Why do Men’s skin age better than Women? Anti-Aging Skincare

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While we’re often advocates of the notion ‘Mother nature is fair and just’, today we choose to save our words. After all, how fair is it for men to pass the test of time with flying colors while women have to scramble for the bare minimum? No, we’re not talking about the incessant struggles for equality. Today, we talk about one of the many privilege’s men enjoy naturally i.e. looking better with age.

It’s true. Men age better than women. There’s no denying it. You can find the average woman googling every now and then “which night cream is best” or “night cream for women” as men go on about their merry lives with their perfect skin as if nothing is wrong. Do we sound a little jealous? It’s because we are! Through the advancement of the beauty industry, women have found ways to level the playing field - complex skincare routines with a variety of wellness products to age gracefully.

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Unfortunately for men, a genetic advantage of better skin just isn’t good enough anymore. We’re in the 21st century, people. Men too look up for things like “best face cream man” , “Men’s face glow cream and “best night cream for men”, because they now need the support of good skincare products and some helpful advice from yours truly. Want to know more about graceful ageing and skincare for men? Keep on reading!

Reasons why men’s skin age better than women

So… the “secret” is out. Men age better than women. Their skin looks better each passing year while women don’t get to enjoy the same luxury. Why exactly is that? Are there any differences between men's and women’s skin? The following pointers may give you some insight:

  • Thicker Skin - Years and years' worth of research suggests that men’s skin is anywhere between 20% and 30% thicker than that of women. This extra thickness leads to enhanced firmness, a direct result of improved and increased production of collagen. As a result, men’s skin continues to be highly elastic and avoids sagging well into their 40s. Exceptions would always be there, ofcourse! For those exceptional cases, one may choose a natural anti-aging men's cream, such as Blue Nectar Shubhr Anti-Aging Sandalwood & Saffron Cream, which has goodness of natural ingredients and help in fighting against wrinkles and firmness reducing the signs of ageing.
  • Frequent Exfoliation - Although men don’t often indulge in proper skincare routines and can’t be bothered with exfoliating products and face scrubs, they still manage to exfoliate their skin effectively at frequent intervals (or daily) when they shave. As much as shaving is intended as a hygiene habit to get rid of facial hair, a helpful byproduct of this practice is the efficient removal of dead skin cells. Their absence renews the surface of the skin and lets the epidermis bring forth regenerated skin cells to give men a youthful appearance.
  • Protein-rich Diet - Men naturally tend to gravitate more towards a protein-rich diet. Whether consume meat and eggs or restrict themselves to dairy on a vegetarian diet supported by supplements, they manage to consume a balanced diet with some healthy fats that improve the appearance of their skin exponentially.

Reasons why men are prone to skin issues

While men’s skin resembles the miracles of god, it certainly isn’t immune to the harshest woes of nature. Men’s skin tend to age better but it is also prone to many issues and conditions owing to the lack of maintenance. Here are some major reasons behind why men experience skin issues despite the natural advantage:

  • No sunscreen - No one claims to understand the concept of invincibility better than men who refuse to wear SPF. The harsh UV rays of the sun are capable of doing serious, irreversible damage to all layers of the human skin. In such a threat of potentially ever-lasting harm, it becomes even more imperative for us to wear sunscreen with SPF30 that can both brighten the skin and shield it from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. And while many women seem to grasp that very concept with fair ease, men continue to avoid Sunscreens like the plague.
  • All-in-one skincare - It has been observed through the past century that men tend to have an affinity toward multipurpose skincare products. You might have noticed in supermarkets that 3-in1 hair care products that apparently double as body washes and facial cleansers are all targeted toward men. These products don’t perform like the ones dedicated to one use to. In fact, they may even harm the user’s skin to a certain extent. However, men should start utilizing specific skincare products, such as men's face glow cream, night cream, anti-wrinkle cream men, and saffron cream. Instead of a 3-in-1 product, they should invest in an ayurvedic face wash for cleansing, vitamin c face serum or any men face cream for moisturizing and Rose Face water/ rose face tonic for toning the skin.
  • Absence of proper technique - Most men lather products in their hands and then aggressively rub their faces not avoiding eyes or lips and move vigorously. Though it makes for good entertainment, unfortunately for them, when it comes to skincare, the technique of application matters a lot more than we think. For a face cleanser or a night cream to fulfil its intended task, the gentle touch from the fingertips is essential. Therefore, it is always best to choose natural products, such as Blue Nectar’s gentle Ayurvedic face wash with Honey, pimple face wash, men’s face glow cream and night cream, as they contain potent herbs and has no side effects.
    **Pro Tip: Most face products don’t need to be warmed between the palms. One actually ends up wasting product. Instead, just apply the face creams, etc. straight to your face or just to the fingertips and proceed as usual.

