Ways to get rid of Stretch Marks

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As women, you get the most wonderful time of your life during pregnancy. Having a baby is the happiest moment of a woman’s life. Your whole world changes after the childbirth – sleep time, daily schedule, physical changes - these are a few of the whole. Physical changes could be sometimes troublesome. Among them, getting rid of stretch marks are the most annoying. Almost 90% of women get noticeable Pregnancy Marks which sometimes get worse according to the size of your tummy during pregnancy and sensitivity of the skin you have.

Why do stretch marks occur?

Stretch mark or small skin streaks usually grow in the abdomen during the pregnancy period. In this time, your tummy grows faster than the surrounding skin. The elastic fibers under your skin break due to the excessive stretch and as a consequence, you develop stretch marks. Doctors say normally women gain almost 30 pounds during this phase. You can notice red, brown or purple stretch marks but they fade away with the time and become less visible. Sometimes, you can experience itchiness and some types of irritation around the areas of stretch marks (that can be prevented by applying stretch mark cream or stretch marks lotion). In general, your belly and breasts grow more during the pregnancy period. So, the occurrence of the marks at these two areas is the most. Also, you can have them on your thighs, buttock and arms.

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Who are more tend to develop stretch marks?

If you have a genetically sensitive skin you surely will develop these stretch marks. If your mother had it, you will also have it. Most of the women develop these stretch marks during their 6-7 months of pregnancy.

How will you get rid of stretch marks?

Don’t worry about your marks. Enjoy the Motherhood. They are not permanent at all. You must be thinking what should you do to get rid of stretch marks? Follow these helpful remedies and get your previous glowing skin back. You can get rid of these stretch marks using a proper medically prescribed Stretch Mark Cream or stretch marks lotion. Your doctor will suggest you the proper composition according to your condition.

Home remedies to treat stretch marks:

Since there is no way to prevent the stretch marks, you have to focus on how to fade these marks and how to get rid of them. Along with the medication suggested by your doctor, you can also try some popular yet useful home remedies to achieve better result. 

Home remedies

Natural oil:

1. Natural oil: You will need one carrier oil and one essential oil. You can choose any among the following as your carrier oil - Almond oil, Castor oil, Olive Oil, Mustard oil, Coconut oil, Argan oil. The options available for essential oil are - Grapeseed oil, Lavender oil, Avocado Oil, Hemp seed oil, Rosehip oil, Frankincense- also known as the king of essential oils, Evening Primrose oil, Tea Tree oil.

Prepare a mixture of a few drops of essential oil with the carrier oil. Massage your belly with it for a few minutes. Leave it as much as you can. For the better absorption of DIY stretch marks oil, wrap up the affected area with a plastic sheet and place a hot bag on it for a few minutes. Apply this magic stretch marks oil twice a day.

This Stretch Marks Oil will make your skin moisturized which will heal up the scars and also increase the elasticity. Essential oils consist of the healing components and antioxidants. On the other hand, the carrier oil provides hydration and nourishment to the skin. 

2. Aloe Vera: You will need fresh Aloe Vera gel which will work better and fast rather than the packaged gels available in the market. Now massage the affected area with this gel. You can leave it on your skin as it is and also can rinse it off with lukewarm water. Apply it twice a day.

Take 10 vitamin-E and 5 vitamin-A capsules and extract the oil from those. Make a mixture of a 1/4th cup of aloe vera gel with this oil and you get a wonderful homemade stretch marks oil. Massage this homemade stretch marks oil onto the affected area until your skin absorbs the whole. Apply it twice a day.

    Aloevera fights skin aging

    3. Honey: It reduces the stretch marks because of the antiseptic property. Take a piece of clean cloth. Apply honey to it. Place the cloth on your affected area until it gets dry. Rinse of the skin with warm water.

    Make a mixture of honey, glycerin and salt for a homemade stretch mark lotion. Apply it on your skin and massage gently with your fingers. After 15-20 minutes rinse off the stretch mark lotion with water. 

      Honey benefits

      4. Bio-oil: Your stretch mark, scars, blemishes and dry skin can be properly treated with a stretch marks oil known as Bio oil. Massage the affected area with this stretch mark oil / bio oil twice a day until your skin resolves it completely. Normally these two times - before going to bed and after getting up in the morning, are the best times to massage with this stretch marks oil. After 3 months you will see the change. The bio oil contains vitamin-A, vitamin-E, Natural oil and some other necessary ingredients to hydrate your skin as well as heal it. It contains no preservatives.

        5. Cocoa butter or shea butter: You can use these two ingredients simply like you do with oil. These two are the most common ingredients in the body lotion or a stretch mark lotion because of their hydrating property. Daily massaging will improve the skin elasticity, will make your skin hydrated and will reduce the scars and stretch marks. Cocoa butter provides adequate nourishment to your skin. You could also try Blue Nectar Stretch Marks Lotion cum stretch mark cream, which includes the benefits of shea butter and coco butter and helps to reduce the visibility of scars and stretch marks occurred during pregnancy.

        6. Homemade cream: Prepare a mixture of half a cup of cocoa butter, 2 tablespoons of grated beeswax and 1 tablespoon of vitamin-E oil. You can add wheat germ oil and apricot kernel oil into this mixture. Now, mix it well and boil it until the beeswax gets melted. Store it in your refrigerator and apply this homemade stretch mark removal cream daily on your affected area twice a day. This homemade stretch mark removal cream will act similar like any other No Marks creams available in the market. This homemade stretch mark cream is more beneficial because it contains no added preservatives.

        7. Egg white: Eggs are full of protein which is very effective in rejuvenating the skin and make it hydrated. Take two eggs. Separate the yolk from the white portion. Beat two egg whites together in a bowl using a fork. First, clean the affected area with a clean wet cloth. Now, apply this thick mixture on the portion with a brush. Rinse it off with water after 15-20 minutes when it dried up completely. After that, apply olive oil to remain the skin hydrated. Apply it daily. It will surely help you to get rid of your stretch marks. It will also reduce the scars.

        8. Apricots: A great way to treat stretch marks is using apricots. Take two to three apricots and remove the seeds first. Then, grind it into a smooth paste. Directly apply the paste to the stretch marks. After 15-20 minutes, rinse it with warm water and pat dry. For better results, you can carry out this procedure every day for a month.

        apricots and oil are placed wooden table

          Managing motherhood could be an exhausting task and taking out time for self could be near impossible. In those times where home remedies could be a difficult procedure, you could move on to a readily available no mark oil. Best would be to use a natural, herbal Scar Oil or stretch marks oilto reduce the scars on your skin. Blue Nectar's Shubhr Bio-Oil is one such stretch marks oil. It is available online and one does not even have to go and shop for it. Applying any of these along with Natural herbal oil will provide you better result within a short time.

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            I’ve few stretch marks and spots on my body, so I decided to treat them in a natural way.I’ve tried a couple of body oils but nothing can beat @bluenectar_ayurveda stretch marks oil. It has a non greasy formula and gets absorbed into the skin within a minute. The fragrance of this oil is very pleasant. I’ve been using it more than a week and I have felt that my skin has become softer.

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