Natural ingredient to look for in face brightness cream?

Natural Glow with Face Brightness Cream

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It's quite difficult to maintain healthy and radiant skin. A lot of factors such as lifestyle, environment and health issues can affect your skin. Therefore, using a brightness cream is no more a luxury but a necessity, if you want healthy skin with a natural glow! However, applying just any skin brightening cream is not enough either. You have to look for the right ingredients and know the right time to apply it on your skin so that it can bring some positive results to your skin.

These skin brightening products come in various forms such as lotions, creams, serum and oils. Before choosing the right type of product suitable for your face, you may opt to consult a dermatologist if your concerns are more pronounced. Being a trained professional, a dermatologist will recommend the best cream according to the concern and skin type. If your concerns are milder, you can search on your own too.

Skin brightening products come in various forms. Before choosing the product, you may opt to consult a dermatologist.

While selecting a product for yourself, you should choose and apply face brightness creams only if they have natural products. Even if you apply products with chemical ingredients in them, you should use creams that don't contain harmful ingredients such as paraben, sulfates, alcohol, fragrance and other harmful products.


Why does skin become dull?

Lackluster skin, textured skin, fine lines and dark spots on the skin are some of the symptoms of dull and unhealthy skin.

The status of the skin glow can bring about a change to the impression of a person. A person with dull skin might appear less energetic and there is a chance that they may come off as tad under-confident too. Whereas, a person with glowing skin appears full of confidence, energy and life.

Numerous factors can affect the tone of skin, we have tried to capture a few here. Let's check it out: -

Poor lifestyle

Lifestyle includes your dieting habits, sleep routine, the beverages you consume and your skincare routine. Most of us don't pay attention to any of the above things and later complain about dull skin. However, it is not that difficult to have glowy skin. You need not adopt the skincare routine of models and spend thousands of dollars on skincare products and diet. Just pay attention to all the points mentioned above and you will see a lot of good changes in your skin luster.

Not Exfoliating

Maybe the most underrated skincare point that every other person skips. You need to exfoliate the skin at least two times a week and not more than three times a week. Over exfoliation can also cause skin dullness, as the chemicals present in exfoliators will damage your skin and eventually your skin will look dull. Exfoliation of face is important to remove the gunk (oil and pollutants) from the pores, but it should be done within the limit or it will remove the protective layer of your skin and make your skin look worse than it was before.

Dead skin

Dead skin is your biggest enemy. No matter what you are eating or applying on your skin, if you are not removing dead cells off your skin, all of your efforts are going into the dustbin. This is where exfoliation comes into play, exfoliate the skin and remove all dead skin off your skin to make it look healthy and bouncy.

Dry skin

Having dry skin may be much worse than having oily skin. Dryness of the skin will make your skin look dull and lifeless. A person with dry skin feels uncomfortable as their skin feels stretched. Especially when you are in a cold location, your face will start to look dull as the temperature starts to decrease. And to fight dryness, you need to have a great moisturizer. Moreover, even oily skin owners should apply moisturizers to keep skin hydrated all the time.

Exposure to sun

Melanin is that pigment that is responsible for our skin colour. Our skin tends to produce more melanin to protect itself when it is exposed to the Sun resulting in dark spots and pigmentation making our skin tone uneven and face look dull.


Why you should start using face brightness cream?

Just drinking 3 liters of water is not enough if you want to achieve a naturally radiant face! For that you need to start using face brightness cream, the idea behind these products is not to change your skin tone. However, these face brightness creams target dark spots, pigmentation, uneven and textured skin. If you have any of the aforementioned skin issues then it's time to add a face brightness cream to your skincare regime.

Face brightness creams have the ingredients that help in the reduction of dark spots, uneven tone and other such skin issues. Moreover, they also help in making your skin look more radiant and younger-looking.

Dark spot corrector cream with natural Vitamin C for glowing skin

Key ingredients to look for in a Face brightness creams

The skin of our face is very sensitive and applying a lot of face products that have harmful products in them will only cause more harm. That's the reason why natural cosmetics are now being recognized for the benefits that they provide using the potent power of natural herbs. Your face brightness cream should have these ingredients in them for a healthy skin and to be beautiful naturally.


Turmeric is one of the most popular skincare ingredients and has been in use for more than 4000 years. Before the inception of soap in India, women used to cleanse and detoxify their face and body by using turmeric paste. Turmeric is full of antioxidant properties which help to treat various skin issues. Turmeric has various remedial properties that helps to achieve a healthy skin. This magical spice can help in balancing the Vata, Kapha, and Pitta dosha. However, do keep in mind that it can disturb the Vata and Pitta dosha if used in excess.

Benefits of turmeric:-

  • It helps in treating acne because it contains remedial properties and reduces inflammation which help in fighting acne.
  • According to Ayurveda, turmeric is the most potent spice of all and it can fight even the darkest of spots and helps in evening out the skin. That is why Hindus apply Turmeric paste to the bride and groom a day before marriage as it is the best skin whitening ingredient.
  • Turmeric also helps in reducing the early signs of aging. Its antioxidant properties protect the skin cells from damage and do not let them lose their natural oils.
Aloe Vera

We all have a thorny green plant in our backyard called Aloe Vera. It might be the cheapest skincare routine you can find on the market and it's natural. Every other skin product has started including aloe vera as its primary ingredient because of its magical benefits. The thorny rectangular leaves of aloe vera contain a transparent gel that contains 75 active constituents such as vitamins, minerals, salicylic acids, amino acids and a lot of others. Aloe vera wasn't this popular skincare product a few decades ago, however, Ayurveda has always spoken about its umpteenth benefits. Moreover, Aloe vera is very beneficial for the vata and pitta doshas.

