How to prevent stretch marks in teenagers?

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Know how to get rid of Stretch Marks in Teenagers?

Most of us associate the presence of stretch marks with pregnancy. So, their occurrence in healthy adult men and teenagers is a shock to us. The thought “How can someone who isn’t pregnant have stretch marks?” can be attributed to the media and advertising industry as they fail to address the fact that. Don’t believe us? There’s data to prove it!

The personal care industry targets new and veteran mothers and creates products like stretch mark removal cream that claim to remove stretch marks as if they never existed. But how much of that is true? Can stretch marks really be removed? Do stretch mark removal creams work? Can teenagers use them? Can these stretch marks be prevented? Keep reading to find out everything about these stretch marks and how teens can deal with them by using natural stretch mark removal cream!

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are indented streaks or scars that develop all over the body as our skin expands too much & fast. The skin is a fairly elastic organ and can adjust rather well to expansion and shrinkage that’s gradual. However, the skin’s elasticity is determined by the production of collagen in the human body, meaning if your skin is overstretched, especially beyond the capacity of collagen your body produces, ridges known as stretch marks form that disrupt the surface of the epidermis.

Though pregnancy seems to be the number one cause of stretch marks, other factors like obesity, rapid growth spurts in teenagers, muscle building at the gym, etc are also major causes that often go unnoticed. If you’re starting to notice stretch marks, keep in mind that they are almost always reddish purple in appearance at the beginning and these hues fade over time to come closer to your natural skin colour. The colour isn’t something to be alarmed about.

Girl is pointing out the stretch marks on her belly

What is the primary cause of stretch marks in Teens

As mentioned above, it’s not just pregnant women who get stretch marks, a large number of teenagers, both boys and girls do too! But why? The following are some of the factors that cause stretch marks in teenagers :


  • Growth Spurts - As a child hits puberty, their hormones start going off the charts. This sudden increase in hormones causes drastic changes in the body such as adolescent girls developing breasts, experiencing menstruation, sexual maturity and rapidly increasing height in boys. All of this combined helps the body grow fast, thus sometimes stretching the skin beyond its natural capacity causes stretch marks.
  • Weight Fluctuations - Weight gain or loss is the second most prominent contributor to stretch marks in teens. Because of the hormones mentioned above, a teen’s body when growing can gain weight rapidly (common in young girls as their abdomen, hips, etc. grow) and can lose weight at the same pace (common in adolescent boys as they grow tall & lanky and spend more energy on physical activities). Diet also gets altered significantly as teens enter their adolescent years which further enhances weight fluctuations, ultimately causing the skin to stretch or shrink abruptly.
  • Steroid Medications - Some teens are prescribed oral or topical medicines that at times have steroids in them to help treat a plethora of ailments. While this medication does its job, it can cause the skin cells to separate and stretch at times, as a side effect, resulting in deep, indented marks.
  • Genetic History - Some research suggests that a teenager’s gene pool can also influence the development of stretch marks in their body and also impact how prominent these marks will be in their appearance.

How to prevent stretch marks if you’re a Teen

Dealing with these dreaded marks is tricky, time-consuming and cumbersome to say the least… So, why deal with them at all when you can prevent them? If you’re a teen yourself or a parent to one, make note of the following steps that can be taken to effectively prevent stretching of the skin.

1. Workout Often - Light exercises now and then are fairly easy to follow and could do wonders for anyone who does them, especially teenagers. Working out acts as an outlet that allows a teen to spend all that extra hormonal energy on strengthening and toning their body while also maintaining a healthy weight. This exercise of the body ensures that you stay fit both physically and mentally. When paired with a well-balanced diet and ample sleep, exercises can boost the production of collagen in a teen’s body, then enabling the skin to stretch easily.
  • 2. Hydration is Key - Your skin tends to crack up into small tears when it’s dry and overstretched. So, simply drinking enough water throughout the day can help you keep these pesky stretch marks at bay. If you drink 10-12 glasses of water (at least two litres) a day, the chances of you getting dehydrated are next to none. This will allow your skin to remain healthy and plump, thus facilitating increased elasticity!
  • 3. Moisturise Your Skin - Inner hydration can only do so much if the outsides aren’t doing their work properly! So, while it is very important to drink plenty of water throughout your day, it’s even more important to moisturise with a  cream or body lotion that suits your skin type and fits the budget!
  • 4. Wear SPF - Exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun weakens your skin by the minute. Weakened skin cells then give way for the stretch marks to form rather easily. Of course, it isn’t possible to never step out in the sun to protect your skin but you know what you can do? Wear sunscreen with SPF30! Make sure you wear your sunscreen all year round. Ensure that your sunscreen is above SPF 30 and apply frequently!

While, stretch marks can lead to discomfort and insecurity, it is important to understand they may still appear inspite of your best efforts. However, using a stretch mark removal cream, stretch mark lotion or a body lotion with body butter can be helpful in fading their appearance over time. It's important to select a natural stretch mark removal cream that suits your skin type and to use it consistently in combination with preventive measures like regular exercise, hydration, and sunscreen.