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What’s the most Important Skincare Product for a Man?

For most connoisseurs of beauty and skincare, it would be extremely difficult to choose just one holy grail product that is the most important for men’s skin but alas… tough decisions must be made every day. Though we do recommend a complete and comprehensive skincare routine for men to follow starting in their mid-20s, the one product that is undeniably the most important is a men’s face glow cream. Now this cream can very well be used during the day or can be used in the form of a night cream. It is the best face cream man can ask for. The results are likely to be very similar. The only thing to be kept in mind is to ensure the suitability of the product of choice with the concerned skin type. Something emollient with intense hydration and rich moisturization in a men face cream composition will make for the best face cream for a man with dry skin.

Can men use any face cream?

Okay, yes, we get it. Face creams are super important for men’s skincare. Now what? Which men face cream should a man use? Can they use any face creams or should they use specific men face cream? Well, yes… and no. The answer is slightly complicated. Technically speaking, a man can pretty much use just about any face cream but every face cream out there may not work for him. It is extremely important to factor in elements like the skin type, formulation, ingredient, etc. Also, understanding the skin type and skin problem will help to decide which is the best face cream for men. A saffron cream will work for dry skin or normal skin. Kumkumadi cream will suit all skin types. Vitamin C face cream will suit oily skin.

Blue Nectar offers a wide range of products for both men and women. They have products for every remedy, and the best part is that they are made with natural ingredients. Some of them are men face cream -Best face cream for men, Men's face glow cream, night cream, anti ageing men's cream, anti wrinkle cream men, Anti-wrinkle cream men, face brightener cream, saffron cream, Kumkumadi Cream and Dark Spot removal cream. For face oil they have Kumkumadi face glowing oil, Kumkumadi Tailam and vitamin c face serum . For exfoliation, they have face scrub - kumkumadi scrub. And for cleansing, they have face wash- ayurvedic face wash, pimple face wash and neem face wash

But most of all, face creams created with a female audience in mind aren’t crafted to penetrate men’s skin effectively.

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that men’s skin is significantly thicker than that of women. Because of this very reason, products that are intended to be used by women are likely to fail on men’s skin because there’s a high likelihood that they won’t be able to penetrate all the layers of a man’s skin, thus rendering properties unable to be mixed into the bloodstream and will fail to achieve their goal. This is why it is recommended for men to use skincare products specially targeted for their skin. Hence, men face creams promise to be a lot more effective than their unisex counterparts.

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Ingredients Men Should Look for?

To know how a product is right for you, whether it’s a day cream or night cream, there are certain ingredients you should look for in skincare products intended for men. Here are some:

  • Retinolretinol is a popular active agent that frequents many skincare products, all for good reasons! Though extremely potent and at times, harsh on the skin, retinol or forms of it (retinal, retinoids, tretinoin, etc.) boost the production of collagen in the skin, thus improving its elasticity and keeping the skin firm and bouncy, all signs of youth. Because of these benefits and more, retinol can be found in the anti-wrinkle cream men tend to use. For men who are apprehensive of active ingredients, bakuchiol (a source of plant-based retinol) is a great option. It gives similar results and isn’t as harsh as the traditional chemical, thus making for the perfect ingredient to be added to an anti-aging men’s cream. It can be the best face cream for men.
  • Charcoal – A natural element found straight from mother nature, charcoal is a popular ingredient in men’s face washes, best face cream for men- men’s face glow creams, and men night creams too. Why? Because it combats pollutants and irritants like no other ingredient. It is effective yet mild and has the added benefit of making the skin brighter with each use. Who can turn that down? Certainly not us! Charcoal is therefore a skin brightener ingredient.
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  • Tea tree - A natural herb used mostly in the form of its essential oil, tea tree as an ingredient is truly a jack of all trades. Though famous for its dandruff-combating abilities, tea tree leaves are also great for clearing bouts of acne and lonesome pimples owing to their fungal properties. An ayurvedic face wash with tea tree essential oil and neem as active ingredients make for the best face wash for men with oily skin.
  • Vitamin C - Even men oblivious to the importance of sunscreen know just how popular vitamin C is in the world of skincare. It’s full of anti-oxidant properties and does wonders for the skin when applied regularly. Though the most preferred form of using vitamin C is in serums – face serum vitamin c and facial oils – kumkumadi tailam,best face cream for men with the goodness of this essential vitamin greatly reduces the number of steps in one’s skincare routine. Vitamin C is also an active ingredient and can act as an irritant if used in large quantities on unseasoned skin. This can be avoided by using products with natural sources of vitamin C such as orange peels, amla (Indian gooseberry), etc. These ingredients are much kinder to the skin and bring about the same results such as correcting dark spots on face, fading hyperpigmentation, evening out the skin tone, etc.
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Contrary to its name (which makes it seem like a harsh chemical one should never put on his face), hyaluronic acid is a mild humectant that does a swell job of pulling moisture from the environment to your skin. Moisturize is one of the key elements to keeping one's skin healthy and youthful. This is especially important for men, even more for the ones who shave often. When you shave and follow it up with an after-shave, you end up losing a lot of your skin’s natural moisture at the hands of the alcohol present in your after-shave. Thus, it becomes extremely important for you to reintroduce plenty of moisture back to your skin to keep it from drying out and becoming wrinkled. Glycerin is another humectant you may consider using or you can just simply use products with aloe vera which has intense hydrating and calming qualities.
  • SPF - As we mentioned earlier in this blog, men tend to avoid wearing sunscreen like the plague. Apparently looking after your skin is much too feminine to be suitable for masculinity. We say, no more! SPF is essential for anyone stepping out into the sun and should be applied to every uncovered part of your body. Using best face creams for men and body lotions with SPF in them reduces your work of applying SPF as a separate step and saves you time!

