Pre bridal Skin Care Routine with Kumkumadi Tailam

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Your D-day is almost here and I know you are super excited to embark on this new journey and feel that marital bliss. Since it's your special day, all eyes will be on you and this is why you need that glowing and flawless skin. Like all good things, getting that flawless skin and hair on your wedding day will take extra effort and care. This means you need to move beyond your normal skincare routine. It is recommended that you switch to ayurvedic products such as face oil like kumkumadi tailam for radiant glow, ayurvedic body massage oil for relaxation, ayurvedic body scrubs like kumkumadi scrub for exfoliation, face brightness cream for natural glow & skin hydration, ayurvedic hair oils like bhringraj oil and many more.

girl is happy while somebody is applying kumkumadi tailam on her skin by applicator

Though you would be getting bridal makeup done, that natural glow will definitely make a lot of difference and will also make your photographer's work pretty easy. The importance of natural skin care routine for a bride cannot be undermined. You must start early, which means you begin following a natural skin care regime months before your wedding. 

Your wedding preparations will keep you on your toes, that's why even a small change in your skincare routine will be helpful and beneficial. Take note of the ayurvedic beauty products you would have to use from now on and keep them on your shelf - such as a face brightness cream, kumkumadi serum, an ayurvedic face wash – pimple face wash and neem face wash, honey face wash, face scrub like kumkumadi scrub, Nalpamaradi thailam and others. 

Follow the below mentioned tips and that will make your special day easier to manage.

1. Body massage is important

A good body massage with natural body oil can help you treat all kinds of skin issues. Apart from providing your skin with nourishment, it will also provide deep relaxation. From tanning to hyper pigmentation; everything can be treated with the help of natural ayurvedic body oils. Treatments like these are a must for every bride to be and they hold a special importance in pre bridal preparations. Additionally, you can use Nalpamaradi Tailam which will give you that bridal glow on your skin. Do include this natural body massage oil in your pre bridal routine for at least 30 days prior to the wedding.

Girl is getting Body massage

2. Start getting facials

You must start getting facials at least 6 months before your wedding day. Different kinds of face pack for glowing skin like turmeric face packs & sandalwood face packs will work wonders for your skin. Always ask your skincare professional to patch test all the products before they use them on your face. You must clearly tell them about all your skin issues before, this way they will be able to recommend products as per your skin condition. Getting a facial regularly will provide your skin with deep cleansing plus hydration. In addition, apply a face brightness cream daily or after using a face pack for glowing skin, which in turn will prepare your skin better for your bridal makeup. If you start early, you will be able to choose the best skincare expert. This also means that you will have enough time in hand to address any kind of skin problems which might crop up. It is surely not a wise idea to get the services of a skincare expert just a few days before your wedding. Additionally, start using a night glow serum like Kumkumadi Tailam or kumkumadi serum.

3. Do double cleansing at home

Apart from visiting the spa and salon regularly, you must also do daily cleansing at home. Due to stressful lifestyle and pollution, it is important that you take cleansing seriously and do it daily without fail. You must go for a natural cleanser like ayurvedic face wash -Pimple Face wash and Neem face wash , which is gentle but still removes all makeup and dirt properly from your skin pores. Remember to use a high quality natural face moisturizer or face brightness cream like kumkumadi cream or saffron cream afterwards. It would be helpful if you could spare time to carry out a proper cleanser routine at least once a week. 

4. Nalpamaradi Thailam for skin brightening and de-tanning

Nalpamradi Thailam has numerous advantages, among them the ability to heal acne and repair skin. With regular application, this special oil consisting of 16 herbs can reduce pigmentation, lighten skin tone, hydrate, and moisturise skin when you are preoccupied with your hectic schedule. Rakata chandana, one of the ingredients of Nalpamradi Thailam, helps in removing sun tanning, Turmeric adds radiance and lustre to the skin, and Sesame oil functions as an effective sunscreen, protecting the skin from pollutants. Additionally, Nalpamrad thailam manages skin allergies and provides complete skin care. As a result, your skin begins to glow in a surprisingly obvious way.

Turmeric has always been used as a natural home remedy to remove tan and has been a quintessential part of a pre-bridal skincare. Daily massage with Nalpamaradi Thailam, for 30 days, prior to the the D-day, will illuminate the skin and give radiant results like a body polish oil. 

5. Ubtan

Ubtan has been an important part of pre bridal skin care. Since ancient times, home made ubtan has given the brides a beautiful, glowing and radiant skin. Making ubtan can be a cumbersome process. Blue Nectar Ubtan is a natural ubtan made using the formulation that our nani or dadi had. Mix Blue Nectar natural ubtan with Rose face tonic or nalpamaradi thailam and use it just as your nani would have told you to. Ubtan is a natural body polisher and gives the skin a much needed radiance.

ubtan face pack for glowing skin

6. Kumkumadi tailam for skin glow

For special skin glow on your D-day, we would recommend using kumkumadi tailam. This luxurious Kumkumadi tailam contains Kumkumadi, Chandan, Lodhra, Patanga, Rakta candana and many other ingredients that brighten, lighten, and nourish skin in order to reduce fine wrinkles and dark spots on the face. This will make you the diva of the day. This special skin-brightening face oil contains 26 essential herbs. Its main ingredients are kumkum, often known as saffron, and sandalwood, as the name would suggest. 

7. Opt for natural skin care products to detox your skin

I would suggest that you discontinue using any skin care products which have harsh chemicals at least three months before your wedding. Instead, opt for natural skin care products such as ayurvedic face brightness cream which won't harm your skin in any way. This kind of detox of switching to natural products will surely work wonders for your skin. Regular exfoliation is another way to detox your skin. Dead cells which build up over time can make your skin look dull plus lifeless. Exfoliation will help in removing dead cells and will make your skin look vibrant and fresh. 

Use a gentle face scrub and start exfoliating once a week. We recommend Kumkumadi Scrub, which is made with the finest natural ingredients and does not leave your skin dry. If your skin is sensitive, choose a natural scrub and ayurvedic face brightness cream that is gentle to your skin and will bring out the most effective results. Additionally, you can go for Kumkumadi face glowing oil.  

8. Yoga for internal glow and external radiance

You may make yoga an integral part of your pre bridal skin care routine. Few asanas can help improve blood circulation and can also tone your body. No wonder, many brides start yoga classes months before their special day. Apart from yoga, you must also do meditation to beat that wedding stress. Practicing yoga and meditation will not only give you glowing and flawless skin but will also make your hectic days less stressful.

 Yoga for internal glow and external radiance

9. Keep your skin hydrated

I understand that wedding preparations will keep you occupied and you might forget to consume enough water throughout the day. Always remember, if you want your skin to glow, drink plenty of water. In addition to water, you must drink fresh juice, coconut water and herbal green tea to keep yourself hydrated. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet and apply kumkumadi tailam and ayurvedic face brightness cream for an additional natural glow and skin hydration.

10. Manage your stress

As a bride to be, you would want everything to be perfect for your wedding and managing all things can undoubtedly cause a lot of stress to you. Stress will make your skin look dull and could even cause breakouts. So, it is important that you look for ways to manage your stress. You are the best person to know what would help you the most. It can be anything from a relaxing body massage, a yoga session to reading your favourite book.

 Manage your stress

Incorporating these tips and changes would help you to get that glowing and radiant skin on your special day. You should opt for natural skincare products face oil such as kumkumadi tailam, nalpamaradi thailam, and face brightness cream because they won't harm your skin at all. Wishing you all the best for this beautiful new phase of your life.

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