How to make skin healthy using dry skin body lotion

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  • What makes skin look ordinary, dry and dull?

  • Ayurvedic skincare products for dry skin
  • Wrapping up
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

Have you ever wondered what makes your skin look ordinary, dry and dull, almost like a snake's skin? 

Have you given this a thought - In spite of taking proper care of your skin and doing the DIYs, your skin still appears like a parched land? 

We know, most of us are clueless when we think of it and do not seem to come up with a permanent solution to this skin problem. Dry skin can cause cracking, chapping, itching, irritation, and sometimes skin infection. So if your skin isn't as dewy as it was in the summer, you might be looking for the finest dry skin body lotion.

So, if you are a victim of dry skin, then this blog will be the Holy Grail read for you. We bet you'll bookmark this blog and make dry skin body lotion your best friend.

Girl is worried about her dry skin on her elbows

What makes skin look ordinary, dry and dull?

  • You’re not in love with water: When we say this, we mean you are not in love with the habit of drinking enough water. One of the most primary reasons for Dry Skin is the lack of hydration from within. Water makes up almost 70% of our body, which means it is the leading cause for proper functioning of our body.

Most of our skin cells are made up of water. Adequate intake of water will help in detoxification of our skin and body which will, in turn, give us a glowing skin. Therefore, develop the habit of drinking water to flush out the toxins from your body, and well, obviously, this is the first step towards healthy skin care routine. Well hydrated skin will not look parched A dry skin body lotion will help only on topical treatment but to flush out toxins, internal hydration is of utmost importance.

  • Lack of enough exfoliation: Most of us have a love-hate relationship with skin exfoliation as most of us do it wrong. Enough exfoliation indicates exfoliating your skin twice a week to get rid of the dry, dead and decayed skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin, eventually clogging the pores. Therefore, we can see the appearance of dull skin with time.
  • Skin exfoliation: Skin exfoliation removes the dead skin cells which allow the skin to breath, thereby keeping our skin well moisturized and glowing. But always choose natural ayurvedic skincare products and natural face scrubs such as Kumkumadi Scrub, as they won't harm your skin in any way. However, do not overdo the exfoliation as it can strip off your skin from its natural oils. Following exfoliation, moisturize skin with Kumkumadi tailam or a face cream with natural moisturisers. Kumkumadi cream has dual benefit of hydration as well as moisturisation with kumkumadi tailam.  

    If you are exfoliating the whole body, end up with a dry skin body lotion.
  • M for moisturizer: Apart from drinking enough water and exfoliating your skin, make sure to moisturize your skin using the moisturizer that suits your skin type. A right dose of moisturizer is needed twice a day to keep your skin well hydrated and fight against all the environmental odds. However, be smart and invest in the moisturizer that will work perfectly for your skin type.

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  • Not getting enough sleep: After battling against the stress, pollution and work pressure, our skin deserves a rest of 7-8hours. It is because when our body is at complete rest, it is in a healing state. Our skin heals and sheds all the dead skin cells during our nap so that we can wake up with a rejuvenated skin the next day in the morning. 
  • You are Stressing out:   Do you know stress can be 'the wall' that is standing in between you and your radiant skin? If no, then get your facts clear from this point. It has been proved that stressing out beyond a certain limit increases cortisol, which is one of the primary reasons that affect the blood circulation in our skin. This affects the skin's healing power thereby giving us a dull and flaky skin eventually. Also, stress can give you dark circles under eyes which can make you look all the more tired. If you are stressed, no dry skin body lotion or dark circle remover cream can help you bring back the skin’s radiance.
  • You are not eating healthy:  A bad lifestyle encompassing unhealthy food habit can show on our skin. Therefore, get over indulging yourself with unhealthy foods which can royally ruin your skin. Instead, choose to maintain a healthy diet chart that contains all the necessary nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, healthy fat, and antioxidants and team it up with an ayurvedic dry skin body lotion. Also, while snacking, be smart enough to choose a healthy food product to an unhealthy piece of junk food. And be smart enough in choosing your dry skin body lotion
  • Not being smart with make-up: We all love putting makeup on our face. However, doing makeup involves some rules that will cause less damage to our skin. Make sure to prep your skin with natural face oil such as kumkumadi tailam before you start with your makeup. Once your day gets over, make sure to take off make up and keeping your skin squeaky clean to avoid your skin from becoming dull. Use oil based makeup remover as they gently remove the makeup products on your skin without drying them out. Kumkumadi tailam can also be used to remove make up. If you are using a rose face water or any other face cleanser, then you can reapply kumkumadi tailam since its best for both pre- and post-makeup and leaves your skin smoother and more radiant. Kumkumadi tailam is best for dry skin, although kumkumadi serum mixed with your favourite body lotion can also be used as a dry skin body lotion.