Which is the Best Face Cream for Men?

Okay, so we’ve been blabbing about face creams, their importance and why men should use a men face cream, for quite a while now. There’s one important question that remains unanswered. Which men face cream should we use? Which is the ultimate, the undefeated, the best face cream for men? Unfortunately for all our male readers, the answer isn’t quite that simple. What works for one person may not work for you. So, a lot of the time, face creams are pretty much just trial and error till you find something that works out and stick to it. It’s important to look for ingredients that work well on male skin and choose the best face cream for men that is intended for your skin type. Though if we absolutely had to pick, we’d choose any from this selection of men face creams by Blue Nectar. Check them out. They’re natural, effective yet mild to the skin, smell heavenly and show their results fast. Besides, there’s something for everyone, a variant for all concerns!

The Ultimate Every-Day Skincare Routine for Men

All this talk of skincare that is intended for men and we still haven’t addressed the infamous routine i.e. CTM routine. Your products are as good as nothing if you don’t use them in the correct order. So, here’s a simple skincare routine man should follow to keep their skin looking young and beautiful:

  • Cleanse – Deciding best face wash for men can be a tedious task. Simply, pick a gentle face wash like an ayurvedic face wash that addresses your skin concerns and use it judiciously twice a day. Cleansing your face from any dirt and impurities is perhaps the most important step in caring for your skin. A neem face wash will work the best here. So take some amount of your preferred face cleanser, lather it slightly between fingertips and begin applying it over a slightly damp face till it lathers well. Wash off with room-temperature water and let your face air-dry. (Or if you’re impatient like some of us, pat it dry with a soft cotton towel).
  • Tone - Using a face tonic is often overlooked as a step but rarely should be. You should skip spritzing some toner on your face if you used after-shave, otherwise, pour some of your face tonic (preferably alcohol-free; steam-distilled rose face water or vetiver face tonic mist is a great option if you’re into natural skincare) onto a cotton pad and wipe your cleansed face. This will successfully balance the pH of your skin and prep it for the next step.
  • Moisturize - Once toned, it is time to reintroduce some of that moisture your skin lost during the first step. For this, choose your preferred best face cream for men, preferably one that has some SPF and a much-needed active ingredient in it for daytime use. If you’re carrying out your bedtime routine, then pick a night cream with similar properties and no SPF instead.
  • Sunscreen - The nighttime skincare routine pretty much ends in 3 simple steps (unless you use a product like a night cream best applied after some moisturizer at nighttime). However, during the day, it is important to keep your sunscreen handy, even if your moisturizer had SPF in it. One needs to keep reapplying SPF in intervals of 2-3 hours during daylight to be effectively protected from the sun!

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Final Takeaway

While men do tend to age better, this positive chance of natural selection in no way guarantees that no harm can come to their skin. Like every other person, it’s important even for men with the nicest-looking skin (that resembles a porcelain doll) to indulge in some skincare. Pollutants in the environment and the woes of ageing attack even the healthiest skin cells leading to acne, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and a lot more. A simple yet effective skincare routine is the clear solution to such problems. So, take the information provided in this blog with a grain of salt and do your skin a favour. Recommend this blog to a man who’ll find it useful. Watch this space for more content on beauty and wellness… Until next time!

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