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How to get radiant skin for the wedding day?

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You are the Queen of the day! And the first look of your Mr. Charming is to capture your mesmerizing beauty ever fresh in his mind…years after years…No doubt that this is the most precious moment than anything else of the world.
To enhance your beauty on this gala event of yours, we have curated a list of premium bridal skin care and hair care products that would make your skin radiant.

Nature in making of your natural beauty

Wedding is a lifetime commitment, not a static hour red carpet show. Hence chemicals and cosmetics can be a temporary artificial solution. Blue Nectar endeavors to accomplish your flawless beauty with Ayurved curated hair & skin care products which keeps you naturally glowing and charismatic.

Indian bride's hand with mehendi and bangles cupped in a lady's hand holding petals

Dress, ornaments, accessories, guest list, banquet is definitely a concern that keeps you occupied throughout. But never compromise on your health and special beauty regime at least 2 to 3 month before your D-day. Just let us know your skin or hair concerns or what you desire and we will go extra miles to give you impeccable experience for the special day.

Shagun from Blue Nectar

Keeping the tradition in observance, Blue Nectar has customized a Pre-bridal Skin care regime that enhances the beauty ritual of the bride-to-be. Made from handpicked herbs, these products nourishes your skin to reflect inner glow while maintain the outer radiance of the skin. Thus, it strengthens your bond with the essence of purity. Let’s follow a stepwise regime.

1) Nalpamradi Thailam for Skin Brightening, De-tanning and skin lightening. While you are occupied with a busy schedule, this special oil made of 16 herbs takes few minutes and regular application, to reduce pigmentation, lighten skin tone, to hydrate and moisturize skin. It contains vital herbs like turmeric and sesame oil for skin brightening. Of many benefits of Nalpamradi Thailam, one of the benefit is that it repairs skin and treats acne. The antioxidant property of Curcumin present in Nalpamradi Thailam prevents aging. It also treats skin allergies and provides a 360° care for the skin. Thus you get skin radiance that is alarmingly visible.

2) Kumkumadi Serum (popularly known as Kumkumadi Tailam) - Ayurvedic Anti Ageing Skin Lightening Face Serum – This is a special skin brightening face serum with 26 vitals herbs. As the name suggests it is primarily made from kumkum or saffron and sandalwood. It brightens, illuminates and nourishes skin thereby reducing fine lines and dark spots. Extracts of Indian madder and banyan tree pulp smoothens the fine lines on the skin whereas sandalwood and lotus cleanses intensely to remove blemishes. As antiseptic, liquorice protects the skin from bacterial or fungal intrusions.

To make you diva of the day, this exquisite Kumkumadi serum has Kumkumadi, Chandan, Lodhra, Patanga, Rakta candana, Kaliyaka, Usira, Manjistha, Tejapatra, Padmaka, Padma, Kustha, Gorocana, Nisa, Laksa, Daruharidra, Gairika, Nagakesara, Palasa Kusuma, Priyangu, Vatankura, Malati, Madhuchista, Sarsapa and Surabhi.

3) Shubhr Brightening and Radiance Cream – Apply this cream regularly after applying Kumkumadi Serum. This will help in maintain the moisture levels of the skin. Hush hush! You can even suggest your ‘to be spouse’ to use this cream for the special glow. The groom should match the bride’s glow, after all!
This skin brightening cream is made of 13 herbs for intense moisturisation, illumination and skin purification. The radiant sheen defeats blemishes, dark spots and evens skin tone. Mulethi, Methi, Manjistha, Sandalwood makes this cream rich and featured for glowing skin.

Blue Nectar Brightening and Radiance Cream Jar in a brown background

4) Shubhr Body Massage Oil with Jasmine – You may add this body massage oil to your skin care routine. This oil can be used as both, pre bath and post bath. Made with natural herbs and Jasmine flower, this oil relaxes body and mind. Get a good body massage with this body massage oil, at the end of the day, and feel all the tiredness vanish away. A warm shower after body massage will leave your body relaxed for a good sleep.

Hair Care

Healthy lush hair bouncing in radiant and silky shine is another concern when it comes to the bridal package. So an assorted hair care package is again just a click away from you. Let us know if you have any specific hair problems like
1) Dandruff
2) Hair thinning
3) Hair breakage
4) Premature Graying
5) Split ends
6) Dull hair

No matter whether you have a hair concern or not, we will take care of your beautiful hair so that they remain stress free and easy to manage.
Briganantadi Hair Repair & Treatment Oil gives the best result within a month time. Briganantadi has herbs like Bhringraj, Anantmool,Amla,Neelpatra, Mulethi,Malkangani, Coconut Oil, Rosemary and Lavender Oil.
It improves hair quality, strengthens hair elasticity, repairs broken or split hair, conditions hair, making them lustrous and silky. This ayurvedic hair oil ensures nutrients to hair follicle and scalp skin. This light ayurvedic hair oil instantly gets absorbed inside the skin and regulates good blood circulation.

Slimming Care

Maintaining a healthy, fit and trimmed look is important for that day to fit in to lavishing apparels and also to make an impression. Get into a work-out regime. Practice yoga or free hand exercise. Be careful about daily diet and avoid junk food. To give you best result we have curated some special slimming oil and potli that works on the cellulite underneath skin and melts out fat into fatty acid which drains out of your body through blood and lymph nodes.

You may ensemble all these special care products into a package or customize as per your need. After all, the bride-to-be and the bridesmaids should all reflect the serenity of beauty just like Nature.

Happy Wedding! Happy Gifting!


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4. Nalpamradi Thailam

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