Girl is taking kumkumadi tailam in her hand

  • Skipping Sunscreen is a crime:If you have been skipping your sunscreen, then we can assume that your skin is halfway damaged. The sun emits harmful UV rays which can cause a great threat to our skin. It gives rise toskin pigmentation, Dark spot on face, premature ageing of skin and also skin cancer. Therefore, make sure to step out of your home after you have applied a good amount of sunscreen.
    To protect your skin from  UV rays, you should always use sunscreen with minimum SPF 30. There are many products in the market, but we advise using all-natural and ayurvedic skincare products like Blue Nectar Sunscreen Body Lotion moisturizer, which contains 12 natural herbs that are good for the skin, including cocoa butter, shea butter, and aloe vera that lightens the skin and protect from harmful UV rays. This body lotion serves dual purpose or being a dry skin body lotion along with sun protection.
    Also, do not forget to wear your sun-glasses and carrying an umbrella for that extra layer of protection for your skin. It is also a goodAnti Ageingtreatment for the skin. But if you have dry skin, layer your skin with dry skin body lotion and then apply sunscreen on it.
  • Quit Smoking: If you are feeling proud of this habit, we can assure you that neither your body nor your skin feels proud of it. The carcinogenic substances that are present can be a grave threat to your skin making it look dull, waxy and wrinkled with the passing time. No matter what other things you do, your cigarettes will take away the lustre from your skin. Therefore, quit the habit as soon as possible, before it is too late for your skin to heal.  

Ayurvedic skincare products for dry skin

In addition to maintaining your skincare routine, it's important to treat your skin with nourishing ayurvedic skincare products that will treat dry skin and maintain the pH level of your skin.. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic skincare products are made with natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types.

Some of the best ayurvedic skincare products for dry skin (other than dry skin body lotion) are:

1. Kumkumadi tailam for dry skin: Kumkumadi tailam or kumkumadi face glowing oil is known to bring radiance to the face and it deeply moisturizes dull and dry skin. It is the best face serum for glowing skin. Active ingredientslike Chandan (sandalwood), sacred lotus (Padma) and Laksa (Vietnamese coriander).

2. Night Cream: To prevent moisture loss and to retain your skin's suppleness, start using face creams for dry skin that contain natural ingredients like ghee and kumkumadi oil. Alternatively, you can choose Blue Nectar Night Cream for Face, which helps to hydrate and repair dry, damaged skin. It contains 16 ayurvedic herbs that work to create soft, smooth, and radiant skin while minimising the look of wrinkles and fine lines. Just like you face, moisturise your entire body with dry skin body lotion.

Girl is applying lotion on her hands

3. Nalpamaradi thailam: Nalpamaradi Thailam is an old ayurvedic herbal body massage oil. This body massage oil is created from the bark of four different ficus trees. It has essential oils that are antifungal. Nalpamaradi oil also helps in the treatment of imbalances related to Pitta (fire), Vata (air), and Kapha (water). sesame oil is used as the base for this skin brightening oil. Sesame oil  works wonders to hydrate and nourish the skin. It is a miracle oil for dry skin. A regular massage with Nalpamaradi tailam will ensure that you won’t need a dry skin body lotion any more.

4.Rose face water: If you suffer from dry skin on a regular basis, you know that nothing beats a good face tonic. Rose Face tonic is a blessing for those who have dry skin. It locks in a lot of moisture in the skin's first few layers. Additionally, Rose face water has a lot of antioxidants, and regular use of its antibacterial properties improves the skin's ability to function as a barrier, allowing the skin's layers to prevent transdermal water loss.

5. Ubtan: To achieve radiant skin, use ubtan powder, mixed with rose water or nalpamaradi tailam, as a face pack. Apply this face pack for glowing skin for an extra boost of hydration and moisturization for dry skin. Try mixing your dry skin body lotion with ubtan powder if you have abnormal dry skin.

6.Dry skin Body lotion: Similar to how our face loses moisture over the day, so does our body. Skin can be moisturised, hydrated, and pampered by a dry skin body lotion. Dry skin body lotion provides skin with the daily nutrition and hydration. Dry skin body lotion locks the skin moisture thus keeping the skin supple looking through out the day. Blue Nectar Niraa Shea Butter Warm Vanilla is  dry skin body lotion. This dry skin body lotion is the best moisturiser for dry skin. Infused with 12 skin-loving herbs, Niraa dry skin body lotion forms a protective barrier that locks in moisture and keeps skin from drying out.

Girl is applying dry skin body lotion on her shoulder

Wrapping Up 

Before we end this blog, as a wrap up note we will advise our readers to get involved with regular body work out for 30-45 mins as sweating helps in detoxifying the skin and brings out the healthy skin. Additionally, the above-mentioned steps (using ayurvedic skincare products and using a natural dry skin body lotion) are small changes that you can bring about in your lifestyle to see a huge difference in the texture of your skin.  The simplest method to pamper your skin in the winter and prevent it from becoming dry, dull, and dehydrated is using an ayurvedic dry skin body lotion.

Recommended Products by Blue Nectar:

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Shubhr Steam Distilled Rose Toner Water & Face Tonic Mist

Niraa Cocoa Butter Nargis Brightening Body Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30

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Shubhr Radiance Honey Face wash with 15% Real Honey

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