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Best Face Cream For Men


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Skincare is something we are all concerned with. And contrary to what our culture might train us to believe, choosing the best face cream for men is just as essential as women’s! If we published this blog a couple of decades earlier, talking about men’s skincare would have been a peculiar thing to do. Skincare is largely seen as a feminine concern, which is why most skin care products tend to be designed from a women’s perspective.

Fortunately, we now live in 2022. Things are not the same anymore. Self-care and skincare by the association are encouraged in men today and many men do care about having good skin and being well-groomed. Are you one of them, dear reader? In that case, welcome! Sit back and read on carefully to know how you can choose the best face brightness cream for your precious skin.

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Features of Men’s Skin

An important thing to understand while trying to pick the best face cream for men is the needs of men’s skin. It is not the same as women’s, and skincare products may often be designed for women’s skin.

Wondering how men’s skin is different? Turns out, dermatologists have found many differences over the years! Listed below are thoroughly described features of men’s skin that make it different from women’s and unique in its own regard. After familiarizing yourself with it, you’ll be better able to understand our tips on how to pick the best face cream for men.


On average, male skin is about 25% thicker than female skin. This is why it may be perceived as coarser. This thickness simply exists because men’s skin has more collagen (protein). Thickness also means that male skin is less likely to be sensitive or too dry. When one creates a skincare product for men, the ingredients should be able to penetrate into the thick skin layers of men’s skin for it to really work and make a difference.


If you read any blog about oily skin, you’ll see the mention of androgens. These androgens refer to male sex hormones. The testosterone hormone in particular impacts the oil production and hair growth on male skin. Though women also produce these hormones, in men, the quantity and impact are much higher. Unsurprisingly, men have skin that is twice as oily as women’s skin because of their sex hormones. They are also much more prone to acne in their teen years than women. Further, men are less prone to dry skin.

Aging factors and collagen

As mentioned in the thickness characteristic, men’s skin has more collagen. This is why it is firmer and less prone to too many signs of aging. In fact, a woman’s skin is likely to be 15 years older than a man’s skin at the same age.

Apart from this, a significant difference between aging processes in men and women is the rate of aging over the years. Men’s skin ages at the same rate most of their life as their collagen production reduces over time. For women, collagen production reduces dramatically after menopause. This can lead to very noticeable signs of aging.

Do note that it is possible to not notice these differences because men are likely to not bother with applying sunscreen or partaking in skincare. In such cases, the difference noticed is negligible.

Facial Hair

Most products that men do invest in have to do with facial hair. Though women have some facial hair too, it is men who have thick and coarse growth of hair on their faces. Constant shaving, razoring, trimming, etc. can cause a lot of impact on their facial skin. Cuts, burns, and irritating bumps are all common problems men may face because of the same.


So, what are the needs of men’s skin?

Based on the above features of men’s skin, it is easier to see and understand the unique skincare needs of men. Do note that though these characteristics are common to male skin on average, all men’s skin doesn’t need to be exactly the way we described. Just like women, men also have skin types and individual dispositions that matter.

The main concerns of men’s skin revolve around dealing with excessive oiliness, acne, and problems surrounding regular shaving. Face brightness creams are useful to deal with most of these problems.

Though the primary goal of men face creams is moisturization, the best face creams for men actively work towards adding good things to their skin while eliminating problems such as dark spots, blemishes, healing scars, and so on. As per your skin type, your needs may change.

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Using the best face cream for men can help you:

  • Brighten up your skin to give you a fresh look
  • Deal with oily skin
  • Heal your acne scars
  • Deal with shaving blunders better
  • Be more comfortable in your skin (literally!)

The sections below attempt to specifically talk about how one can choose the best face cream for men for all skin types.

Best Face Cream for Men - Things To consider

There is a plethora of factors to consider before picking out the best face cream for men, but it is important to understand that not everything works for everyone. The following points first demonstrate a general range of natural ingredients you should look for, ingredients you should avoid, the best face cream for men according to skin type, and finally, the importance of sunscreen.

Look for Natural Ingredients

One thing you’ll want to avoid doing when picking out a good men face cream is to underestimate the importance of specific ingredients put into men face cream. They can make and break your skin. Many skincare products, especially those made for men, may have strong ingredients to deal with thicker skin. However, this is not always a good thing.

Synthetic ingredients can be very concentrated and harm your skin in the long run. This is common to find if you look at a men face cream specifically meant for whitening one’s skin or “oil-clearing” facewashes. Make sure you avoid products with artificial scents and alcohol.

Here are two types of natural ingredients you may want in your face brightness cream:

Hydrating Ingredients

These work by adding water to your skin. Adding water to your skin is essential to preserve its youth, and keep it glowing, clear, and soft. Specifically, a class of ingredients called “humectants” are very good for you! Humectants attract more water content to your skin. Some humectants such as AHAs are also effective in exfoliation. Here are some safe ingredients that act as humectants:

  • Glycerin
  • Hyaluronic Acid (plant-based)
  • Vitamin C (from fruits such as green apples, citrus fruits, etc.)

