365 Days to Radiant Skin and Hair

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It's been a couple of week since the new year.
Have you been going through the Skincare Routine Order or making progress on your goals?
After researching, I've put together a simple skincare and haircare journal. It includes 365 Skincare Routine Order for you to follow throughout the year. Whether you're starting fresh or looking to improve your current routine, these daily steps help you get healthier and more beautiful skin and hair.

Girl is relaxing after doing her skin and haircare routine

 Table of Content:

  • Introduction 
  • The 365 skincare routine order and hair care
  • Ending lines
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

Skincare Routine Order

Day 1: Gentle Beginnings

Start your skincare journey using a mild face cleanser suitable for your skin type. Cleansing helps remove dirt, oil, and impurities that have not accumulated on the skin throughout the day. Opt for a product that doesn't strip the natural oils, leaving it clean and refreshed. 

Day 2: Identifying your skin type 

It involves recognizing specific characteristics. Dry skin can feel tight and may appear dull with less visible pores. Oily skin is shiny, especially in the T-zone, and greasy with larger pores. Combination skin displays dry and oily skin traits, while sensitive skin reacts with redness or irritation. Observe how your skin feels, check pore sizes, and adapt your skincare routine.

Day 3: Hydration Kickstart

Today, prioritize skin hydration by applying a face serum. Choose a serum that suits your skin's needs, whether it's a lightweight option for oily skin or a richer formula for dry skin. Hydration is essential for preventing dryness and maintaining a smooth complexion. 

Blue Nectar Vitamin C face serum

For a serum, Vitamin C extracted from raw amla is an ideal choice along with plant based Hyaluronic Acid offering Radiant & Spotless Skin. Vitamin C is unique because it helps make the skin more elastic and firm by building collagen, giving you a youthful and resilient complexion.

Day 4: Weekly Exfoliation

Introduce a weekly exfoliation routine to your skincare regimen. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and also open the pores, and promote a more radiant complexion. Opt for a gentle exfoliator suitable for your skin type to avoid irritation. Try out the Plant Based Glycolic Acid from Sugarcane which works best for Deep Exfoliation. It helps in tan removal & boosts collagen and it is lightweight and non greasy. You can also try one more product, Bluenectar's Shubhr Kumkumadi Gel Face Scrub, enriched with 10 Ayurvedic herbs, exfoliates gently without stripping natural oils. The sulfate and paraben-free formula removes tan, while Walnut powder ensures a soft exfoliation, leaving your skin brighter, softer, and radiant.

Day 5: Mask Magic

Apply and pamper your skin with a hydrating face mask. Face masks offer targeted benefits, such as hydration, brightening, or calming. Choose a mask that aligns with your skin's current needs for a spa-like experience at home.

Indulge in a nourishing homemade mask using natural ingredients found in your kitchen. 

Add one tablespoon of raw honey with one spoon of yogurt in a small bowl. Apply the mixture evenly to get a clean and glowing face, avoiding the eyes, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water for a refreshed and moisturized complexion. Honey provides natural hydration and antibacterial benefits, while yogurt's lactic acid helps exfoliate and brighten the skin.

Honey and Yogurt face mask

Day 6: Restful Sleep

The foundation of good skincare begins with a good night's sleep. Must have at least 8 hours of restful sleep tonight. Quality sleep helps your skin to repair and regenerate, promoting a refreshed and revitalized appearance in the morning.

Day 7: Moisturize your face 

Establish a consistent morning routine. Start your day by cleansing your face to remove any impurities that accumulate overnight. Follow up with toner to balance your skin's pH and a moisturizer to lock in hydration. Consistency is vital for healthy, happy skin.

You can apply Eladi Day Cream with SPF 30 which can help in Skin Brightening & Sun Protection. It is ideal for both men and women and is effective to add to your daily routine. It contains Eladi Tailam which nourishes and repairs skin for a natural glow. On the other hand, Kumkumadi Oil revitalizes, enhancing radiance and texture for softer, smoother skin. Together, they promote overall skin health.

Blue Nectar day cream with SPF30

Days 8-60: Prioritizing Hydration and Hair Care!

Follow what you did on Day 1-7 and ensure proper hydration. Once your skin is settled, we will now move to the hair. 

Days 8-60 are all about taking good care of your hair. Make sure your hair stays healthy by using deep conditioning treatments to strengthen it. Try out green tea hair masks with plant based biotin to keep your hair hydrated and fix any damage. 

