Why do stretch marks appear and how to treat them?

What are stretch marks?

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Stretch Marks usually appear as bands of parallel lines on your skin. These lines are of a different color and texture than your normal skin. They range from white to bright pink to light gray depending on your complexion. You might feel a slight ridge or indentation on your skin, when you touch stretch marks with your fingers. Sometimes, stretch marks can feel itchy or sore.

These lines generally appear during or after Pregnancy or after a sudden change in your body weight. They also might occur in adolescents who are growing rapidly. Stretch marks are not harmful to your health, and they often disappear as the time passes. You can have stretch marks on almost every part of your body, but commonly they tend to appear on your upper arms, breasts, stomach, thighs and buttocks. For reducing stretch marks, there are so many body massage oils or stretch mark oils available on the market. Read below to know about the reasons behind the appearance of stretch marks.



Stretch marks are very common in pregnant women. During pregnancy, when a woman is carrying her baby, the skin gets stretched to such an extent that the skin dermis cannot help but tear itself. Thus the stretches happen and it can make, returning to the earlier state of your body, quite difficult. Since almost every woman gets stretch marks during pregnancy, a lot of research is done particularly for its prevention and removal like stretch mark oil which we use after or during pregnancy. So, if you are a pregnant woman, then by using Stretch Mark Oil you can get rid of stretch marks easily.



Change in weight

Sudden Weight Loss or Weight Gain is also a major reason for getting stretch marks. When you lose weight rapidly, there is much skin left that is yet to tighten up. The excess skin that hangs loose can tear dermis pretty badly. While stretch marks happen for losing weight suddenly, generally the biggest amount of stretching occurs during weight gain. Due to the more amount of fat stored, the skin has to support a greater amount of weight, which tears the dermis layer, leading to appearance of stretch marks. Then weight loss is recommended as it outweighs the tearing that would keep on going on if you stayed fat. So if you are shedding weight and suddenly notice stretch marks on your body that you never saw before, don’t worry. They are not scars. Those were made when you were overweight, and now that you have lost weight, they are more visible.

Due to the fact that almost everyone loses or gains weight at least once in their lifetime, there are so many remedies for losing weight specifically. Therefore, you can use fat-burning oil if you want. A fat burning oil really helps to lose weight but you must choose the best fat burning oil with natural ingredients like nalpamaradi tailam or triphaladi oil.



Muscle growth 

Rapid growth of muscle is usually seen in males, as females do not put on that muscle weight due to their lower levels of testosterone. Similar to weight gain, during muscle growth the layer underneath the skin gets increased in size putting more pressure on the dermis layer. If the growth is sudden, then it will tear more easily. Many people don’t think much about these marks, but if they are reducing your confidence even after achieving a better body, then Stretch Mark removal methods such as scar removal products will help you to get rid of them.




Genetics were something that was given to you at birth and it cannot be altered, for now. This includes your inclination towards scars, which may occur even if the slightest skin pressure is present. This is why some people get stretch marks even though they are not overweight, pregnant or in any other special situation. Since this is genetics and not much can be done here. However, taking preventive steps and using stretch mark oil and for overweight use fat burning oil can work to a certain extent.


How to get rid of stretch marks?

There are plenty of options like cream, chemical peels and laser surgeries which can be used to remove stretch marks. Apart from these methods there are certain natural ways by which people can get rid of horrified marks on the skin. Natural remedies are the best as it causes no such side effects.  Some of the most useful methods will be discussed below.


Aloe Vera

It is best known for its natural soothing and healing properties. It is the best natural remedy for any kind of stretch marks. Amla is used not just in stretch mark oil, but also in fat burning oil and body massage oil. One can directly use the gel on the affected area in the skin and then leave it for 20 minutes. Then rinse the part with plain water. Continuous usage for a month can actually create magic.


Lemon juice

This is another vital substance for the removal of stretch marks. It is purely acidic in nature and reduces stretch marks, acne and other irritations on skin.  Usage of lemon juice is quite easy. One has to rub fresh lemon juice over the stretch marks in a circular motion. After this allow the juice to soak into the skin for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off with boiled water.



Ayurvedic massage oil with herbs

This is the most common method to heal stretches on the skin. There are millions of people who have faith in Ayurvedic products and the ayurvedic body massage oils can actually do wonder on your skin.

Shubhr Bio Oil is one such body massage oil. Shubhr Stretch mark oil is a specialist skin care oil to improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars, by hydrating the skin. The vital herbs present in this oil help in delivery of Vitamin A,C & E to skin. These vitamins are essential for a youthful and glowing skin.

Apart from these there are several other healing methods that can be applied in order to get rid of marks. In conclusion it can be said that stretches are the most common scars that are bound to take place on skin but there are remedies which are productive in nature and help the skin to revive its originality. 


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