Essential oily skin care tips - an expert guide

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  • Causes of oily skin
  • How to know if your skin is oily
  • How to prevent oily skin
  • Common problems with oily skin/ symptoms of oily skin
  • Myths about oily skin
  • Daytime Skincare for Oily skin with ayurvedic skincare products (AM Skincare)
  • Night time skincare for oily skin, with ayurvedic skincare products (PM Skincare)
  • Home remedies for oily skin
  • Conclusion
  • Recommended Products by Blue Nectar

For some people, having oily skin is no less than a nightmare. No matter how many times they wash their face or how many expensive products they buy to contain the oil, nothing seems to work. They might even try home remedies or buy the best  skincare products including the best face wash oily skin can have, but the oil on the face eventually comes back and ruins the look. 

No amount of skincare products, be it cosmetic or ayurvedic skincare products, can completely eliminate the production of oil on the face. Having a strict skincare routine at night and trying out night creams and face serum for glowing skin might help. It can control the effects of excessive oil and having an oily skin type. 

Worried girl is standing infront of mirror and worried about her oily skin on her face

Having an oily skin type has its own problems. It makes the face oily and greasy most of the time. It makes the skin highly prone to acne. It attracts pollutants from the environment.
A good face wash, possibly an ayurvedic face wash, specific for oily skin, can help to some extent to remove the excess oil and clean the dirt along with it. Infact, it could work out to be the best face wash oily skin people can have.

Hydra or water-based moisturizer for face can help control oil production and keeps up hydration.

There is a misconception that oily skin is not a good skin type and it can clog pores and make skin acne-prone but it isn’t true. Despite the drawback of oily skin, it is considered to be a good skin type to have. It enjoys natural sun protection and it produces more Vitamin E. 

People with oily skin are more resilient to wrinkles and despite what the skin care industry says, they actually need fewer ayurvedic skincare products for maintenance. They tend to have smoother and thicker skin naturally. Generally, people are not sure of their skin type and so they don't buy the appropriate products. They don’t get the desired results sometimes because they don’t know their skin yet.

Causes of oily skin

Skin type is not something that can be acquired. We are born with some or the other skin type. But everyone has oil in their skin in varying quantities. Under each of the pores, there is a sebaceous gland present that produces natural oils called sebum. This sebum helps keep the skin to be hydrated and healthy.

When this sebaceous gland produces too much oil, it creates oily skin. Even after multiple cleansing, greasiness can be observed on the skin. While we cannot completely change the skin type, we can prevent the extra oil once we are aware of its causes.

ayurvedic skincare products are on white table

1. Genetic factor

One of the primary reasons for having oily skin is genetics. It runs in families.
Most likely to have overactive sebaceous glands, if one of the parents has an oily skin type. 

2. Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution and the place where you live can increase the oiliness of the skin.The humid climate tends to produce more oil than winters and dry climates. Even pollution particles, dirt, and dust can attack the skin which in turn produces more oil.

3. Enlarged pores

Sometimes the pores on the skin can stretch out due to age, hormones, and previous breakouts. The larger the pores more is the more oil production. Shrinking of pores is possible with careful consideration from dermatologists and excessive oil production will be curtailed. 

4. Incorrect skincare products

    People having oily skin should be very careful while buying their skincare products. They tend to confuse combination skin and oily skin and end up buying heavy creams and lotions. In winter, it is possible to have dryness on the skin due to weather but the same products applicable to dry skin in winter cannot be used throughout the whole year. 

    How to know if your skin is oily 

    Though it is not very difficult to find out if you have oily skin or not, some people are still confused about having oily or combination skin. There is a checklist to be sure of the exact skin type.

    • Shiny-looking face even after cleansing 
    • Enlarged pores on the T-zone
    • Clogged pores and frequent break-outs
    • Oil residue on phones/ clothes
    • Makeup slides off due to excess oil occurrence

    If the skin shows any of the above signs, it means you definitely have oily skin.
    There is another way to find out the same thing. To test the skin by using the blotting sheet method or the wait and watch method.

    • Blotting sheet method 

    The blotting sheets are used to absorb the excess oil in the skin. So, to have this test, wash the face with a gentle cleanser  or an ayurvedic face wash and pat it dry. Press the blotting sheet to the oil-producing zones of the face and then observe the oil production.