Don't forget your scalp – consider using treatments or gently massaging it with rosemary hair oil, a plant based alternative to redensyl. Use protective hairstyles like braids or buns to prevent breakage. Trim your hair regularly to eliminate split ends and help it grow better. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to stop your hair from breaking. These easy steps will keep your hair looking and feeling great.

Day 61: Drink Water

Stay hydrated by drinking at least ten glasses of water today. Hydration from within is crucial for healthy skin, helping flush toxins and maintain a balanced complexion.

Day 62: Explore Hydrating Products

Experiment with different hydrating products. Look for plant based hyaluronic acid and glycerin to boost your skin's moisture levels. Consider a hydrating serum or essence to add an extra layer of hydration. A bonus tip you can also use under eye plant based niacinamide serum. It contains Papaya & Potato Starch and is perfect for dark circles & under eye puffiness.

Blue Nectar Under Eye Serum

Day 63: DIY Spa Night

Indulge in a DIY spa night. Draw a warm bath, gently scrub, and apply a nourishing hair mask. Take time to relax and unwind, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Day 64: Quality Moisturizer for night time

Invest in a quality moisturizer that suits your skin's needs. Finding the right moisturizer is essential for maintaining a healthy moisture balance, whether your skin is prone to dryness or oiliness. This step involves adding a night anti aging cream. Kumkumadi Night Repair Cream works best for ultra Hydration and overall skin repair.

Day 65: Facial Oils

Explore the benefits of facial oils. Certain oils, like jojoba or argan oil, help to provide nourishment and hydration to the skin. Consider incorporating a few drops into your nighttime routine to boost radiance. You can also apply some malai overnight on your face and let it restore and replenish the skin. 

Day 66: Mindful Breathing

Practice mindful breathing for stress relief. Stress can impact your skin's health, leading to breakouts and dullness. Take a few moments daily to engage in deep, mindful breathing to promote relaxation and overall skin well-being.

Day 67: Sunscreen Selection

Opt for a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 for daily sun protection. Sunscreen is non-negotiable when it comes to preventing premature aging and protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

Lady is applying spf30 body lotion on her hand

Days 68-120: Targeted Treatments

You can select your concern and choose the plant based active product as your skin concern. 

Day 121: DIY face glow kit 

Creating your own DIY face glow kit is a fun way to care for your skin. Start with a gentle cleanser that suits your skin. Make a simple scrub using brown sugar, honey, and lemon juice for smooth skin. Try a DIY Vitamin C serum with aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil for a radiant boost. Use a hydrating face mask with yogurt and honey every week. Before bedtime, apply malai (milk cream) for overnight nourishment.This DIY face glow kit combines cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and nourishment for naturally glowing and revitalized skin.

Day 122: Acne Treatment

Introduce a targeted treatment for any acne-prone areas. Whether a spot treatment or a gentle acne-fighting serum, addressing blemishes helps prevent breakouts and promotes clearer skin. Plum Oil-Free Face Serum With Plant Based Vitamin C works best for Fighting Acne and Improves Skin Texture. It also contains neem which is proven to reduce blemishes and acne scars.

Blue Nectar Plum face serum

Day 123: Mindfulness Practice

Incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily Skincare Routine Order. Stress can take a toll on your skin, leading to various issues. Engage in activities like meditation or yoga to foster a sense of calm and improve overall skin health.

Day 124: Professional Facial

Treat yourself to a professional facial. A skilled esthetician can provide a deep cleanse, extraction, and tailored treatments to address your skin needs. Professional facials contribute to a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Day 125: Hair Mask Experiment

Consistency is the key, keep repeating the steps as mentioned. Give your locks some love by experimenting with a nourishing hair mask. Hair masks provide intense hydration and repair, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and revitalized.

Day 126: Hairstyle Exploration

Explore hairstyles that complement your face shape and personal style. A flattering haircut or style can enhance your overall appearance and boost confidence.

hair cutting

Day 127: Eye Cream Introduction

Just a reminder never skin your eye cream. I have mentioned it earlier and also mentioning it again. Incorporate eye cream into your routine. The delicate skin around the eyes is prone to fine lines and wrinkles. A targeted eye cream can address concerns like puffiness or dark circles.

Days 128-240: Maintenance and Consistency

Day 241: Face Skincare Routine Evaluation

Take time to evaluate your skincare and haircare Face Skincare Routine Order. Assess whether your current products and practices are delivering the desired results. Consider making adjustments based on your skin and hair's evolving needs.

