. On the contrary, excess oil on the scalp can clog the pores which in turn would lead to hair fall. 

When experiencing major hair loss, it is important to examine and address the underlying root cause of this condition. Professional help is the best choice in such a condition. 

We recommend you adopt healthy hair care habits such as mild shampoo or the best shampoo for hairfall and natural hair conditioner, avoid heat styling and protect your hair from environmental damage.

7. Myth no. 7 on man’s skincare: coldwater will help close the skin pores and hot water will open up the pores

Uhh…No! Though there is some truth in the saying, that is not exactly the case. The truth is the size of the pores appears to change temporarily due to the effect of the temperature of the water. Pores are tiny openings in the skin containing the glands responsible for the secretion of oils in the form of sebum. The sizes of the pores may vary according to the thickness of your skin and the production of sebum. 

men is taking face wash on his hand from ayurvedic face wash

When you use hot water, the skin gets expanded due to heat causing the pore to temporarily appear larger. On the contrary, while using cold water, the blood vessels of the skin get constricted causing the pores to temporarily appear smaller. 

It is best to lukewarm water for washing your face as it is gentle on the skin. 

8. Myth no. 8 on man’s skincare: if you have oily skin, you don't need moisturizer

It sounds like a stupid idea for a person with oily skin to put on more of the oils through moisturizer, doesn’t it? Well… Boom! It is the other way around. Moisturizer helps in regulating the production and secretion of oils and thereby balances the natural oil levels of the skin. Dehydrated skin tries to overcompensate for dryness by producing excess oils which clog the pores. Moisturizers keep the skin hydrated in optimum measures and prevent the production of oils in excess amounts.

Also, there are moisturizers formulated particularly to cater to oily skin such as face brightener cream, Vitamin c face serum and kumkumadi tailam. They are designed to regulate the production of oils by hydrating the skin without making it feel greasy. 

People with all skin types are recommended to use moisturizers to maintain skin health, only, that there are separate products to suit every skin type. 

9. Myth no. 9 on man’s skincare: you don't need sunscreen if you have a beard

Where did that even come from?! No! Everybody needs sunscreen! Regardless of whether you sport a beard or not, sunscreen should be an inevitable part of a man’s skincare routine. Unprotected exposure to the harsh heat and the UV rays of the sun for a prolonged period can prove to be severely damaging to the skin in the longer run. The issues may vary from sunburn to skin cancer. Thus it is extremely important to shield your skin using sunscreen with SPF30 body lotion moisturizer for at least 20 minutes before stepping out of the door. 

As for your beard, though it can be of some protection to the skin, it cannot be a shield enough from UV rays. While one might think that a beard is enough protection from the sun, on the contrary, the beard can potentially act as a conductor of ultraviolet radiation and thereby increase the chances of skin damage. 

You should apply sunscreen on all the parts exposed to the sun. Irrespective of beard. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 is an ideal choice for a man’s skincare. For the most effective sunscreen, it should be reapplied every 2 hours. For beard, you can use a beard oil with Orange Peel Essential Oil.

10. Myth no. 10: if a man’s skincare product do not show results, change it immediately 

NO! Please don’t do that. Yes, any skincare product, be it a man’s skincare product or an ayurvedic skincare product or a medicated skincare product, has to be used and invested in for its effectiveness towards your skin concerns, but immediate results aren’t always possible. The time that each product takes to show its effect may greatly vary. This may essentially depend on two things, your skin condition and the composition of the product. The same skincare product may differ in its performance for different people. Similarly, not all compositions work. Certain chemical products may show immediate effects as compared to ayurvedic skincare products which may take longer to show the results. In any case, you should give it some time and let the product gradually work on your skin. 

While adopting a man’s skincare routine, you must consider that it has to be practiced consistently for a long period for the best results. Inconsistency would delay the results. And repeatedly changing products over a short period can be even worse. In any case, ayurvedic skincare products are natural and may take time to show results.

You should consider switching to natural and ayurvedic skincare products when the previous skincare products haven’t been working for you despite several weeks of consistent application. You should also seek help from a dermatologist in such a case.

11. Myth no. 11: face serums are only for women

For longest of the time, the cosmetics industry and the marketing media focused only on women’s beauty products. So we understand where this is coming from. But no, it’s a myth that face serums are only for women. We cannot stress enough, just like other men’s skincare products, face serums ( and more so natural face serum like kumkumadi tailam) can be used by men and women alike. 

ayurvedic face wash, cream and serum are on white table with green leaves

Face serum is a skincare product that is formulated to be lightweight but highly concentrated and can be used to address specific conditions. Face serums are available in a variety of formulations, with different active ingredients to address various skin concerns. For example, some face serums, which may not be ayurvedic skincare products, may contain antioxidants to safeguard the skin from external harm, while others might have hyaluronic acid to moisturize and plump the skin. Vitamin C face serum , Kumkumadi tailam or Kumkumadi serum and Vitamin E face serums are  three face serums for glowing skin, which are popularly used over-the-counter products

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been living with any of the myths stated above, it's alright, you’re not alone. But now you know better and must take appropriate measures to take care of your skin. Share this article with anyone you know who is still living in the bubble of these myths and let them know that using ayurvedic skincare products can give their skin a soft, supple appearance. Lead them to enlightenment ! 

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