    If the sheet has soaked abundant oil from the face, it shows having an oily skin type.

    • Wait and watch method

    Don’t have blotting paper? No problem. There is another way to find out the skin type. Start by washing the face with a gentle cleanser, then gently pat it dry. Wait for 20-30 minutes. If the skin appears shiny throughout then it is likely to be oily skin.

    Girl is taking out kumkumadi cream from the box

    How to prevent oily skin 

    Sebum production is vital to keep the skin healthy but too much sebum can lead to oily skin, clogged pores, and eventually breakouts and acne. Though oil from the skin cannot be completely eliminated, it can be prevented by some simple steps.

    • Wash the face regularly with an ayurvedic face wash or a gentle cleanser. It washes away the oil produced on the skin and will keep the dust and dirt away. Neem face wash, with the anti bacterial properties of neem could be a good choice of face wash for oily skin. 
    • Using medicated pads are specially designed absorbent papers. They can be used to remove the excess oil off the skin throughout the day to make it appear less shiny.
    • Use water-based skincare products and ayurvedic skincare products. Avoid heavy creams and foundations. It will keep the skin hydrated and oil-free for as long as it can. The best bet is to go as natural as you can.
    • Have a good skincare routine. A skincare routine at night should comprise of natural ayurvedic skincare products. Start your routine with an ayurvedic face wash or your very best face wash oily skin can have, it could be neem face wash or aloe vera face wash. Use serums for glowing skin for an oil-free finish and a good moisturizer for the face like kumkumadi cream/ night cream to complete the routine.

    Common problems with oily skin/ symptoms of oily skin

    Some common problem or symptom of oily skin is having a shiny finish. It would feel like someone has applied a highlighter on the face. A greasy and sticky feeling whenever we touch the face. Frequent breakouts or acne-prone skin is also one of the symptoms of oily skin. Oil and sebum can clog the open pores and makes them appear larger than they already are. Once the oil and sebum are trapped in the pores, the formation of whiteheads and blackheads starts. Removal of these whiteheads and blackheads is a tedious task in itself. It is painful and sometimes it can even start bleeding.

    Myths about oily skin

    Although people are more aware of their skin type and the appropriate ayurvedic skincare products to use, there still are certain myths about having oily skin

    • People think oily skin is a reflection of an unhealthy diet. It is to some extent true that a healthy diet can balance internal processes and hormones. A good intake of water can even control oil production but having an unhealthy diet is not the only reason for oily skin.
    • Oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer for the face is also one of the common myths. Moisturizer is necessary to provide hydration and remove dead skin cells and reduces acne marks. It works as a protective layer between the harmful particles getting in direct contact with the skin. So, moisturizers irrespective of skin type are an essential skincare product.

    For oily skin, there are special hydra based/water-based moisturizers for face. These are specifically  created for the skin to be healthy and not look too shiny at the same time. 

    • Wearing sunscreen will make the skin more oily. Sunscreens tend to leave a white cast on application and after some time, it also makes the skin look greasy. Usually, sunscreens have to be applied 20 minutes before leaving so that it gets absorbed in the skin and settle. Sometimes, applying sunscreen a minute before leaving would make it look oily in the sun and won’t even provide any protection.

    A simple solution for a heavy sunscreen would be a matte based or a gel sunscreen to avoid looking shiny throughout the day. 

    • Oily skin does not age is again a big misconception. People with oily skin age just like any other skin type. Oily skin type is resistant to wrinkles and hence it doesn't show any signs of aging . It also keeps the firmness of the skin for a longer time compared to dry skin or normal skin type which eventually makes it look younger and brighter. 
    • Oily skin needs to be exfoliated daily. Exfoliation is necessary for all skin types to reduce blemishes and acne spots and whiteheads, blackheads. People with oily skin need to exfoliate their skin 2-3 times a week (using a natural face scrub like kumkumadi scrub that works on damaged skin and improves the uneven skin tone). depending on the oil secretion. But daily exfoliation is harmful as it takes away the necessary nutrients from the skin and water content.

