How to reduce stretch marks during after pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the happiest periods in a female’s life. However, it is also the most complicated time, as it accompanies a few issues like weight gain and stretch marks. While weight acquired during pregnancy can be lost with workout and diet control, it is the stretch marks that leave new mothers bothered. Subsequently, we will discuss stretch marks and tackle every question you might have about stretch marks as a new mom. But before we delve into detail, you should know that it is ok to have stretch marks and that they are a routine part of most women’s pregnancies.



What are Stretch Marks?

The streaks, which show up on your midsection, hips, thighs or even breasts, during the beginning phases or later phases post conception, are known as pregnancy stretch marks. Stretch marks happen when your midriff expands quickly to accommodate the developing child. Stretch marks are not destructive either to the mother or the child, yet, the mismatch lines over the skin can trouble a new mom.

Stretch mark skin



What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy? 

Stretch marks during pregnancy are caused when your abdomen begins expanding exponentially to oblige the unborn child and the elastic filaments under the skin tear to keep up with all the stretching of the skin

There are various reasons for stretch marks, like:-

  • Extending stomach to accommodate the growing fetus during pregnancy
  • A huge change in body weight during pregnancy makes the skin stretch all the more
  • Spiked levels of progesterone cause a decrease in protein levels in the body, which pigments the skin throughout the pregnancy
  • Over stretching of skin prompts tearing of the dermis, creating stretch marks all the more so
  • The collection of fat under dermis creates rosy purple pigments and stretch marks.


    Stages of Stretch Marks

    At the point when stretch marks initially show up, they will, in general, be red, purple, pink, ruddy brown, or dim brown, contingent upon your skin tone. Early stretch marks might feel marginally raised and can be bothersome and itchy.

    • Stage 1: Early stretch marks will seem pink in shade, and may likewise be itchy.
    • Stage 2: Gradually, the stretch marks will expand in length and become wider. They also change to a rosy or purple tone.
    • Stage 3: Once the stretch marks develop fully, they lose their rosy/pink tone. 

      Over time, the pigmentations blur and the bands sink underneath your skin. When you move your finger over a matured stretch mark, you will feel a slight dent.


      Types of Stretch Marks

      Stretch marks can be separated into two fundamental stage groupings dependent on their development and appearance are:-

      • Striae rubrae: Pink/red stretch marks
      • Striae albae: White stretch marks

      Other categories with regards to kinds of stretch marks include:-

      • Striae gravidarum: Stretch marks which happen because of pregnancy.
      • Striae nigrae: Dark black or dark grey stretch marks (typically found with darker skin types).
      • Striae caerulea: Dark blue/purplish stretch marks (likewise pertinent to those with darker skin colours).
      • Striae atrophicans: Thinned skin stretch marks might develop in those with Cushing's disorder, because of excessive intake of corticosteroids or after a surgery. 



        How to Reduce stretch marks before they appear?

        Stretch marks cannot be avoided. But some steps can be taken to reduce their appearance.

        The most impressive approach to diminish the pre-pregnancy stretch marks is to treat them at their early onset, right before they even show up on the skin. This is a significant step as once the stretch marks have appeared; they are harder to discard. Thus, the moment you confirm your pregnancy, begin incorporating the tips we've given underneath.


        Hydrate Your Skin Daily

        An extraordinary method to reduce stretch marks during pregnancy is to keep your skin hydrated. You're probably used to doing that with your face and neck, however you might need to begin hydrating different parts of your body also.

        The best approach is to apply a natural Stretch Marks Lotion to your stomach, hips, thighs, and chest in a good measure twice a day. Hydrating medicine and creams work in enhancing your skin's flexibility. This permits your skin to expand without tearing and developing stretch marks.

        Stretch mark lotion


        Drink Plenty of Water

        You'll hydrate your skin from an external source with a moisturiser, however you ought to likewise hydrate your skin from the inside too.