    How can stretch mark removal cream help in fading away the stretch marks?

    Stretch mark removal cream can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks by promoting the growth of new skin cells and stimulating collagen production. This process can help fade the scars and make them less noticeable over time.

    Marks caused by stretching of the skin can in fact be removed through commercial cosmetic procedures. It’s not entirely possible for natural creams or topical ointments to eliminate these marks as if they never existed. So, if you’re realistic about your expectations from different treatments, whether they’re cosmetic procedures, chemical-based stretch mark removal creams, or even natural, ayurvedic stretch mark removal cream, the visibility of these marks can be greatly diminished.  The question is whether you would want a natural treatment or a cosmetic treatment. We always recommend natural treatment for any skin issues.

    Are stretch mark removal creams worth trying?

    Yes… and No! Confused? Let us explain! If your question had been whether these stretch mark removal creams work or not, we’d be jumping to saying “yes” in a heartbeat, because quite a lot of them are effective. However, their worth is directly proportional to your expectations. Too much math for you? We simply mean that their stretch mark removal cream usability can only be determined if you have reasonable expectations. As mentioned above, creams are just that, creams. They’re a non-invasive method of healing those annoying scars, and as the history of treatments goes, non-invasive treatments are the least dangerous but can’t possibly eliminate the root cause! Creams, stretch mark removal creams, to be precise, that claim to remove these scars may not be for everybody but they’re certainly worth a shot. Try one out for yourself!

    Chemical or Natural; Which stretch mark removal cream is best?

    This is one of those things that is solely dependent on preferences. Being the representatives of nature, we could of course tell you that ayurvedic stretch mark removal creams are superior to the chemical ointments and chemical stretch mark lotions you find in pharmacies (and we’d be right!) but where’s the fun in that? We have to admit people often run the risk of allergic reactions to the store-bought stuff, which possibly shrinks phenomenally when one looks into natural creams. However, both are effective products, so choose one out of your own free will. But if you’re someone with sensitive skin (which is practically everyone in their teens), shoot your shot with nature once!

    Girl is appyling natural lotion or cream to get rid of stretch marks

    Natural remedies to deal with stretch marks

    We get it, buying products that you’re unsure of can be overwhelming. Why would you want to spend your money on something you don’t know the results for? So while you take the time to make up your mind, check out some of nature’s remedies that you can use all from the comfort of your home!

    • Cold Potatoes - The favourite vegetable of every Indian household is back at it again! Not only are potatoes delicious, but they’re also amazing for your skin. The high starch content and rich enzymes in potatoes allow them to lighten one’s skin, which can be a great tool in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.
    • Sugar Olive oil Scrub - We’re certain you’re familiar with the term micro-needling. It is a popular cosmetic procedure that targets uneven texture. When you mix 1 tablespoon of sugar with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, the concoction that comes together is capable of mimicking the tiny needles used in micro needling. This two-ingredient scrub is a great, affordable way of exfoliating when you’re seeking similar results.
    • Aloe Vera Gel Massages - Though aloe vera gel doesn’t do much for the texture of stretch marks, taking some fresh aloe vera gel between your palms and giving yourself a light massage with it, sound your problem areas can soothe the ache in fresh marks and calm the skin, thereby reducing the redness and improving their appearance. This could be the best stretch mark removal cream.
    • Vitamin A Oil Rubs Vitamin A is also known as retinol, which is an essential nutrient that the human body requires to keep one's skin healthy. You could blend fruits like mangoes, papayas, cantaloupes, etc. (all rich in vitamin A) and use the pulp to rub over your marks. or you could take the convenient route and mix some vitamin A oil (found typically in small capsules) with some coconut oil and rub this mixture over your stretch marks regularly for improved appearance.

    Comparission of thighs with or without stretch marks has been showed

    Which stretch mark removal cream to choose? Which is the best stretch mark removal cream?

    The market is saturated when it comes to products centred around stretch marks. Every other brand, western or Indian is selling a type of stretch mark removal cream that claims to deliver results. But how does one make their mind? How do you choose between a plethora of options? Easy! Do. Your. Research.

    Look at reviews, go through the ingredients, evaluate your budget, etc and you're golden! But, some insider scoop for you, if you're on the hunt for a new stretch mark removal cream that delivers what it promises, do check out Blue Nectar's Niraa Stretch Mark & Scar Body Lotion. It is filled with the goodness of cocoa butter and Shea butter and is suitable for people of all ages!

    Bottom Line

    Stretch marks are seen as these flaws and imperfections one should be ashamed of. However, we believe, that each individual's stretch marks tell a different story. Your stretch marks make you unique - they're normal and a sign that you have a functioning body. Don't be ashamed of these marks but if you wish to reduce their visibility, try some of the tips and natural stretch mark removal creams we've mentioned in this blog. Until next time!

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