Aloe vera also works as a soothing gel, it can heal acne, scars, sunburn and even tan on your face.

Benefits of aloe vera:-

  • Aloe vera contains up to 95% of water and therefore applying it to your face will hydrate your face and give it a shiny appearance.
  • If you have acne scars on your face, it will help in reducing them as it is rich in nutrients. Face brightness cream with aloe vera as its primary ingredient, will help in fading away from the acne scars.
  • Aloe vera also works as a soothing gel, it can heal acne, scars, sunburn and even tan on your face.


Saffron is known to be the most expensive spice around the world because it grows in very small amounts. And it takes a lot of effort to extract even a pinch of it. However, Saffron contains a plethora of health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties; it can also help in balancing the Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. Moreover, because of its detoxifying properties, Saffron is also known as a blood purifier. Saffron can treat various health issues such as Asthma, painful menstrual periods, and even depression.

Benefits of Saffron on skin:-

  • Saffron contains anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties in high amount which makes it a perfect ingredient to heal acne and blemishes.
  • Saffron has some properties which help the skin to heal faster from within. Scars and marks from past injuries can be treated with Saffron as it boosts the healing process.
  • Pigmentation and inflammation are one of the two most popular skin issues. Almost every other person is dealing with two issues, however, having a face cream with Saffron as its primary ingredient may help you fight pigmentation and inflammation.


You have heard of Myrrh in fantasy novels and stories of witches. Myrrh has always been popular for its benefits. It is extracted from the sap of reddish-brown thorny trees found in northeastern Africa and Southwest Asia. It has been a huge part of Chinese treatments and Ayurvedic treatments for centuries. It contains various benefits which can help you with the treatment of pain, skin infections, skin sores and many other health conditions. Myrrh is the most suitable ingredient for balancing all three doshas, i.e. Vata, Kapha and pitta.

Benefits of myrrh:-

  • According to a study, Myrrh oil is more powerful than Vitamin E. You may have heard that Vitamin E is very important for skin treatments and having a face brightness cream with myrrh as its main ingredient can do wonders for your skin.
  • It was found out in a test tube experiment that Myrrh helps in healing skin wounds faster. It helps in fighting the microbes that cause skin infections. Myrrh oil hinders bacterial and fungal growth on the skin.
  • Chinese used to treat dry skin and wounds with Myrrh oil. Therefore, if you are a victim of extremely dry skin then applying a face product with Myrrh oil can help you attain healthy-looking skin.


Best time to use Face brightness cream

Even timing plays a huge role in augmenting the efficacy of a cream. Keep these three timings in your mind and you are good to go!

In the morning

In the morning, you prepare yourself for the day and if you go outside without applying anything to your face then your skin will suffer. So, you need to prepare yourself for the day by applying products in this order only: -

         1.1 Cleansing

         1.2 Moisturizer

         1.3 face brightness cream

         1.4 SPF

You need to prepare yourself for the day by applying natural products in this order.

Right after you wash your face

You need to remember that whenever you wash your face, you don’t just remove the products but you remove all the essential oils off your face and face products that were there to fight against UV rays and pollution. Therefore, if you have taken a shower again after a morning shower or if you were out for a swimming session; you need to repeat the aforementioned process again to safeguard your skin.

In the night

The nighttime is for healing and resting. Your mind and body relax and heal when you are sleeping. At that time, your face skin is healing too that's why our face glows right after we wake up. Repeating the day skincare routine again will give your face a sheen in the morning. Therefore, you must apply moisturizer and face brightness cream right before you sleep. You need to follow the day skin care routine exactly the same just skip the SPF at night.


How to use it for maximum benefit

To get the desired results from a face brightness cream, you need to focus on its execution. If you use it in the right way, you will get better results than you expected. The whole process of applying cream on your face is given in the following points: -

  • Our skin contains dust and you don't have to apply your costly face products on a dirty face. Washing your face with lukewarm water will open the pores, so that skin can absorb the product better.
  • After washing your face, you need to exfoliate the skin. However, do not exfoliate every day, doing twice a week is sufficient. It will remove all the dead skins off your face.
  • According to studies, creams work better on damp skin. Therefore, once you are done with the above two points you need to pat your face till it's damp.
  • Apply moisturizer first, and massage it for 2 to 3 minutes. Because it will hydrate the skin and provide the moisture that was ripped off from your face at the time of facewash.
  • Now you are ready to apply face brightness cream, don't just apply it to your face but apply the cream to your neck area also.



Achieving flawless skin is not that difficult. Besides doing the essentials such as drinking 3 liters of water and eating healthy, you need to cleanse, exfoliate the skin and moisturize too. Now add a fourth point to your skincare regime which is applying a face brightness cream. If you follow all the above-mentioned tips. within a month, you will observe results that will stun you. Moreover, try to apply natural products only.


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