        Remaining hydrated aides your whole body to work like it should — and that incorporates your skin. Drinking a lot of water helps your skin cells work accurately, fix themselves, and avoid (or recuperate from) stretch marks. 

        But if you can't exactly drink the suggested eight glasses of water every day, have a go at green tea or lemon water or cucumber water to keep things fresh.


        Exfoliate Stretch Mark-Prone Areas

        Exfoliating eliminates the dry and dead skin cells that might prevent your lotions and creams from infiltrating to the lower layers of skin. Exfoliation additionally helps the development of new skin cells which can assist with keeping your stomach, hips, thighs, and chest delicate, flexible, and free of Stretch marks. They can be applied directly to your skin and are delicate enough that they will not harm sensitive skin.


        Eat A Healthy Diet

        Eating a sound, balanced diet is a great initial move towards decreasing the presence of stretch marks during pregnancy. Keep in mind, stretch marks appear as a result of quick weight gain. That weight gain can't be prevented—you are carrying a child after all—however you can try to keep it in healthy limits.


        We would suggest an eating routine that incorporates:-

        • A lot of leafy foods (no less than 4 servings per day)
        • Whole grains like cereal and wheat bread
        • Lean protein like chicken, fish, and beans
        • Dairy items for calcium
        • A prenatal vitamin to fill nutritional holes

          Attempt to cut desserts and sugars to limit queasiness. However, each woman and each pregnancy are unique. Be certain to converse with your doctor about an eating regimen that is appropriate for you as well as your child.


          Healthy balanced diet



          Natural Home Remedies to Diminish Pregnancy Stretch Marks

          There are various home cures and we are glad to share these remedies to reduce the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy.

          Choose any one remedy for seven days. Apply on the affected region for 5 to 10 minutes, and wash off with tepid water. Follow it up with a light rub with a moisturiser. Rehash this cycle twice a day for the best effects. Pick another cure next week. You will realise what is working better for you. All of you have to do is be regular and be patient.

          • Espresso scrub: Mix ground espresso with water until it frames a decent, thick paste. Exfoliate the affected region, and wash.
          • Exfoliating sugar scrub: Sugar is a powerful skin exfoliator. Blend some crude sugar in with almond oil and cleanse the influenced regions
          • Turmeric mask: Turmeric is a miracle worker! Mix some Turmeric with sandalwood powder and yogurt and apply on the marks. Rinse off when it dries.
          • Potato juice: Rub a potato cut over the influenced region; the potato juice will gradually lighten the pigmentation in the stretch marks.
          • Protein veil: Dab some egg whites over the influenced region. Wash it off after it dries. It helps with lightening the stretch marks.
          • Lemon and aloe pack: – Lemon juice blended with cucumber juice or aloe vera gel bleached the marks away 


            There are also some homemade Almond Oil Lotion Recipes that have proven to be very effective in lightning away fat loss stretch marks.


            Here are the DIY almond oil moisturizers and ways to make it:-

            • Take geranium oil and squeezed orange in equivalent amounts. Add 5 times the amount of almond oil into it. Applying this, particularly on the chest, reduces colour of the stretch marks. You can make it a weekly ritual.
            • Blend 1/10 of rosemary oil with almond oil to make a slick cream. Mix it up with your moisturising creams. Use it a few times a week. It helps restore the elasticity of the skin and gets rid of post pregnancy stretch marks.
            • Almond oil mixed with Vitamin E concentrates blended with essential oils bring a very visible change in the skin. It appears brighter and spot free.
            • Lavender oil when mixed with 5 times the amount of almond oil makes a supernatural moisturizer which is effective in the first trimester of pregnancy to avoid stretch marks.

              These home remedies make up for the most effective, chemical free and all natural ways of getting rid of stretch marks during pregnancy.

              A woman’s ability to create life is glorious. Accompanied with numerous hardships, pregnancy is still the most wonderful time of any woman’s life. Hopefully, this article will ensure that their bodies bounce back from all the hardships, especially stretch marks.