Day 242: Consistency is Key

Highlight the importance of consistency in your daily skincare and haircare routines. Consistent habits yield more significant and lasting results. Stick to your regimen for optimal skin and hair health.

lady is applying face cream on her cheeks

Day 243: Monitoring Product Responses

Pay close attention to how your skin and hair respond to different products. Note any changes, improvements, or potential irritations. Understanding your body's responses helps refine your routine for better outcomes.

Day 244: Mindful Meditation

Incorporate mindfulness meditation into your daily routine. Meditation not only reduces stress but positively impacts your skin health. Stress reduction can contribute to a clearer complexion and healthier-looking skin.

Day 245: Skin and Hair Check

Take a closer look at changes and improvements in your skin and hair. Celebrate successes, whether it's clearer skin, improved texture, or enhanced hair health. Recognizing progress reinforces your commitment to self-care.

Day 246: Setting New Good Skincare Routine

Set a new Haircare and Good Skincare Routine Order. As your journey progresses, your needs may evolve. Establish new objectives to keep your routine dynamic and aligned with your ever-changing skin and hair conditions.

Day 247: Night Skincare Routine Reevaluation

Reevaluate your Night Skincare Routine for any seasonal changes. Adjust your skincare and haircare products based on weather, humidity, and environmental conditions. Adapting to these changes ensures continued effectiveness.

Night skincare products

Day 248: Celebration Photos

Celebrate your skincare and haircare journey by taking photos. Documenting your progress provides a visual record of your hard work and dedication. Reflect on how far you've come and the positive changes you've witnessed.

Day 249: Share Your Success

Share your skincare and haircare successes with others. Your journey can inspire and motivate those around you. By sharing tips, recommendations, and experiences, you contribute to a supportive community of self-care enthusiasts.

Day 250-365: Finish Strong Best Skincare Routine Order

As you approach the end of the year, stay committed to your Best Skincare Routine Order and hair care routine. Continue following the practices and products that have proven effective for you. Embrace the more confident, beautiful version of yourself from this year-long journey. Congratulations on achieving a radiant and healthy glow!

lady is smiling

In closing, this year haircare and Skincare Routine in Order; it's a way to show love and care to yourself. As you finish this transformative year, celebrate the healthier and more radiant skin and hair you've achieved. 

The time and effort put into each daily step of Skincare Routine Order have not only improved your appearance but also deepened your connection to self-care. Remember, beauty is a journey, not just a destination. 

Embrace the confident and beautiful version of yourself that has emerged and carry this newfound glow into the next phase of your self-care adventure. Here's to a year of growing beauty and boosted self-esteem!

Recommended Products by Blue Nectar:

Shubhr Plant Based Niacinamide Under Eye Serum with Papaya & Potato Starch for Dark Circles & Puffiness (17 herbs,30ml)

Shubhr Plant Based Vitamin C Face Serum with Manjistha & Berry for Anti Wrinkle & Skin Firming(13 herbs, 30ml)

Shubhr Women's Grape Seed Plant Based Vitamin C Oil Free Face Cream For Oily & Acne Prone Skin (19 herbs, 50g)

Shubhr Kumkumadi Tailam Skin Brightening Face Oil for Glowing Skin, Dull & Damage Skin Repair

Shubhr Vitamin C Serum for face with Hyaluronic Acid | Radiant & Spotless Skin

Shubhr Plant Based Kojic Acid Face Serum with Almond & Olive Oil for Pigmentation & Dark Spots Removal (13 herbs, 30ml)

Shubhr AHA Exfoliating Face Serum with Plant Based Glycolic Acid from Sugarcane for Deep Exfoliation (14 herbs, 30ml)

Shubhr Women's Sandalwood Cream for Skin Brightening | Even Skin Tone and Radiance

Shubhr Women's Kumkumadi Night Repair Cream | Ultra Hydration & Skin Repair

Shubhr Women's Eladi Day Cream with SPF 30 | Skin Brightening & Sun Protection

Green Tea Hair Serum for Frizz Free & Stronger Hair with Plant Based Biotin(12 herbs, 50ml)

Green Tea Hair Mask for Dry & Frizzy Hair with Plant Based Biotin (13 herbs, 200g)

Green Tea Anti Frizz Shampoo for Dry & Frizzy Hair with Plant Based Biotin (15 Herbs, 200 ml)

Shubhr Kumkumadi Brightening & Radiance Face Scrub | Non-Drying Gentle Exfoliation

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