Tips and Tricks for Men's Skincare by Ayurveda Experts

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  • Why is man’s skincare important and how can ayurvedic skincare products help?
  • How is men's skin different from women's skin?
  • Relation of Ayurveda and skin
  • How to identify your skin type according to Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic skincare tips for men
  • What food and habits should be avoided as per skin type
  • Takeaway

Every now and again, when we sit together to talk about skincare routines, the least area of interest is a man’s skincare. Presumably, man’s skincare doesn’t even exist for most people. In India, it is inherently told that men are stronger than women. We assume it true for skin as well. And hence the inference – man’s skincare is not as important as a woman’s skincare.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Just like any other organ, skin doesn't differentiate between genders. Even we need to start giving equal importance to man’s skin care as well as woman’s skincare.

man is applying face cream on his cheeks by his 2 fingers

Traditionally, men have kept their skincare very basic. A man even has basic expectations when it comes to man’s skincare. Clear skin, even-toned, and a young look are all a man’s skincare include. All that a man has to do is to select the correct products such as ayurvedic skincare products and use them regularly.

There is a misbelief that all skin care products have chemicals in them. But, a few skincare products are specially designed using natural and ayurvedic elements. 

Nowadays, these Ayurvedic skincare products are easily available and are suitable for men’s skin as well. For a man’s skincare regime, adding ayurvedic skincare products will help with a glow and younger-looking skin while maintaining skin health. 

We will shortly talk about tips and tricks for a Man’s skincare according to Ayurveda experts. Why do they recommend using natural and ayurvedic skincare products and what are the benefits of using ayurvedic skincare products in a man’s skincare regime?

Why is man’s skincare important and how can ayurvedic skincare products help?

Skin is the outermost layer of the body and thus needs special care and attention. Amidst the rising pollution and increasing stress, skin protection has become important.

Ayurvedic experts suggest having a dedicated skincare routine and using all the natural herbs.

Men generally don't follow any skincare and just use any available face cream in front of them. Most of the time, these face creams for women would not have any impact on men’s skin. But, it is high time to use men-specific creams such as, Men’s facial wash, Anti Aging Men’s Cream, Men’s face whitening cream, and Men’s face glow cream, having all ayurvedic ingredients in it.

While we are discussing natural herbs and ayurvedic skincare products for man’s skincare, let's also look at the reasons why a man’s skincare is important.

1. No gender difference for skin protection

Skin types can vary in women and men. Generally, women have sensitive skin. Men have thicker skin due to more collagen production and hormones, so their capacity to withstand harmful pollutants is slightly higher. But even they need to maintain the natural oil on their face, the aging, and dark spot on face 

Though a man’s skin has a different set of features than a woman's but forming a protective layer between the healthy skin and their harmful enemies has to be done by both of them.

dark spot removal cream is on white table with green leaves around it

2. Healthy skin also deteriorates with time

The external pollutants, dirt, bacteria, hazardous nanoparticles that sit on the face, damage the skin for ages. We don’t notice the damage in the short rum but in the long run, these pollutants will deteriorate our healthy skin. 

For men, the deterioration is greater due to their exposure and no proactive layer between the skin and the external environment. As a result, men’s skin starts looking dull and ages faster. Men’s facial cream, Anti-aging men’s cream can rescue at such times.

3. Excessive sun exposure is harmful 

It goes without saying that sun exposure is causing the maximum skin problems nowadays. UV rays are directly affecting healthy skin causing sun tan, sunburns, redness, and irritation.

Excessive sun exposure can lead to skin cancers as well. Using ayurvedic skincare products can minimise the damage. Also, wearing men’s face creams that include SPF or sunscreens can reduce the sun's effects drastically. Just like Blue Nectar Eladi day cream with SPF 30 that protects the skin from harmful sun rays and brighten the skin naturally . Stepping outside or remaining indoors, sunscreens have to be used throughout the year.

4. To avoid the early signs of aging

Usually, men ages differently than women and they have a delayed process when it comes to aging. But once their skin starts aging, it is a rapid process then. Wrinkles and skin loosening are very fast in men.

Due to the rise in pollution, even men have started showing early aging signs. Anti-aging men’s cream, Men’s face glow cream is the best face cream for men for this very issue.

5. Wear and Tear due to regular shaving

Shaving regularly is damaging the outer layer of the skin making it rough and the facial hair thicker by the day. Shaving is like a natural exfoliant for men’s skin, removing the dirt sitting on the face, but excessive shaving will cause more harm than good.

Men’s facial wash (we prefer an ayurvedic face wash for man’s skincare) should be included for deeply washing the face before and after shaving. To maintain the glow, applying Men’s face glow cream, after shaving, which can give an immediate glow after regular use. You can also use Beard and Moustache Oil, which softens the beard and facial hair and prevents itchiness on the skin.

men is irritated by scratching his beard due to dry and itchiness on it

How is men's skin different from women's skin?

There are a few parameters where men’s skin is different than women’s skin. Other than the skin types and sensitivity, men’s skin differs in thickness, collagen production, and aging.

According to NCBI, studies show that skin parameters such as hydration, trans epidermal water loss, sebum, microcirculation, pigmentation, and thickness are generally higher in men but skin pH is higher in women.

  • Skin Thickness

According to Experts, men’s skin is 20% thicker than women’s skin. Due to the high production of collagen, they tend to have a firm, tighter appearance. The rate of collagen content loss in men is at a constant rate throughout life. The secretion of the male hormone (testosterone) also causes an increase in skin thickness.

Maintaining collagen production helps in the skin's healthy, connective tissues and muscles, and bones.

  • Oil secretion

Due to the presence of more active sebaceous glands, men tend to have more pores than women. These pores contain oil for longer times resulting in pores clogging and excessive oil on the face. Men’s facial wash can be primarily used to avoid oil retention in the screen and clear pores.