    men is trying to squeeze his whiteheads on his nose

    • Consuming nuts will make skin more oily. Actually, the consumption of nuts is recommended for oily skin. Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which cure excessive oil production and supplement the body with vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy skin.
    • Oily skin is a guarantee of acne. Having oily skin is not the only reason for acne and pimples. Other reasons like genetics or hormonal imbalance or consuming food which produce heat in the body are also equally responsible. Oily skin is acne-prone but if taken with necessary care like washing the face twice a day with a gentle face wash like ayurvedic face wash and using a water-based moisturizer for the face can help to prevent acne.
    • Oily skin doesn't need Face Serum. Face serums can even help in oil control even if they have oil in them. Serums contain hyaluronic acids (like Vitamin C face serum) that are hydrating in nature and are great for oily skin. Avoiding heavy, oil-based face serums can help oily skin people. Did you know that Kumkumadi Tailam is an ayurvedic skincare product, which suits all skin types including oily skin and sensitive skin.

    Daytime skincare for oily skin with ayurvedic skincare products (AM Skincare) 

    People with oily skin types should essentially have a proper skincare routine. More specifically they should have daytime and nighttime routines (preferably with ayurvedic skincare products) for keeping the face oil-free and restoring nourishment in the face respectively. 

    For the daytime natural skincare routine, start by cleansing the face using ayurvedic skincare products like gentle face wash. An ayurvedic face wash including neem wash or a face wash having Kumkumadi Tailam in it could be the best face wash oily skin person can have.

    Once the face is clean and all the impurities are removed, gently pat the face. Do not rub the face, it will make the face dry and take away the inherent water from it.

    Use ayurvedic skincare products such as  face tonic mist instead of an alcohol based face toner, to remove the minute residues of dirt and normalize the pH level and give a smooth texture.

    Apply face serum for glowing skin like kumkumadi tailam which is created for specific concerns. It minimizes the pores and reduces the inflammation on the face caused due to breakouts and acne. 

    Use  ayurvedic skincare products like face pack for glowing skin once a week to have a natural glow and radiance. Ubtan powder can be used as a homemade face pack  for glowing skin that can be applied on the skin for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed off with cold water. 

    Use a water-based moisturizer for the face like green tea face lotion and then apply a matte-based sunscreen before stepping out.

    Night time skincare for oily skin, with ayurvedic skincare products (PM Skincare) 

    Night skincare can be used to repair or heal damaged skin and rejuvenate it. As we sleep, the bodies increase blood flow to the skin, which causes the skin to produce new collagen & prevent sagging. Having a night care routine removes the dead skin cells and makes a room for the generation of new cells and provides necessary hydration and gives firm-looking skin.

    • Start by removing any makeup if applied using makeup removal pods or vetiver water. Follow the CTM process (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturizer).
    • Apply a Vitamin C face serum for glowing skin. 
    • Apply ayurvedic skincare products like good under-eye night cream or dark circle remover cream to prevent wrinkles and dark circles. Kumkumadi Tailam works wonderfully well for dark circles. Mix equal quanitities of almond oil and Kumkumadi Tailam and use it to remove the dark circles.
    • Use a good night cream for skin nourishment.  
    • Complete the skincare by using lip balm or you can also use ghee on lips for smooth and supple lips.

    two bottles of vitamin c face serum are on white table

    Home remedies for oily skin

    Home remedies to control excess oil and sebum production has been effectively working for decades now. The use of multani mitti is very prevalent when treating skin with excess oil. It absorbs all the unnecessary oil and gives a cooling sensation. It gives a natural glow to the skin and is advised to be applied once a week. 

    Ubtan powder is also one such effective remedy for oily skin. It repairs the skin by exfoliating the dead cells. It also helps in reducing the tanning of the skin and improves complexion.

    Use Kumkumadi Tailam while making face packs for glowing skin at home.

    Aloe vera, Lemon, and Tomatoes are also preferred by oily skin types. They contain salicylic acid which helps with acne. They even absorb the excess oil and unclog the pores. 


    Though it is impossible to get rid of oily skin, if studied carefully, oils in the skin provide it the best protection. Therefore, for the best face oily skin is really a blessing in disguise. Maintaining a good skincare routine and using ayurvedic skincare products can prevent excess oil production which is not required in the body. A good water-based moisturizer for the face will also keep the oil-water balance in the skin. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to ayurvedic skincare products to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Find the ayurvedic skincare products that are suitable for your skin type.

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