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Wedding Bells and Shaddi season is on!

Last week, my childhood friend, who I've known since our school days, got married. It was such an exciting time, filled with happiness and celebration. I was there for all the events, never missing a moment. From the colorful mehndi ceremony to the lively sangeet night and, of course, the beautiful wedding day, I stuck by her side, sharing in the joy and love of the entire experience. It was a wonderful journey from our school days to this special moment.

 Table of Content:

  • Introduction 
  • Tea and conversation around Skin and Hair
  • Unfolding some skin and hair facts
  • Skin and Hair mistakes which we never knew about
  • Science of part of skin and hair
  • Skin mistakes and Hair mistakes
  • How can plant based actives help reduce stress
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

Ghosh, She looked so pretty and the glow on her face

Pre wedding glow on lady face

After the festivities and the wedding were over, her parents became emotional. I made the choice to stay behind and offer comfort to both of them.

My Conversation with Laxmi( My Bestie ) Ama:

Ama, who is 60 years old, is truly blessed with long, beautiful hair, a clear complexion, and a captivating charm. I can't help but admire how she has managed to maintain a youthful appearance even at her age.

I was chatting with Aunty and trying to learn her beauty secrets.

We both sat down for tea, sharing moments of laughter and tears as we bid farewell to Laxmi and wished her well on her new journey. In a hushed tone, I couldn't help but remark that Laxmi was radiating like the moon at the party.

Let me break down the key points which I inferred from the conversation:

Our skin and hair are our biggest assets and we must take care of it. 

Facts about skin and hair:

1. Human hair grows about half an inch per month on average.

2. Skin is the body's largest organ, comprising about 16% of body weight and continuously regenerating.

I was a bit mischievous because Ama shared the "don'ts" with me first. I was amazed to learn all of them. Let's read them together.

Are These Skin & Hair Mistakes RUINING Your Wedding Look? 

As the wedding day nears, is your scalp ready? Is bleach after exfoliating okay ?

Let me introduce you, I am Shagun and I will be sharing with you tips and tricks for healthy skin and hair naturally

Shagun: Ama, with such a busy life and rat race of making our careers we oftentimes forgot to take care of ourselves ? Is it not ? You are the Chief executive officer , so well maintained and vivacious ? How ?

Ama: In today's times, many young girls opt for artificial treatments and salon beauty routines. While I don't oppose them, I believe that true beauty resides in nature. Throughout generations, my mother and my grandmother have upheld a tradition of embracing natural beauty practices

Shagun: OO , I see, That is a very nice Aunty! 

Ama: Hmm…. Well, let me also discuss the importance of scalp health and the trend of bleaching among many young girls like yourself. What do you call it, the CTM routine? It seems like you exfoliate excessively and then layer on bleaching, which can potentially harm the skin.

Shagun: Scalp heath ? ( Wondering and Nodding ) , Yes I bleach , Is it wrong ?

Ama: Dear beta, Understand the science….. 

Shagun: Yes aunty , Please tell me, I am eager to know… 

Hair Mistakes

When Scalp is not adequately cleaned, Sebaceous glands get overstimulated. Dirt, Dead skin cells contribute to Scalp Overstimulation. 

When your scalp isn't adequately cleansed, it can result in an issue involving the sebaceous glands. These small glands located on your scalp produce a natural oil called sebum, which is important  for maintaining healthy and shiny hair.

Hair mistakes that can ruin your wedding look

However, when your scalp isn't cleaned effectively, it sends a signal to these sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than necessary. This overproduction occurs because there's a buildup of accumulation and dead skin cells on the scalp, essentially clogging it.

Consequently, when your scalp is dirty, and the sebaceous glands become overstimulated, they start generating an excess of oil. This surplus oil can give your hair a greasy appearance and contribute to other scalp issues, such as dandruff or even acne on the scalp. To ensure the health of your scalp and hair, it's crucial to maintain proper and regular cleansing to prevent this overstimulation of the sebaceous glands.

Skin Mistakes

Over-exfoliation weakens the skin's protective barrier. Adding bleach after over-exfoliation could potentially cause burns and hinder Skin healing

When you exfoliate your skin too much, it messes up the outer layer called the "stratum corneum." Please think of this layer as your skin's bodyguard; it keeps your skin healthy and safe. But if you overdo exfoliation, the layer gets weak and can't do its job correctly.

Now, if you use bleach or strong chemicals on skin that's already been weakened by too much exfoliation, it's like adding more problems. It makes your skin even weaker and more open to things that can irritate it.

One big problem is the chance of getting burns. The compound in bleach can react with your sensitive skin, like pouring something substantial on a wound – it can hurt and make your skin worse.

Another issue is that your skin needs time to heal after too much exfoliation. However, using bleach during this time can slow down the healing and make your skin take longer to get better.

Skin mistakes that can ruin your wedding day

So, it's essential to be gentle with your skin, especially when you've been exfoliating a lot, and avoid using strong chemicals like bleach to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Shagun: To sum it up, taking care of your hair and skin is like taking care of a good friend. Be gentle, don't overdo it, and avoid harsh stuff like bleach. That way, you'll keep your hair and skin happy and healthy for the long haul!