The production of sebum is also double in men than in women. This gives them a shinier, brighter look for better parts of the day. Due to more sebum production, the pH of men’s skin is lower than that of women making it prone to dirt retention on the skin and even acne. Hence the importance of man’s skincare.

  • Aging

As already discussed, men ages differently than women. Skin loosening, wrinkles, dullness, puffy eyes, and dark circles are common signs of early aging.

Anti Aging Men's Cream can be used to delay this process and hide the aging spots. Men's face whitening cream for lightening dark circles, and acne spots, and Men’s face glow cream for the natural glow to the face. Having the right Men’s facial wash is the start of everything. 

All of these men face creams will only work if you washed out all the impurities from the skin by using an ayurvedic face wash.

Relation of Ayurveda and skin

Even if there are thousands of products available, the need of the time is to go back to the roots and follow age-old ayurvedic tips and tricks and by using ayurvedic skincare products.

Some ayurvedic experts even share a simple yet effective man’s skincare routine that is easy to follow at home without wasting money on extravagant products. Using all the ayurvedic skincare products, men can get natural and brighter skin along with the qualities of Ayurveda essential for a human body to be healthy.

Ayurved is known to have a solution for balancing the dosha in the human body for centuries now. The three doshas (Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha) are the fundamental regulatory principles of our mind, body, and behavior. In terms of skin, ayurvedic doshas determine skin quality. So, to have a balance of them is important.

men's face glow creams and some flowers petals are on white table

For Vatta dosha, ayurvedic skincare products like men’s facial cream including cold pressed oils, organic ghee, and honey should be preferred.

Pitta dosha is prone to getting tanned and dry and causes itching on the skin. Ayurvedic skincare products and Men’s face cream with cooling herbs like aloe vera, and jasmine can reduce the burning sensations and minimize sun tanning.

Kapha dosha needs internal as well as external detoxification regularly. Ayurvedic skincare products having turmeric, ghee, and shea butter can prove to be the best face cream for men.

How to identify your skin type according to Ayurveda 

Buying any of the ayurvedic skincare products, we first need to identify our skin types. Without knowing the correct skin type, even ayurvedic skincare products will not give the required benefits. 

According to Ayurveda, it is extremely simple to identify your skin type. 

  • Vatta skin is generally dry and delicate. Insufficient nutrition can lead to dryness, dehydration, and flakiness in the skin.  It also has a tendency to age faster and hence anti-aging men’s cream comes in handy here.
  • Pitta's skin is fair and warm. Due to the imbalance, the skin is prone to breakouts into acne, sun spots, and even rashes. Men's face whitening cream with the goodness of cooling herbs can balance pitta skin and rejuvenate it.
  • Kapha skin is oily, thick, and comparatively tolerant to sun exposure. Excessive oil, pimples, and dull complexion are some of the key points of having Kapha skin. Using men’s facial cream as a part of men’s skincare is the best way to deal with these problems.
  • Combination skin is when 2 doshas are combined together, for example, Vatta-Pitta gives dry and sensitive skin, Kapha- Pitta gives oily yet sensitive skin, and Dry and oily zones mean you have a Vatta-Kapha skin combination.

Ayurvedic skincare tips for men

  • Cleanse your face with ayurvedic face wash
  • Washing your face with cool water is the first step of skincare. Use a men’s facial wash that has ayurvedic ingredients like Kumari, Sariva, and Palandu. They reduce blemishes and dark spot on face and give clear skin.

  • Hydration is an essential part of man’s skincare
  • Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will improve your skin health internally and you will have smooth, supple skin always. Hydration is important not just for the skin but for the overall body. 

  • Maintain man’s  skincare routine by using ayurvedic skincare products 
  • Along with a good diet and hydration, man’s skincare routine is also essential.  Wash your face using Men’s facial wash or an ayurvedic face wash 3-4 2-3 times a day. Use SPF for sun protection, and Men’s face glow cream for maintaining the natural glow and a non-greasy effect. Men’s face whitening cream to treat dark spot on face and scars.

  • Moisturize your face with ayurvedic men face cream 
  • A good quality moisturizer re-energizes the skin and maintains elasticity.  Along with different types of Men Face Creams, applying moisturizer for dry skin, on a regular basis, can make a huge difference.

  • Careful shaving and man’s skincare after shaving
  • Use a good-quality razor for shaving and maintain the direction in which you shave. Don't disturb the growth by changing the shaving direction. After shaving, immediately apply an ayurvedic skincare product like beard oil or men face creams with a cooling herb or simply use moisturizer for dry skin or kumkumadi tailam


    anti aging cream for men with green leave is on dark green background

    What food and habits should be avoided as per skin type

    Foods and habits have a huge impact on the texture of the skin. We need to avoid some food items depending on our skin type.

    For oily skin, water-based food is highly recommended. Cucumbers, watermelons, musk melons, and bananas. Fiber-rich products such as oats, brown rice, and whole grains can be added to the diet.

    For dry skin, drink coconut water twice-thrice a week. Avocados and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, chia, and flax provide hydration and necessary antioxidants.

    People with normal skin type doesn't need to stick to a particular diet but excessive oil and spices should be avoided.


    Man’s skincare and the use of ayurvedic skincare products have been carefully studied by Ayurveda experts. Understanding men’s skin and their requirements, natural herbs are been added to the ayurvedic skincare products and men’s face creams. 

    A man’s skincare routine can be simple as CTM (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize). Cleaning the face with a men’s facial wash, toning, and preparing with face tonic toner and moisturizing with men face cream or kumkumadi serum to rehydrate and maintain the ever-glowing skin.

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