Banish Bad Hair Days, Welcome Happy Hair Days

Banish Bad Hair Days, Welcome Happy Hair Days

There are millions of ways that can damage beautiful hair and there are millions of hair treatments available in the market. But only few of those millions work.


Why does your Grandmother has long, beautiful hair?

Ever wondered how our grandmother managed to maintain those silky shiny beautiful strands of bountiful hair? They were so busy, they did not have time to take proper care of their hair. They never had any shampoo or conditioners. All they had was some kind of natural soap or regular kitchen stuff like amla, coconut, mehendi, bringraj, mulethi, coconut. And that is the sole reason they had dandruff free, healthy, rich, black hair.

So, why is it that even when we use hair treatment products, (which claim to arrest hair fall, prevent dandruff, prevent greying of hair), that we are still facing bad hair days? Let us understand the quintessence for healthy hair.

What should be your healthy hair routine?

  1. PROPER DIET: Just like skin, condition of hair is an indication of diet and inner health. A diet rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, protein and minerals is the secret to healthy hair. Eating right is the key to long tresses. Are you eating a healthy diet for healthy hair?

Diet for healthy hair


  • HYDRATION: Drinking enough water will keep skin and scalp hydrated, providing natural moisture and sheen to hair. How many ltrs of water are you drinking in a day?If it is more than 4 ltr, you could pat on your back or else stand up and pick up a glass of water!
  • HEAD MASSAGE: Rubbing a little oil on your scalp is beneficial for hair. Amla oil, Bhringraj oil, Brahmi oil, all have cooling effect on head. They are favourable for healthy growth of hair and they help to maintain their natural lustre. Massaging the scalp 2-3 times a week is beneficial and has immediate effective result. Have you ever wondered why our Grand parents or Parents insisted on oiling our hair to the extent that Oil used to almost drip on our forehead? The repair and treatment properties of Oil helps to retain the natural moisture of Hair that solves lot of problems like Dry & Frizzy Hair, Split ends, Hair breakage, Hair Thinning, Hair Fall or Dandruff Control.

Hair fall control oil


  • COMBING HAIR:  While massage would increase the blood circulation, gently combing hair would stimulate hair growth. It helps to improve the circulation at the root of the hair, making them look healthier and stronger. Use Hair Brush made of NeemBark to improve blood circulation. It will not only help to organize Hair but also impart medicinal and beneficial properties of Neem to your hair. Not to mention that you will be contributing towards sustainable environment with every time you dont buy a plastic Hair Brush.
  • AYURVEDA: Ayurveda and natural herbs, that our grandmother used, are vital for healthy growth of hair. Ayurvedic herbs such as Eclipta alba (called Bhringraj) and Gotu Kola (called Brahmi) nourishes hair and helps resistance to stress as well.  These herbs also help in balancing the mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Banish those bad hair days and have healthy, shiny,silky, black hair!!