Ama: Yes you got it right ! 

Preparing for your wedding day involves more than just choosing the perfect dress and venue. Your skin and hair deserve special attention, too. In this guide, we present a curated list of do's and don'ts to help you achieve radiant skin and luscious locks as you approach your big day. From nurturing scalp massages to avoiding common pitfalls, these tips will ensure you look and feel your best when you say, 'I do’.


1. Scalp Massage: Regularly massage the scalp with nourishing oils like coconut or jojoba can promote hair growth and maintain scalp health.

2. Natural Hair Masks: Enhance the shine and strength of your hair by using homemade hair masks containing ingredients such as yogurt, honey, and avocado.

3. Silk Pillowcases: Invest in silk pillowcases to minimize friction on your hair, preventing breakage and frizz.

4. Oil Pulling: Consider practicing oil pulling with coconut oil to boost oral health, which can indirectly benefit your skin.

5. Crystal Facial Rollers: Incorporate crystal facial rollers like rose quartz or jade into your skincare routine to reduce puffiness and enhance circulation through gentle facial massage.


1. Avoid Crash Diets: Refrain from resorting to crash diets or extreme weight loss methods leading up to your wedding, as they can have adverse effects on your skin and hair.

2. Over-Cleansing: Steer clear of excessive cleansing of your skin, as it can remove natural oils and result in dryness. Opt for mild, hydrating cleansers instead.

3. Frequent Heat Styling: Reduce the usage of heat styling tools on your hair, as prolonged exposure can weaken and damage your locks over time.

Lady is getting her hair done by using heat styling tools

4. Skipping Skincare: Ensure you stick to your skincare routine consistently, even on busy days, to maintain the health of your skin.

5. Ignoring Professional Advice: If you encounter specific skin or hair concerns, don't hesitate to seek guidance from a dermatologist or hairstylist for tailored advice and treatments.

Following these guidelines can help you achieve healthy skin and hair in preparation for your wedding day.

Shagun: Aunty, Can I please get some more tea ? 

Amma: Sure , let me get for you

Shagun: Aunty , One last question, do you think Stress can have an impact on the skin and health and how can natural remedies help us in that ?

Plant based products could help avoid Skin & Hair Mistakes

Plants such as Aloevera and Plant-based options are your stress-busting friends. They contain beneficial compounds that bring calm and tranquility to boost well-being.

Amma: Amm, I say eat, breathe, live, and play with plants and natural substances. Dear Shagun, there is so much power in the plant actives. 

It is a new plant-based lifestyle. Our plants have medicinal properties and have the power to heal the skin and nourish the hair. Instead of harsh and artificial chemicals, make use of natural plant actives like roots, stems, and flowers generated from the roots of nature. 

Shagun: Aunty, this is so amazing ! Please can give some examples! 

Amaa: You are what you eat and what you apply too. Saffron gives collagen boost to the skin , Bakuchi is an retinol alternative , rosemary is an alternative to Redensyl  for hair growth , grapeseed for L-ascorbic acid which helps to fades scars and controls sebum , You can find Niacinamide in banana and much more…. 

Plant based products can help in skin and haircare

Shagun: Well for sure aunty, I never knew about these properties ! 

Amaa: Yes Beta, and for your stress , well again nature and plants is the solution.

Plant actives play a significant role in reducing stress and promoting well-being. These natural compounds have several mechanisms through which they help alleviate stress and create a sense of calm. For example, Aloe vera contains amino acids that support the production of serotonin, the "feel-good" hormone. Additionally, plants like Lavender and Chamomile release aromatic compounds that have a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing anxiety and improving sleep. Valerian root serves as a natural remedy to reduce anxiety, while Peppermint's invigorating properties combat mental fatigue. The pleasant scent of Jasmine can uplift mood and alleviate stress. Incorporating these plant-based options into your routine, whether through skincare, herbal teas, or aromatherapy, can effectively enhance your overall well-being and help manage stress levels.

Shagun: Aww, Amma, such a delight… 

Amma: Well, when are you telling us the good news ?

Shagun: Good news ???

Amaa: Come on, don't be a child ? Shaddi kab karoge ?

Shagun: Amm aunty, I am getting a call, I think so I shall leave now , Got work tomorrow. Bye aunty! Lovely spending time with you. 

As I bid farewell to Ama and headed home, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the wealth of knowledge she had shared with me. Her wisdom has left a lasting impression, from the importance of natural beauty practices to the soothing powers of plant-based remedies. As I continued my journey towards healthier skin, luscious hair, and a more relaxed mind, I knew I was armed with both worlds - the wisdom of tradition and the benefits of nature. So, dear readers, remember that nature and tradition can be your greatest allies whether you're preparing for your wedding day or simply seeking a more holistic approach to self-care. Embrace the beauty of both, and let them guide you on your path to well-being.

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