Moisturizers For Men’s Face

Moisturizing is slightly different from hydrating. Hydrating primarily adds water to the skin. Moisturizers for men’s skin/ face come in form of emollients and occlusive. These tend to be “oilier” and are suitable when one has dry skin. They act by softening your skin, healing scars, and preventing your skin from losing its water content. Though men tend to have oilier skin, men can have dry skin too. In such cases, it is important to find appropriate emollients/occlusive that moisturize your skin. Some good natural moisturizers for men face are:

  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil (recommended for acne-prone skin)

Dealing With Pore Clogging

Pore clogging is a concern with a lot of men’s skin as it is prone to be oilier. The testosterone hormone takes the blame for the general oily nature of men’s skin. Therefore, it is important to choose carefully when looking for moisturizers for men face to apply.

Men applying face brightness cream to dealing with pore clogging

Another concern that comes with moisturizers for men face that clog your pores is that they can cause the problem of ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can be hard to get rid of and irritating to shave. When thick moisturizers for men face disallow your pores to breathe, your facial hair gets trapped in your skin, causing an ingrowth.

Using a face brightness cream that calls itself “non-comedogenic” is a good idea. Comedogenics are notoriously known to clog your pores. Some ingredients that are a strict no for men’s facial skin further include: -

  • Mineral oil
  • Lanolin’s
  • Natural oils that are too thick

Best Face Cream For Men According to Skin type

It is extremely important to determine your skin type before deciding on what product to put on your face. The best face cream for men isn’t one that can be used by all men everywhere, but multiple face brightness creams that cater to your specific needs. Here is the type of cream for men’s face you should choose based on your skin type. We have also specified what kind of ingredients they would contain.

Oil-Based Face Cream For Men (Dry Skin)-

Oil-based cream for men’s skin are a great choice if you have dry skin. They are especially useful in winter when your skin is prone to be drier. Oil-based creams for men’s skin are also amazing if aging skin is a concern for you. For men, skin aging tends to occur when testosterone levels start to decline. This is when you need the rescue of an oil-based cream for men’s face.

These face brightness creams generally have essential oils such as tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is the safest oil to put on your skin as it is anti-bacterial and helps you prevent acne. Other best face cream for men that are safe to use on men’s dry skin include jojoba oil and shea butter. Since aging is a concern for dry skin, using products with retinol or rosehip oil is also a great idea.

Strictly avoid using oil-based cream for men’s skin if you have oily skin. Additionally, if you live in a particularly humid region, oil-based men face creams are not a good idea.

Water-Based or Gel-Based Face Cream For Men (For Normal to Oily Skin)-

Water-based face brightness creams are the favorites of the skincare world. They are perfect to add everything your skin needs to nourish itself while not overdoing it. They give your skin a matte finish, i.e., a non-greasy feel. If sweating too much or oily skin is a concern for you water-based moisturizers for men face could do you wonders.

Water-based moisturizers for men’s skin usually contain amazing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and glycerin. These ingredients help keep your skin glowing and healthy, brighten it, and keep it clean so that you don’t have too many breakouts.

Men Face Creams for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is less common for men because by characteristic, sensitive skin is skin that has less of a barrier. It is dry skin at its worst and is exacerbated easily by new products. Since men’s skin is thicker and oilier, not many people pay attention to sensitive skin concerns.

However, this is a mistake. Shaving regularly or using harsh cleansers on your face can make your skin sensitive and irritable. This is why it is important to choose best face cream for men or aftershaves that are alcohol and artificial-scents-free. Avoid over washing your face and always choose a face wash that does not contain alcohol. Men’s products tend to be particularly loaded with alcohol because of the scent. It is important to understand that this is not healthy from a skincare point of view.

Know and Trust the magic of SPF

If you’re new to skincare, we wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know just how much the sun can affect your skin. And no! It’s not just tanning we have to worry about.

Using a product that has SPF 30 is good idea to take care of your skin

The radiation on your skin from the sun’s UV rays can cause multiple problems for your skin. These issues include premature aging, pollution of your upper skin layers, and in extreme cases, skin cancer! This harm is more serious for us than it was for generations before because we live in an era of climate change and pollution.

If you wish to take care of your skin, a cream for men’s face isn’t enough. You have to be sure you use enough SPF. Using a product that has SPF 30 or above is a good idea. An ideal skincare regime for men should include:

  • Cleansing
  • Moisturizing
  • Applying sunscreen

Another thing to remember with sunscreen is that you can’t apply it and forget about it. For best results, it is good to reapply sunscreen every 3-4 hours if you’re always exposed to the sun.


Final Word

Gone are the days when skincare was a woman’s concern. With a rising self-care trend around the world, many men are finally looking to take care of their skin. And the world of good skincare is listening! Today, a plethora of men’s skincare products are available at the tip of your fingers. All you have to do is pick one that you find best.

Picking the best face cream for men involves researching one’s skin type, looking at ingredients according to concerns, and finally sealing the deal with getting a good sunscreen to go with your cream for men’s face. We hope our comprehensive guide on how to choose the best face cream for men helped.



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